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  • Bri**** 56 years

    There are many services that help you quickly find people. For example, the search can be customized to your preferences, choose all the qualities of ... a future partner, from hair color to bad habits. It's comfortable. It shows me only those who are really to my taste.Quite a good site. «»

  • Terr*** 33 years

    I'd like to start by saying that the site is working. Here, you can really find both flirting and serious relationships, depending on what you are loo... king for. A tip: girls here prefer decisive men, so guys don't be like me and initiate conversations instead of waiting for girls to say hello.Be active there. «»

  • Robe*** 47 years

    They helped create a profile that attracts hundreds of cuties! Don't believe? Look how pretty I am :DFriends gave me a new life.

  • Step*** 56 years

    Features are good quality, enough for meeting new potential dates in your region and finding an approach to them. One may find it a bit costly, but it... does its job perfectly, so it's well worth the money you pay for the full functionality.Acceptable. «»

  • Bri**** 46 years

    Pretty good to get to know girls from my area whom I would probably never meet offline. I'm in my 40s and a bit tired of dating sites for mature, so I... decided to try something new. Guys, the site is super helpful for singles of all ages! I was texted by both women of my age and younger girls. Found myself a girlfriend 15 years younger, and it's awesome, you know! Recommend it to all.More than just an average site. «»

  • Rich*** 57 years

    Using this site has brought new emotions and a cool experience with girls into my life. I went on a few dates, chatted a lot online and learned how to... flirt really cool! it's a cool experience that changed me. Now I feel confident around women.Super experience. «»

  • Edva*** 20 years

    It seems they have made some improvements. I joined several months ago and wasn’t thrilled at the results I got. I left and returned a couple of days ... ago. It seems a different story altogether. Getting more matches now with better ways to chat. Seems like I'll find a date this time around.Not free «»

  • Fr***** 22 years

    The bars, casinos, and clubs might not be your thing. This might be another place to look. Even though it's not perfect, it's better than some of thos... e other sites. You can choose which people you want to look at based on their religion, marital status, age, area, no pictures, and more. You can also choose which people you don't want to look at. Yes, I would recommend this site, but like any website, be careful with it.It is still internet so «»

  • Den**** 33 years

    This dating service has a great sign-up procedure and a diverse group of members. It doesn't have a lot of duds on it.Scammers like everywhere

  • l****** 51 years

    Predatory and aggressive charging with little or no actual contacts, just scammers.

  • To***** 24 years

    The website is a scam, if you sign up for any trial they will automatically charge you for a full month and put you on a subscription. The website is ... full of fake profiles and the customer service do not help you at all, there is also no option to delete your account so once you made one it will always be there. «»

  • Cli**** 49 years

    so many fake accounts. get all these automated responses. crazy. rather get one real msg a month than 20 bots a day. huge waster of money unless l... ike to be taken. do not use this site. so so fake «»

  • deem*** 58 years

    Nobody is real, I talked to the first 50 ladies and I found 20 of them were models with a different name, they spoke like robots, I paid for a week, w... hat a waste, should be illegal to charge people money for such a rip-off', those pics are on multiple sites, amazing job. I have to give it 1 star to submit this «»

  • pete*** 60 years

    Total rote as far as I am concerned. If you have a Smart algorithm then it needs to be re written. The names , location of the girls, and most likely ... the photos were not of the people that pretended to be. The conversation were timed and formated poorly, so much so you could work it out in a short time and predicted the outcome. I have at this point done a detailed analysis of the site and am poised to report to the Federal Police as a scam. «»

  • will*** 40 years

    I thought I would give this site a go because it's quarantine and it could be a great time to meet someone fun ya know? After building a profile and ... starting some messaging it was clear this was a site where the women ' hold the cards' . I meet a lady named ( i'll say 'Mary') who said she lived close to me and wanted to meet up. And from the GPS it said we were legit close in distance. In a short time we were exchanging emails, then quickly she wanted me to download the " Hangout app" and video chat. BAD DECISION! After meeting her, it turned into straight scam for ' GIVE ME MONEY OR ELSE I'LL DAMAGE YOU' ! She had went on my FB and named off my friends. She even threatened to message then if she didn't get money immediately. How ridiculous! It was completely shocking and scary! I've had to block all her contact information and delete all interaction with her. She is still trying to call me and sends death threats from different numbers at random times. This website is pathetic and does a horrible job with filtering out scammers, cyberbullies and escorts. Some of these women go completely psycho if they can't get what they want from men. Im highly disappointed and it has changed my life with online dating. MEN, DON'T JOIN! «»

  • BIGF*** 40 years

    So far I've only encountered scammers and fake profiles. Not 1 real person as of yet. One even went as far as to send me an EMAIL saying she lived in ... a nearby street not far from me. Then she preceded to ask me to sign up for something. They go out of their way to scam you. When I put in my profile that I'm not interested in scammers, the post is taken down. This whole app is a fraud and they don't deserve the 1 star I had to give «»

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