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Very Bad
  • Moni*** 56 years

    Nothing Worst dating app ever. Can’t open up profiles of someone who likes your photo or sends y you a message.

  • jack*** -72 years

    The ease of creating my profile/photo.It feels like fraud. My MATCHES rarely include my preferences. My 50 mile radius has out-of-state matches; sa... me bogus with age, ethincity. Are the pictures and profiles real? I doubt this. «»

  • Rodn*** 70 years

    It would be nice if you could find someone.I can't log in, and I can't get off Premium.

  • Mar**** 54 years

    Not a thingMatches aren’t what is requested Customer service horribleToo many more to list. The platform is impossible to use

  • Tiff*** 72 years

    Nothing!You CAN'T DO ANYTHING USEFUL UNLESS YOU PAY $20-30 / MO - Can't Message - Can't see photos - Etc!

  • ph***** 71 years

    Meeting folks.The software is crap. If you indicate that you want to meet folks that are - say less than 50 miles away -- the site totally ignores t... his field and prompts folks that are 100's of miles away. Useless. --- and 50 miles is the minimum distance you can choose. I don't think most folks want to meet folks that are more than 10 miles away. You know - driving tens of miles at night isn't a great idea for some of us. «»

  • M****** 76 years

    The service started out strong about 50 “potentials” in the first 3 -4 weeks. Many fit my interest profile but weren’t appealing to me. Some who were ... reasonably attractive remained aloof or uninterested. That’s OK, understandable.After the first month, things started to steadily decay in terms of preference matching - 50 miles turned into 500 miles, even out of state and out of country. The matches eventually turned very sloppy, with even some same sex responses. Then the scammers turned up the heat. Fortunately, they get reasonably easy to spot. Then the page format seemed to change, and it was often impossible to delete a candidate. Then the email notification of “Sara” is interested in you, when clicked on, brought up an entirely different person (usually one that had shown up numerous times before). «»

  • Mich*** 53 years

    Not much.So far the only contacts I have had from this site are scammers who ask for money. This site seems rife with that. They seem to follow the... same formula too. It’s creepy. «»

  • Mich*** 53 years

    Not much.So far the only contacts I have had from this site are scammers who ask for money. This site seems rife with that. They seem to follow the... same formula too. It’s creepy. «»

  • Mich*** 53 years

    Not much.So far the only contacts I have had from this site are scammers who ask for money. This site seems rife with that. They seem to follow the... same formula too. It’s creepy. «»

  • Mich*** 53 years

    Not much.So far the only contacts I have had from this site are scammers who ask for money. This site seems rife with that.

  • Ma***** 59 years

    Nothing Fake profiles

  • Megh*** 59 years

    Nothing really.In 10 days, I’ve had to report 10 scam accounts. Despite stating that I’m interested in relatively local matches, most computer genera... ted matches are 100s to 1000s of miles away. «»

  • T****** 52 years

    NothingMassive amount of trolling scammers or hookers..the rest is human nature ,i guess, but you say "hi or i like your profile ",and crickets.....f... rom a bunch of self described, open-minded and kind women..tried getting a refund after 1 day, but nope..and MAKE SURE YOU WRITE AND CANCEL as their policy is they'll keep billing you..deleting profile is not enough..same experience with match and ourtime...better to just be open minded and friendly to when i say hi to you in the grocery store. Not everyone is a creepy axe murderer...Tim in Billings «»

  • mi***** 60 years

    Nothing, useless unprotected young whoresFAKE

  • Loul*** 75 years

    The compatibility is generally ok, profiles well educated.Some of the customer's parameters are not taken into account. I insisted on men living at n... o more than 50 kg from my place and sometimes they are as far as 300 kg from my place. The help service and customer service are a calamity. «»

  • An***** 66 years

    Not a bad concept. Have actually met some people from this, so acknowledge that it does work.Poor website design. Search parameters are useless. I ... asked for within 50 miles and got people from 150 miles (ca. 241 km) away. A lot of time wasted going through irrelevant matches.Personality matching (as on all dating sites) is a waste of time and doesn't help.Unhelpful customer service — it's even difficult to find the customer services form.Seriously wondering whether some messages don't actually get delivered. «»

