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Very Bad
  • Mi***** 61 years

    Easy to join.Response level is very low, contacts are generally from other countries and not local guys. You can’t delete people.

  • Jam**** 43 years

    Easy to useEntire site is scammers and fake profiles. Out of a hundred matches maybe 2 have actually been real. Everyone else is fake using fake loca... tions and they are obviously overseas as their English is very poor as soon as you deviate from the scripted rehearsed responses they are accustomed to. Throw them a curve ball question they don’t get asked normally and see how they answer or randomly answer a question in a way that makes no sense and see what they say. Half of them are bots you’re talking to the other half are scammers in India or China. «»

  • Clay*** 57 years

    Nosy-body Czechs monitoring client contacts in the old Soviet fashion. The app is a joke.

  • Fra**** 59 years

    The Surge app is full of fake profiles and scammers. I came upon 2 "models" within the same week. Both tried to get me to send them money for various ... reasons. Technical support was non-existent, and the developers have had a poor response to my complaints about the scammers and fake profiles.Using an email address to "verify" a profile does not prove they are real. It only proves that the email address given was a working email address, which anyone can do.As for the scammers, I reported them to the local authorities, but don't expect anything to be done. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER send money to someone you have never met. I didn't.I would not recommend this app to anyone looking for love. You will get taken for a ride$$$ «»

  • Fra**** 59 years

    Matched up with a very hot looking guy. We began chatting and he quickly wanted to move over to Hangouts. He then began carefully working me by tellin... g me how lonely he was, how he longed for a real partner, etc. He was a model and was in a competition to be the "top" model. I sent $500 via Western Union to a name in Chicago that was a "sponsorship" for him to gain extra "points" in the competition. Of course, the next thing he just had to have was money for an airplane ticket to come and visit me after the competition was over. I made him product pictures of him standing outside his hotel in Zurich Switzerland. He did produce the pics, which was surprising, but makes me think that Max Emerson is involved in this scam somehow. I have the pics and I archived the text stream from Hangouts. «»

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