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Very Bad
  • Geor*** 55 years

    I did actually meet a couple of women from it in my first month, both of whom may end up being longer term FWB. But read the negatives.Caught them a... rtificially inflating their number of matches, which they *admitted to doing in an email from their Support* and, when I posted about that in their forums, they banned my account."It was decided by the site owner that if anyone had under 500 matches we would boost this by expanding the parameters. "Which means "lie to our paying customers to look like we have more to offer them.At one point, they were telling me "You have 16 matches online!" and, checking each one, only 3 were *actual* matches.Fraud.Their reply? "We can ban anyone at any time for any reason and keep their money". «»

  • M****** 35 years

    Too many unverified profiles and its a night mare to turn off our last activy status. I dont want anyone seeing when last i was online

  • Ba***** 48 years

    I have been using internet personals web sites since there was "Dial-Up" internet back in the mid 1990's and have never seen a more scummy website fil... led with fake profiles, fake members trying to con you out of money and if you're stupid enough to join and change your mind instantly, too late, hidden clause in fine print, NO REFUNDS EVER! The only thing worse than the fake members is; their pathetic excuse for customer service, they are never of any help just totally lazy, stupid and arrogant and I mean really arrogant!!! «»

  • Fjdj*** 30 years

    It's a sausage fest

  • T****** 42 years

    Waste of time if you are a single male looking for funBeen on the site for 5 years and rarely even get a response to my messages to women/couplesMet... 1 couple in all that timeSo much for friendly peopleSave your time «»

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