  • pame*** 68 years

    That it was designed for older daters.The fact that it is owned by the same group as “elite singles”, which I haven't seen disclosed on either site. ... So what happens is that, after signing up for both, I was receiving exactly the same “matches” from both sites, meaning I paid double what I needed to pay. As with many sites, lots of scammers. «»

  • Heat*** 56 years

    Not much….. Constant scammers. Some were vulgar, threatening and scary. I reported one that was particularly scary- sent the messages to SS and the p... erson was still able to message me. Nothing was done. I rarely received a match that matched my preferences…” «»

  • Ste**** 73 years

    Nothing it is just loaded with spammers and scammersLoaded with Spammers and Scammers. I get 10-15 spammers a day. It is ridiculous, so if you enjo... y dealing with them this is the site for you. It is so bad I can no longer tell who is bad or who is good. «»

  • TIMO*** 70 years

    A few possible matches.LOADED WITH SCAMMERS!When l quit l was getting 20-30 per day.

  • Sher*** 63 years

    NothingI have never seen so many fake profiles. So dissatisfied.

  • Roxa*** 62 years

    What do I like NOTHING! Repeat pictures of the same guy over and over… No response back on several emails sent. And not one good looking guy on there... ! Waste of my money !Everything «»

  • Tan**** 68 years

    You put in your parameters for searches, and they send you matches that are not even close, in ethnicity, distance and other dealbreakers. I feel l... ike this site has the poorest selection of any site I've been on. Many of the pictures are sideways, upside down, or you can't see their whole face.Total Waste of Money.Waste of Money. «»

  • S****** 61 years

    Not much. Not many reply to a smile or email. I have had more male scammers that legitimate profiles reply. I have had better success with other dati... ng sites. It is not worth the 3 months paid membership. «»

  • Mar**** 65 years

    NothingSpark Networks owns and operates Zoosk, SilverSingles and EliteSingles among others. For SilverSingles and EliteSingles they double dip as the... y share the profile database across the two sites. No sense paying for these two two sites as you will get the same match profiles. Also worth noting, after a great many conversations with them (they are in Germany) they will not institute code to stop the fake profiles - which I estimate to be 20:1 over real profiles.Tips: Never share your real email address, even when signing up for these services. Most of the fakes want to text only, that means a phone #, beware, while it might be amusing to screw with them, they will spoof your number for fraud & robocalls - best to get a google voice number you can throwaway before your real one ends up on the federal do not call list. Never ever open an email if you are foolish enough to share your email address in the first place - yes, even image files can get a trojan to your PC. Lastly, male or female, you will get the "I'm closing me account, but my friend saw you and is crushing on you message - over and over", the fakes / scammers aren't very creative, probably offshore as well.It really is too bad; there are honest people online looking for a match, which makes this sinkhole of the internet very inviting for predators. Companies like Spark Networks have the capital and expertise to make their environments safer from these predators - but they elect not to do so. «»

  • jo***** 76 years

    Not much--my account has not been accessible and they have done nothing to correct this issue. I cannot log in, and there is no link to reset passwo... rd. «»

  • Mart*** 70 years

    NothingNo decent responses and lots of cat fishing.

  • Jam**** 64 years

    The matching thing which, even if artificial, evens out the numbers of men and women who are actually looking.I have encountered an inordinate number... of women who aren't ready for relationships with anyone - I can tell it's not just with me. They are using my interest, hope, time, and money to see if they want to end their celibacy - and the great majority of the time (EVERY time for me so far), they do not. If there's any way of screening for that, which there probably isn't - S.S. should do that. «»

  • shar*** 38 years

    Do you need expert help in gaining access/passwords to Facebook, gmail, Instagram, yahoo-mail, snap-chat, twitter, Hotmail, various blogs, icloud, a... pple accounts etc. Password retrieval, smartphone,tablet portable device hacks, ip tracking and general tracking I got access to my email after 48hours.FAKE PROFILE «»

