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Very Bad
  • Dial*** 32 years

    Some real people.A lot of bot accounts. Will close your account and not tell the reason or reactivate it.

  • Term*** 33 years

    Absolutely nothingThe site is filled with prostitutes, scammers & criminals. It’s not a dating site. It’s a site to go to if you wanna get scammed.

  • Sar**** 40 years

    Most profiles are fake. I am pretty computer/internet savvy, so I have just turned it into a game for myself on how fast I can call them out. Most of... them don’t respond to me once I send them my proof. A few others tried to convince me they were real… I report them. I don't know whether anything will happen or not. Other users seem to just want to trade nudes or talk about sex. Although there is quantity, the quality is not there. «»

  • Zso**** 46 years

    Nothing at the moment!99.99% of the profiles are fake, but after a few days of use, it seems as if the operators are doing this for the sake of extra... advertising revenue, because more than once "someone" is liked at the same time with the same picture, but with a different name and location. Of course i do have screenshot as evidence! «»

  • Ri***** 35 years

    This site quite honestly doesn’t deserve a single star at all but I don’t have a option of negative stars.If you allow your privacy setting to be ope... n once you have a profile? Beware!! watch how the flow of scammers with obvious fake profiles do their best to lure you into WhatsApp or other sites like they do there best to use whatever tactics they can to steal money from you.For the most part these are scammers from Africa, but other countries are also involved.What I find amazing is Tagged is well aware of their scammers and does absolutely nothing to improve their problem ( if they even call it a problem) I know this from experience I have had using the app for years. I only used it because of the free access I had, absolutely no other reason.Believe this or not, you can actually get banned, or suspended for calling a scammer a scammer if they decide to file a complaint.Apparently scammers have the upper hand on this site, Tagged doesn’t want their scammers to get their feelings hurt even if Tagged realizes they have a fake profile and might not even be a woman at all, but someone impersonating at woman 🤦🏻‍♂️You cannot make this sh$t up ,This app has really outdone itself by actually getting worse over the years instead of better.As long as the money keeps flowing in from their corrupt site, they obviously don’t care on improving it. «»

  • Er***** 57 years

    Meeting local people Too much spam, too many fake accounts & scammers

  • Anth*** 49 years

    Great way to pass away the timeSo many fake ass profiles. It is totally not a legit dating app. The people that made this app needs to become more in... volved. Whenever you report a fake profile next thing you know that there's somebody else using the same profile picture that you just reported. It's totally sad and pathetic. «»

  • to***** 40 years

    Tagged/Hi5 used to be worth the effort as you could seem to find someone to match with and if agreed meet somewhere public and safe and see if there i... s a in person connection.. THOSE DAYS ARE GONE!!!Now Tagger is a scammers heaven. over 90% of the female profiles are either fake or not in the city that they claim on their profile. It is easy to track this as you message with someone that is in your city, then the next day you look at the message in your inbox and it shows the in another city. Then the next day another city again. They go from city to city pretending that they are in your city and try to do one of the following. Get you to join their other Social Media profile because they all want to be an "influencer". Or they want you to watch them 'Stream" A scam way to take your money for nothing. Or they will give you some sad story and ask for cashapp. The cashapp scammers are big on Tagged. You can expect a cashapp request multiple times when you are online. It is a conmplete waste of time and has been getting worse for many many months and I predict will be obsoletes and become 100% a scammers website/App by end of 2022 «»

  • Cor**** 49 years

    NOTHING!!The site is full of profiles looking to exchange money for sex, drugs and pornographic content. Many of the profiles are fake offshore scamm... ers, looking to take advantage of other users. And the site administration does nothing to curb any of this activity. Only relying on site AI to make incorrect judgements on average users looking to have a normal, and legal experience on the platform. «»

