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Very Bad
  • Ky***** 36 years

    The response time.I tried this for a little under couple weeks now these chicks are going way off-topic with convos I used to ask them if they are th... e person or in the picture or some loser impersonating some hot girls. I don't have time for bullshit. Not only that, but I also am a real person who is a superior officer RET. It is against the law. I don't like some little online losers calking people fibber. Do you know who the fuck you're taking too? If you're not a bunch of hot girls, don't be messaging me on this site. There was already some girl who said her name was different from the name she was also using. People sending websites, asking for some credit card info that is a federal matter. Now, these losers are trying to ask $$ you better watch your asses. «»

  • Do***** 57 years

    I've met some interesting people. Some are very beautiful young ladies. Very sweet.I'm getting many people that claim to be from Mississippi and Le R... oy Illinois. I keep getting the same response to some of my questions. There's a lot of people who are named Tomeka, Latonza, Christina Lee and Judy. I don't think so.I don't know if I could recommend anyone to use this site because of these incidents. There just can't be that many people with that much in common. Also, I never registered on ANY sites. I don't know who set up my profile page, but it's got me listed as 18 and should be 57 years old. I don't know how to change it, but I've been trying. «»

  • juni*** 1982 years


  • juni*** 38 years


  • Loka*** 25 years

    No problem it's very very nice it's a beautiful site

  • Jas**** 50 years

    All the women i talked to and never met you had to pay up to $300 for a dating pass stupid and a waste of money other women where asking for money sor... ry dating sites are a bad way to meet women «»

  • Pat *** 45 years

    The chats i had their awnsers had nothing to do with my questions and that was EVERY chat

  • b****** 54 years

    ok most women friendly to most requests

  • Fre**** 28 years

    this website is the best dating site

  • bull*** 50 years

    some what good

  • Real*** 24 years

    I am love sp date

  • tori*** 24 years

    A cam site perfect for virtual sexual experiences,So it is much easier to communicate with each other

  • Tori*** 24 years

    The site takes the available information on your device. It can tell your location through your device's IP address.

  • Tori*** 24 years

    Spdate doesn't have a mobile app at the moment, but all of its features are available through a mobile version of the site. You can open it using any ... phone through a mobile browser. Just go to Spdate like you would using a desktop and the site automatically translates into the mobile version. «»

  • Tori*** 24 years

    I have learned that spdate is a good communication medium

  • sant*** 35 years

    Mora than 90% are fake a waste of money and time. I don't recommend the page

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