  • E****** 72 years

    I found nothing to like Poorly functioning AP.Most of my contacts were fakes who try to lure you off site. I find it discouraging that you identify ... mates living area by cities and do not include the state, one has no idea where possible dates reside. And finally you do not adhere to mile range that is requested. «»

  • Li***** 55 years

    Not a lot. I'm not sure I cared for it at all.It is full of scammers just like free sites but the cost is astronomical for the little service provid... ed. Not one guy answered an email in 3 months. «»

  • Robe*** 69 years

    The site signup is very simple and easy to use.They do not have a very good system that provides matches with regard to your preferences. What they w... ill do is tell you to change your preferences to a wider scope (including distance from you) so you get more matches. In addition I received two messages inside their system that were obvious scams, requesting I contact a "friend" of the Silver Singles "member because she would be perfect for me. Lastly, I began to receive E Mail messages to the account I setup just for this subscription, so I know the info came directly from their database. Horrible Customer Service responses to all of this, they send standard responses each time. Waste of time and money. «»

  • Rose*** 59 years

    Nothing the whole site is fake peopleAnyone that is decent looking is a fake/ is the absolute worst money I have EVER spent.

  • Caro*** 66 years

    Nothing No contact from anyone. No single men in my area. Tried to delete my account but said I was logged out keep trying. So I asked for a new pass... word and never received a link to reset it and no way to contact them!! «»

  • T****** 60 years

    I found a lot of scammers on that site, it seems as the German owners doesn't care about itGermans will send you to a collection agency if you forget... to cancel their (by default) autorenewwal. That's how they make most of their money by blackmailing you. This is typical for a German company, they do it at home too. «»

  • Tre**** 39 years

    Literally nothing.Okay so I'm interested in older women, and thought Silver Singles was a place where I could search for profiles, or would use a swi... pe-system like most other dating apps. This model of dating website works because statistically, a man will need to swipe roughly 1,000 times before he gets 1 match. That's the simple reality of what it means to do online dating if you're a man. You know you'll need to send out lots of messages before anyone replies.So I came on Silver Singles, having paid the full price for 3 months, and saw only 9 matches. I thought maybe those are just recommended profiles... I started clicking around looking for the search bar where I could see 500 more profiles and get to messaging. Again, I purchased 3 months, so if I start sending out messages now, I can expect to get maybe 4 or 5 replies before my membership expires. I touched every button I could find, and there doesn't appear to be a search bar. What gives?So I clicked on "help", thinking I'm just missing the option that lets me access the thousands of profiles I very clearly and obviously need, because honestly, it's just a fact of life that men will not get matches better than 500 messages for 1 response, and even the most casual online dater knows this. That's when I saw the help page, quote:"You cannot search our website for members; we do the work and recommend compatible matches for you"..... are... you... serious? I mean... okay, this idea MIGHT work, if your website matched me to, say, 10,000 other people I could browse through. But you matched me to literally NINE PEOPLE AND THAT'S IT!! And I changed my settings to allow for literally anyone over the age of 50. And all I'm matched to is just the nine? So I paid 50 dollars for 3 months and this is all I get. I can message all of them in ten minutes. Then what? I sit and wait for the next 89 days and hope that one replies?Go on literally any other website where you can actually swipe or browse. With SilverSingles, you're left at the complete mercy of their algorithm. Imagine if it only matched you with 3 people after you went and paid the full premium price for membership. «»

  • Tri**** 69 years

    My experience has been that every single man who contacted me (6 in total) in the two months I was a paying member was a FAKE. Therefore, I find this... dating site to be worthless. They obviously don't check any profiles for their veracity. «»

  • Pete*** 56 years

    My profile was never fully functional even though paid for at the premium level.I was trolled by a fake or hacked profile to get me to go offsite to a... n email address for "foto's"I wasted much of my time and was very unhappy.Few of the "matches" responded and I believed the when they said they would match me to other clients.Match to me means compatible. «»

  • Ynez*** 55 years

    I was contacted by a man, who is a runt. I deletead and canceled my account after activing it for a few days.

