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Very Bad
  • Cor**** 49 years

    NOTHING!!The site is full of profiles looking to exchange money for sex, drugs and pornographic content. Many of the profiles are fake offshore scamm... ers, looking to take advantage of other users. And the site administration does nothing to curb any of this activity. Only relying on site AI to make incorrect judgements on average users looking to have a normal, and legal experience on the platform. «»

  • Er***** 44 years

    Most sites charge for messaging Tagged is free and most paid permium offerings are things you really don't need anywayIf I could give this a negative... star review I would. This app is completely unsafe for women. They do not remove profiles of men that are harassing. Who send unsolicited sexual pictures. I have one person he's created about 10 different profiles to stalk me and I've reported all of them they're all nothing has been done to stop him... the devs do not respond to requests... There is no geo filtering... I get messages from all over the world when I am only looking for local guys... When I send a polite not interested 75% of the time the messages do not stop after I send not interested I usally will recieve threats or more unsolicited nudes/dick pics... constant demands of why? Transphobic threats, transphobic speech, endless begging to talk or to see my nudes or accusations of being racist when I am in Canada looking for someone in Toronto area and get a message from someone in The Gambia or UAE and say a polite not interested but thank you, but good luck and stay safe... I get accused of being anti-black or islamaphobic...Men play the meet me and like you without even reading your profile (where I layout that I am transgender and where I am in my journey I am open and frank about the fact that I just began to transition have only socially done so have not started HRT nor had sex reassignment sugery and that I at this point in my life due to an extreme fear of surguy in general do not intend to... and am living with at body parts I was born with..." When I either as them if they read my profile or disclose my gender identity and status they get pissed off and accuse me of misleading them and start with the transphobic comments and threats «»

  • Debr*** 56 years

    I just found out I was being scammed by Demetrius posing as a active duty IS Military stationed in Afghanistan. He said he has served in the Ary fo... r 27 years and that he was fixing to leave Afghanistan and retire in less than 2 months. He asked me to talk to him on Google Hangouts. There he won my heart love and trust until he stated asking about my income and then finally asking me to send him an iphone 11. «»

  • Scor*** 35 years

    Seems like tagged and hi5 are basically the same

  • Wall*** 69 years
    23.01.2020 is the BIGGEST SCAM I EVER ENCOUTERED! 3 times over 2 years I subscribed to their "PREMIUM SERVICES"! Each time for three (3) months each!... WHAT A JOKE! I tried contacting their legal dept due to issues like physical threats to my two black cats, Wife (I'm divorced) and self. Even the local police could help because of tagged's lack of any response! THSE GUYS ARE A BUNCH OF CROOKS AND SHOULD BE PUT IN JAIL! The telephone n956-umber listed below on this web site has been DISCONNECTED! (415) 956-1377!! «»

  • Wan**** 66 years

    Men on the site I have talked to over the years are all out of the country and are scammers . With the exception of a few that are real

  • Enli*** 49 years

    A global community. Anyone can have a show ..Within the description of Tagged that i just read . The journalist and or Investigators failed to look at... THE LIVE its a fantastic way to absolutely get to know someone first . «»

  • m****** 30 years

    waaaaaaay to many fake accounts and scammers there

  • Jimm*** 10 years

    Everyone who has contacted me from this site ends up trying to scam for money!!!!! So bad!!!

  • Mich*** 42 years

    I was used and abused mentally by video calls by a guy named Mario Pennant AKA, Fresh, or Trouble, he has scammed many American women for money. HE is... 28 years old with a 6 year old son that he uses to get diamonds on his page, I have several screenshots on how he scams women, and probably men as well... this user shouldn't be allowed to even use the Tagged app, however the Tag team does nothing but support this kind of behavior not protecting their Top Badge people from black mail, and threats of harm. This should really be investigated but if you don't spend big money on the app.. they treat you as if you DO NOT EXIST and yet let this behavior on their app, «»

  • Char*** 58 years

    In some ways it was a fun site to be on. Things can happen fast. There does seem to be a lot of people out there trying to scam you on the site.