  • Er***** 44 years

    Most sites charge for messaging Tagged is free and most paid permium offerings are things you really don't need anywayIf I could give this a negative... star review I would. This app is completely unsafe for women. They do not remove profiles of men that are harassing. Who send unsolicited sexual pictures. I have one person he's created about 10 different profiles to stalk me and I've reported all of them they're all nothing has been done to stop him... the devs do not respond to requests... There is no geo filtering... I get messages from all over the world when I am only looking for local guys... When I send a polite not interested 75% of the time the messages do not stop after I send not interested I usally will recieve threats or more unsolicited nudes/dick pics... constant demands of why? Transphobic threats, transphobic speech, endless begging to talk or to see my nudes or accusations of being racist when I am in Canada looking for someone in Toronto area and get a message from someone in The Gambia or UAE and say a polite not interested but thank you, but good luck and stay safe... I get accused of being anti-black or islamaphobic...Men play the meet me and like you without even reading your profile (where I layout that I am transgender and where I am in my journey I am open and frank about the fact that I just began to transition have only socially done so have not started HRT nor had sex reassignment sugery and that I at this point in my life due to an extreme fear of surguy in general do not intend to... and am living with at body parts I was born with..." When I either as them if they read my profile or disclose my gender identity and status they get pissed off and accuse me of misleading them and start with the transphobic comments and threats «»

  • Debr*** 56 years

    I just found out I was being scammed by Demetrius posing as a active duty IS Military stationed in Afghanistan. He said he has served in the Ary fo... r 27 years and that he was fixing to leave Afghanistan and retire in less than 2 months. He asked me to talk to him on Google Hangouts. There he won my heart love and trust until he stated asking about my income and then finally asking me to send him an iphone 11. «»

  • Scor*** 35 years

    Seems like tagged and hi5 are basically the same

  • Wall*** 69 years
    23.01.2020 is the BIGGEST SCAM I EVER ENCOUTERED! 3 times over 2 years I subscribed to their "PREMIUM SERVICES"! Each time for three (3) months each!... WHAT A JOKE! I tried contacting their legal dept due to issues like physical threats to my two black cats, Wife (I'm divorced) and self. Even the local police could help because of tagged's lack of any response! THSE GUYS ARE A BUNCH OF CROOKS AND SHOULD BE PUT IN JAIL! The telephone n956-umber listed below on this web site has been DISCONNECTED! (415) 956-1377!! «»

  • Wan**** 66 years

    Men on the site I have talked to over the years are all out of the country and are scammers . With the exception of a few that are real

  • Enli*** 49 years

    A global community. Anyone can have a show ..Within the description of Tagged that i just read . The journalist and or Investigators failed to look at... THE LIVE its a fantastic way to absolutely get to know someone first . «»

  • m****** 30 years

    waaaaaaay to many fake accounts and scammers there

  • Jimm*** 10 years

    Everyone who has contacted me from this site ends up trying to scam for money!!!!! So bad!!!

  • Mich*** 42 years

    I was used and abused mentally by video calls by a guy named Mario Pennant AKA, Fresh, or Trouble, he has scammed many American women for money. HE is... 28 years old with a 6 year old son that he uses to get diamonds on his page, I have several screenshots on how he scams women, and probably men as well... this user shouldn't be allowed to even use the Tagged app, however the Tag team does nothing but support this kind of behavior not protecting their Top Badge people from black mail, and threats of harm. This should really be investigated but if you don't spend big money on the app.. they treat you as if you DO NOT EXIST and yet let this behavior on their app, «»

  • Char*** 58 years

    In some ways it was a fun site to be on. Things can happen fast. There does seem to be a lot of people out there trying to scam you on the site.

