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Very Bad
  • Jo***** 40 years

    Absolutely a great app to use.My account was suspended due to unknown reasons.

  • Nan**** 23 years

    It's very nice app

  • Al***** 29 years


  • Oliv*** 23 years

    I don't know why i banned at the tantan apps. The photo in my files are true me and i did not harrass anyone of woman i match.. how i cancel the ban? ... Or what can i do to cancel the ban for me? There one woman i like and she is waiting for my reply.. plasse can you help me.. «»

  • Stef*** 41 years

    Stay away from TanTan. Over 90% of girls there are fake! They play nice with you, but sooner or later they ask you to invest. Make money with them, ge... t big gains to travel with them around the world. I checked a few of those "investment companies". The domains are usually less than one year old and the company does not really exist. My experience is not from a small sample. I had matches with 550+ girls there. Its a big investment marketing fraud! «»

  • Merc*** 18 years

    Nothing because Im new

  • Cath*** 24 years

    I had a good experience.

  • Andr*** 59 years

    Tantan is very nice

  • Stev*** 42 years

    very awesome

  • sund*** 28 years

    Tantan is a fake dating app... for MEN.First off, the Tantan app is overwhelmingly filled with fake female profiles. How do i know this? Let me shar... e my experience and tell you how i figured this out. First off, I used Tantan for 2 months. I paid for the VIP memebership, super crushes, "see who liked me", and the step-up feature. Everyday or so, I would get a like. Sometimes more, sometimes none. After a girl would like me, I would initiate a chat with her. I would say, "Thanks for match", or "How are you?", "Where are you from?", blah blah blah. Very benign stuff... and I would get no responses. 9 out of 10 "girls" who matched with me never said a word. On the very rare occasion that a girl DID chat back, all she would say is "Hi" ...and that's it. Absolutely nothing after that. I assumed a good number of them didn't speak English, so I would also converse in Chinese. Still no response. Most of their profiles were not even verified. But even if they were... they still wouldnt say anything back. So... how did I come to the conclusion that they are fake profiles?Look at the reviews of Tantan on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. 95% of the reviews are from guys! Mostly Indian guys. But after i left a negative 1 star review of Tantan pointing out the "fake female profiles" and the "dis-proportionality of men vs women", i have seen some fake 5 star reviews from women show up, lol. I guess they saw my review and decided to counter the overwhelming reviews from guys with fake reviews from girls.Just think logically with your brain for a second. If 95% of the reviews are from guys, then what would that tell you about the app? Again, use your brain.One day, I matched with a girl, and we started chatting. For a change, this girl was real. She asked me to add her on Instagram, I did and we had a good chat. I told her that I got 99 likes in 2 months. To which she responded... "That's all?!" I was thinking to myself that 99 likes is a good number to have for 2 months. Then she told me, "Do you want to see how many likes I have?" I said sure. Then she sent me a screenshot..... she had over 21,000+ likes!!!Hmmm... now just think about it. Use your brain and put those things together. 95% of the reviews of Tantan are from guys, 9 out of 10 girls that would match with me NEVER said a word, and this one girl had over 21,000 likes... what is your logical conclusion from those things??? Put them together and solve the puzzle. Yes, Tantan is disproportionately filled with men. So, as a company, how would Tantan choose to counter this disgusting dis-proportionality?... They create FAKE female profiles!Every now and then a fake female profile will "like" you and match with you to keep you interested in the app (and paying money). You'll say "Hi" and they'll say nothing back. I guess Tantan hasn't implemented fake chat bots yet. Even American dating apps have been known to be fake. Tantan is based in Hong Kong. So yeah, there ya go. Even worse. After a few weeks, I unfriended the girl who asked me to add her on instagram. Why? If there's one thing that i've learned and can't stand about Asian girls is that they are EXTREMELY classist. Combing through all the female profiles on Tantan (real or fake) they are filled with pictures of girls holding designer handbags: Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Prada, photos of themselves eating fancy dinners, sitting in luxury cars, even private jets. Yes, private jets! The girl who friended me on Instagram had posts of ALL THOSE THINGS and a post with a private jet accompanied with the caption... "The things I wish i have" In fact, she had several posts of this private jet. Based on the captions, it wasn't hers. But it's something she obviously longs for. I cannot stand classism. Arrivederci!Keep in mind that the "real" girls on Tantan have an ocean of men to choose from; while you as a man are wandering aimlessly in the desert in desperate search for a drop of water. And those drops of water will only allow the richest of the rich to drink them.Lesson learned, even if you do match with a "real" girl on Tantan, you'd better be rich. Otherwise, she will not be attracted to you. But if you're a rich guy, then this app is perfect for you. Welp, that girl has more than 21,000 guys to choose from. So, i'm sure she'll find that rich guy with a private jet someday. Tantan is a fake dating app... for MEN. «»

  • jenn*** 30 years

    very good

  • zar**** 29 years

    simple is pretty

  • Samb*** 21 years

    It's really good and fascinating apps for those who searching for a love partner😊

  • Geh*** 30 years

    Not only men get scam from tantan. After a long pauze after my break up i desided to do something about dating. So i sign up to a few dating apps inc... l tantan. So i got more like that i ever wanted and being to chat. Some of the chat were Nice until few of them being private chat. They being to ask what kind of job do you do. What do you like and more. After a few days, they say that they have to go out of the country for there jobs. So, oke. They have Nice jobs. But then they ask have you eaten? What did you eat? And than i asked how are you. Not good cause them bank account is blokked and they have no money. That i could send money. And then they follow up i love you they say. Omg no way. I told them that i have no money and i will not send money cause this feels like a scam. Oke so one of them scoled me out. The other one still love me. He understood but after a few days he asked me again. The other one pfff still love me but keep saying he s hungry. It s like keep making me feel guilty. So i deleted my account and stop searching for a relationship. Fucked i don t need this i feel so expose and ashamed. This men don t no how to stop. And the al go to south of west afrika. Rararara! So Tantan bye bye. No more tantan. If i could post a screenshot, you guys would be very amazed. «»

  • Pale*** 25 years

    Not bad

  • s****** 29 years

    This is a very low-level app.I don't give any rate out of 10.

  • Andr*** 44 years

    i love this app

  • S****** 55 years


  • shi**** 32 years


  • shi**** 32 years


  • Amit*** 25 years

    Fully fake app waste of time and money..

  • cutb*** 49 years

    my date was sucessful

  • Ra***** 26 years

    I cant get my right maches..nd hvnt seen yet the people who liked me

  • Prav*** 25 years

    I have one year experience

  • Ani**** 22 years

    Its worst app never use... Because its paid. U cn easily send like but u cannot see your likes until u go for VIP MEMEBERSHIP. same goes for other me... mbers that means if u are vip memebers then only u can interact. «»

  • rafi*** 24 years

    Unlimited like

  • mili*** 42 years

    very good

  • Saty*** 18 years


  • Li***** 56 years

    I used to be on the site and for 1 year, all I kept finding were scammers, with all these various reasons why I needed to help them, by sending them e... ither an iTunes card or cash, a couple of these "guys" were gay pretending to be straight men. I would tell them straight off the top that if they ever ask me for money, then I will turn them in, and they swear they would never do that because they are honorable Chinese men. then a month or 2 in, there was always some type of emergency, to where they wanted my money, and like promised, I would turn them in. And there were men, who were using the profile pictures of someone else's child as their own and someone else's pictures as their own. I said I would give it another try because I have friends who have had similar problems but finally found true love connections. «»

  • jesr*** 23 years

    pampa goodvibes

  • andr*** 49 years

    i can't get acceptance for opening my account

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