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  • Z****** 40 years

    There are ZERO prosThe entire deceptive pratices. In September 2023, I paid thousands of dollars to be matched with three dates in a year. However, T... awkify is unable to successfully match me, for which there is a guarantee and does not want to provide a refund; rather they want me to change my standards so they can provide a match based on who they currently have in their pool of matches. The Salesperson intentionally made multiple false statements which I relied upon to make my decision to join Tawkify and to determine my selection criteria. Further, team members were aware of my current criteria and stated that if I cannot be matched that a refund would be provided. Based on my current criteria, I cannot be matched, so a refund should be provided. Yet, Tawkify wants to pair me with a new Matchmaker fully knowing this will never address the intentional false statements made by Tawkify, only a full refund would suffice. «»

  • Debo*** 63 years

    Nothing I made it very clear. I was looking to match with somebody who was not married., someone who had a job living in their own home and able to s... upport themselves in Connecticut.I had three matches. The first one was a self proclaimed. Bigamist that lived with his sister and no job, the second one was very pleasant and gentleman but no chemistry and the third was a married man who’s been in divorce conflict for over two years, still married with his wife, who he stated was a herist and they were fighting over her money.I am single millionaire, owning my own home with no debt very successful, and this organization was definitely not successful in any manner, ladies, please be careful you can spend a lot of money, and the men join for nothing. «»

  • Ashl*** 30 years

    One of my dates was a decent humanThe matchmakers lie to your face. They pretend to be such a high end matchmaking service, while hiding behind the p... retense of privacy. Quite frankly a well set up fraud where the only people who benefit are the owners of the site. «»

  • ell**** 45 years

    the people who work for the company seem greatThe lower cost option is not presented in the initial interview. It is never made clear when you are b... eing introduced to low-end members versus paying full price members.If you have several miserable experiences you cannot get a refund and get out.They are not open about how many people in the database are in your age range.You are entirely dependent on one person to find one other person you might like and introduce you. ..they make this set up look exclusive and desirable but in clear light is has the chance of working of any casino gambling table-- or worse .If you have any trouble you are given over to a cheerful 20 something who informs you that you have no options and have spent a huge amount of money and cannot get out of the contract, unless by forfeiting everything you've paid and walking away with nothing...and that is the outcome for most of the people who buy into this game. «»

  • Jer**** 41 years

    None.SCAM ALERT *** PLEASE don't waste your time and money. This is a complete waste of both. Tawkify matchmakers operate on quota, (like sales targe... ts), they have to find a match and therefore will find anyone and dump you with. Tawkify also sends their own recruits (i.e unpaid members) who are not for serious relationship. They'll show up for the date and waste your time and money. This is high class scam friends. Please STAY AWAY. I learned it the hard way and lost all my money in this useless and disappointing service. They should be ashamed of themselves for conducting business like this. Very disappointed. «»

  • D****** 50 years

    I liked the idea but learned it is more of a scam then anything else.Appears it is a scam. Seem to have very limited options and have “fake” dates i... n order to justify the matchmaker finding someone. For the money paid they should have some sort of guarantee. Matchmaker only found one guy in 3 months and he was always on a date (ie fake placeholder date). We met and it was like talking to a colleague.. 45 mins timer was up. Totally sham and waste of money «»

  • Pet**** 56 years

    I signed up for the free service that matches me with the people paying a membership fee. Went on three dates. Not ho quality but OK.They keep textin... g you with new matches even though I told them I am in a committed relationship. They say they update their records but the texts keep coming and that's a problem explaining that to your girlfriend...... SO I asked them to delete my account which they said they'd do, but didn't do (of course). «»

  • sidn*** 62 years

    nothingThey contacted me saying they wanted to set me up with one of their clients. They asked me a million questions and I had 2 long zoom calls wit... h their matchmaker who told me I was perfect for one or more of her clients. Never heard back from them. Waste of time. Just an attemped upsell. BEWARE!! «»

  • Deb *** 62 years

    I signed-up in August 2020. I had asked for a credit due to not receiving anything via the membership, until today. I was encouraged to hear from a ma... tchmaker. She was very helpful and knowledgeable about the program and process. Then I was asked to pay $2700, for 3-guaranteed matches. However this site posts the cost at $2250. I am worried about not getting services again, paying more than I should, and what the guarantee is all about? Thanks «»

  • Merr*** 68 years

    Have tried Match and eharmony, this one years ago, along with matchmaking services. Have had a few very good experiences with the services that requir... ed payments. «»

  • Ann *** 45 years


  • A****** 50 years

    Tawkify is an actual scam. It is no better, probably worse than the web apps for a lot more money. Don’t even think about using them

  • A****** 46 years

    This service is a fraudDo not sign up for this service. Their matchmakers sounds not match you and they refuse to refund your money. The sales people... misrepresent the service and refund policy. «»

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