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Very Bad
  • Wen**** -50 years

    This is a scam. From payment to false advertising to fake portfolios. Beware this is fraud. Do not sign up. Impossible to cancel and they take more mo... ney than they advertise. This is a scam. From payment to false advertising to fake portfolios. Impossible to cancel and they take more money than they advertise. «»

  • R****** 52 years

    Nothing They are only interested In money. They make it impossibly to communicate with their admin. I'm still battling to cancel my subscription.

  • Lyne*** 44 years

    I was scammed by this company. I was very dissapointed... And comments on Facebook showed that I wasn't the only one.... I am yet to recieve my refund... ..... «»

  • Nase*** 52 years

    My initial experiences was good. Easy to sign up, nice replies from customer services. Looked forward to get just a few suggestions per day and to hav... e nice chats. Felt no stress or pressure at all! Then one day 2 selected matches out of 7 suggestions was scammer profiles! Reported the profile .. profile already reported.. .. after 4 weeks of calendar time the profiles are still active!!! The scammer can also access my profile even though I reported the profile. In the past weeks I have been suggested 7 scammer profiles. On top I spotted additional 4 scammer profiles online! All reported, I even see them change profile names and some of them has pinged me twice! I have sent 5 emails to the customer service - no reply! On their web site I read that I can always say no and I do not have to reply to profiles I don't like!! The pictures the scammers use are easy to search online seems to be well spread world wide. I'm genuine chocked that a dating site takes no action to close down false profiles. As a woman I do not feel safe at all at their dating site. The scammers are actively there on their web site for frauds and romance scamming. Not for finding a true romance supported by Singles50. «»

  • Gore*** 63 years

    The site is impersonating a free signup option, but please note the charge you receive after the first month, YOU WILL PAY LOT OF MONEY TO THEM! the ... user cannot change or cancel his membership through the site, the user must contact single50 via email for customer service and they will not agree to a refund!!! and they will ask you to send a letterhead to cancel your membership, the process will take you a few days and even weeks, and customer service team will do everything they can to not let you stop paying but to charge you more money, be careful. These are crooks who take a chance on older people. «»

  • Anon*** 50 years

    They make it very very difficult to cancel your subscription. It look like they intentionally make it difficult to cancel. In this moderne age of tech... nology, it should be very easy to cancel via your account. THEY MAKE YOU EITHER MAIL THEM A CANCELLATION LETTER OF FAX THEM A CANCELLATION LETTER. It is very sleazy. I would avoid this site by all means. «»

  • KATH*** 50 years

    This is a racket. You get no use out of the site unless you join up and pay. You can tick the box for 1 month all you like, but it rolls on and on, ta... king 49.99 a month. This is sharp practice. On the site it is extremely difficult, not user friendly to leave. You may cancel your membership, but they still have to send a signed document to release you from the contract. They need this faxed or posted to some address in Belgium!!!! It is ridiculous. DO NOT SIGN UP TO THESE EXTORTION RACKETEERS. They take 3 working days to look at your email to cancel. You can send them all the details, they will drag their feet until it's within the 7 day's notice required, which means they've entered a new billing period, and still keep deducting money, The set up is not about introducing you to anyone, it is to steal your money under false pretences. I would not recommend this to my worst enemy. HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE «»

  • Eddi*** 76 years

    I resigned 7 months ago from their free subscription and now they are taking a year from my credit card. I did not find any dates. I think it is a sca... m as they do not answer my emails queering the account. «»

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