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Very Bad
  • Pete*** 51 years

    Nothing Mostly prostitutes

  • Da***** 56 years

    Signed up to TF not good for me, someone could access my profile, modify it and send messages using my name. Asked TF to explain why and how this coul... d happen.... No explanation. This is dangerous for people's info, it could be stolen. «»

  • ggfa*** 42 years

    unless your looking for a hoe or a lady boy don't bother with this site

  • Don**** 63 years

    Thai friendly says that you can't respond to "popular" members, but they must classify all their members as "popular". I have not been able to respond... to the 52 emails that I received, because TF considers all of them to be "popular". These include women in their 50's and 60's. It's a joke. All you get are messages urging you to upgrade. Don't expect to ever be able to respond to emails. «»

  • Rish*** 26 years

    Extremely greedy app that doesn't allow me to send any message at all without paying! All members are supposedly "Popular Members"

  • Ma***** 50 years

    I was suspended from Thaifriendly and they gave no reason. They said they would review my account in 24 hours 3 days ago. I sent them several pleasan... t emails asking what has happened to my account but they have not replied to any of them. I tried to reopen a new account and they have blocked my 2 phone numbers and my wife's number.. They have also blocked our facebook account and all our email address and passwords.. I don't find them friendly at all they have treated us very badly not justifying their actions and ignoring our emails. «»

  • Mart*** 61 years

    It blacklisted me for no reason. I was trying to join and now I can't even brower their site. Although it says that the blacklist decision will be rev... iewed in 24 hours, nothing has happened. I also emailed them. No response. Since I am willing to pay, they lose. «»

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