  • robe*** 50 years

    I didn't like tagged or Hi5, first they do not ask you if you want to play the game pets, they automatically have that built in when you sign up, so e... ven though you do not buy any pets/pictures your own profile picture can and is being bought and sold by other people on the site. They should have an option where you can chose not to have your profile picture in the pets game. Second, people love to cheat and make lots and lots of fake accounts to help their main account in the game pets. They will sit and buy pets over and over and over and over with their fake accounts to get them real high while their main account owns the fake account, once the fake accounts get enough value, money and assets it gets bought making the main account money and assets, they also use the fake accounts to make it look like they are constantly active to get others to buy their main account. Then you got people who will try the revenge game where if you out bid them on a pet, they will constantly for months or years keep buying pets off you thinking they are getting you back for outbidding them on a pet/picture. Then there are others who do the stalking game, they will wait until your online to hurry and buy back pets/ pictures you bought back, they will keep doing this until you leave, they will constantly wait until your on and buy they will do this for weeks, months, years. Then you got others who will try the bulling act if you buy a pet off them, they will message you and call you all kinds of names swear at you, make fun of you, threaten you, all because they know if you report them nothing will happen to their account. Then there a tons of people who must have given up on life to play the game pets 24/7 because they are always on and with the ridiculous amount of money they have, some go up s much as 100 billion nd in 1 day. ND is the second to the highest form of money in the game behind UV No use in reporting anyone for anything because the site doesn't do anything to anyone. Only way to be good at pets is to play 24/7 and have no life. As of right now 1 person has the top 2 accounts on pets and 3 in the top 7, so that proves you have to spend almost every awake hour on the game, unless you are sharing your account with others in real life or have some kind of bot program buying pets for you. Pets would be better if they did not force you to play, meaning that your profile picture does not get thrown in to the game when you opt not to play, they should have have a section where it says do you want to play the game pets if you say no the your profile picture does not get sold as of now the only way is to not play the game at all, but your profile picture still gets bought by others, which I don't think is right. The game should have made it so that you can only make 1 account, some people make hundreds of accounts just to cheat on pets, When someone reports someone for a good reason the site should look into it instead of ignoring the person who reported them. They should follow their own terms of agreement. When people are reported for terms of agreement violations then they should be banned. The meet me section does not work, when you click on meet me and click on what area you want and how far away from that area you want, you get profiles from 1,000's of miles from it, then when you search for certain types of profiles it does not work, if you want around a certain age, you get ones that are either way younger than that or way older than that. Also when you click on how you want them to look or their race or religion or ethnic, that does not work, you pick what you prefer click search and any type of profile comes up even though you may not have picked that race, religion, ethnic. When someone bugs the heck out of you the only thing you can do is block them, the only thing that is is stopped them from sending you messages and looking at your profile, it does not stop them from buying pets off you or seeing what pets you have. If you block someone it should stop them from seeing what pets you have, if they can't see your profile while blocked then they should be able to see the pets you have. When you block someone a user page of them will come up showing their picture, what pets they recently bought, when they were last active last time they bought a pet and they pets they have. When you block someone none of that should show up you should be 100% invisible to them and nothing shows up at all, like most websites. I have not met anyone in person off there, but do talk to people on there, so I can't say if it is good for meeting people online that you met on there. «»

  • Anon*** 40 years

    Most of this people claiming to be military personels on dating sites are scammers. You find them on every dating sites , also on instagram. I was inv... olved in a romance scam that I lost a lot of money to the tune $500,000 . I advice you to always insist to see your alleged lover before any financial commitment. If you have lost money to this heartless con artists you can contact They recovered about 80% of my funds traced to the con artist that scammed me. Thank me later. «»

  • Char*** 64 years

    I've been on since 1996. 95% of the profiles on are comprised of fake profiles by people in Nigeria and Ghana trying to scam peo... ple into sending them money. It's very easy to figure them out with a few easy screening questions. I've reported every scammer that I have met to Every time a scammer gets their account deleted they easily set up another one with fake photos that they have copied from other legitimate members These scammers want you to meet them on Google Hangouts so that can't log their text messages. When you ask a scammer to authenticate their identity with a Video Call on Skype they will claim that their device doesn't have a video camera. This is a lie because all new SmartPhones and Laptop computer have had built in web cams for a very long time. has just deleted my because of a scammer named Baby 12 L that I just met who was only on for 4 days whereas I've been a member since 2006. What needs to do if they really want to become a legitimate Social Media Website is to set up a Video Call option on their platform. Otherwise, is complicit in these scams. Until sets up a Video Call option my best advice is to stay away from «»