  • mash*** 67 years

    In my experience This site or may be others too, if they are not secure enough to protect their subscriber , they will become a site for com men to fi... nd their victims. Twice I have the experience and thanks god I didn't go to far . Is no security and not a real investigation on any profile. Our fault is to need a relationship and friendship in our age and your is to make sure we are the target. Can you do something for that? You do not have any Profile quality, «»

  • Stev*** 60 years

    Lousy dating site. Dont like the profile page. Dont find it user friendly. Dont like how they match you with another.You cant search yourself. You wai... t till they match you. And more importantly. Difficult to cancel. Like many low end sites its easy to sign up but boy try to cancel your subscription. Figure that out before if not right after joining. I'm off to look for a better site. «»

  • bi***** 55 years

    Wanted Money up front. pictures blurred until you give them money. Total rip off.

  • Lu***** 56 years

    SilverSingle and Elite are owned by same. Parent company, so you get both sites in your search which sounds good at first but they are very different ... people looking for very different things. Many of the matches aren’t suitable. Far too many (over 55%) don’t share photos or hardly fill out their profiles so you get matches but no information to go on. I’m 56 and find my matches are mainly from Elite if they are under 60 years old and aren’t in the same head space. If you’re under 60 and not in the Elite pool, I wouldn’t bother, you really don’t get much unless you are looking for a man over 64. «»

  • BTIE*** 73 years

    They suck. Matches they send are way out of my 50 mile radius. 80% of daily matches have no pics and really no profile. All are "Fake News" to quote D... onld Duck in the White House. «»

  • Jean*** 59 years

    Terrible site! I would not recommend. Fraudulent profiles galore! What a waste of money.

  • A****** 62 years

    Silver Single has been my first experience with dating websites. I didn't know what a Cat Fish was. I do now. I have had communication with 10 matches... . 9 out of 10 have been fake profile from Cat fish. Luckily, I received a email from Silver Single not to have any further contact with the other member. «»

  • Nad**** 60 years

    There is no way to communicate with the company about mismatching that continues to occur. I am being matched with all the wrong people. The ones who... respond do not seem to be legitimate. And my preferences are not being honored. «»

  • Lori*** 55 years

    The site is filled with men with fake profiles and scammers, I keep getting notifications from Silver Singles. There are multiple profiles with no pi... cture and no answers to questions in the profiles. Some of the questions I've answered have remained under review for weeks. Overall I have found it to be a waste of money and time. «»

  • Ju***** 75 years

    Scam - Several days after I discontinued my membership SS began sending me matches that fit what I wanted. Suddenly, the criteria I had for a match b... ecame accurate. For example, I did not want any introverts. Each time I closed a match I filled out the reason why. A few days after my membership ended (which was for a year) I began receiving matches who were extroverted, lived in my large city, etc. I feel that they either didn't pay attention to what I was seeking or were purposely attempting to get me to renew. I feel they are dishonest. «»

  • Ste**** 68 years

    Format has changed and the pics that come are blurry. I can't send messages or find a way to get hold off website.

  • Mar**** 60 years

    I joined SilverSingles in late February 2020. All men who contacted me, without prior being selected by me, were scammers or just fake. However, one o... f them was never spotted although his 3 profile pictures were from a film director, not his own. It took me less than 10 minutes to find out whose photos belong to, but SilverSingles never did this simple job. Of course, the scam artist began asking for gifts, including a Rolex! «»

  • datu*** 63 years

    yes, my experience was very "rewarding"!

  • R****** 60 years

    This sight does not match you up with the people you asked for. It has been a terrible experience trying to navigate the site and they ony give matche... s to look at that they think is right for you but only a small number and you cat search yourself.I got taken dont let it happen to you. «»

  • Mich*** 61 years

    I have had several experiences in the two weeks I have been on this site that I suspect were scams. In 3 cases I was contacted by someone who immedia... tely wanted me to go offsite for future communications. In 2 others the person I was talking with had their profile suddenly deleted, in one case in mid communication when I started talking possible scams on the site. Also the emails telling me that someone had messaged me had a location for that person which did not match the location in their profile. All of these are red flags. I am an attorney, btw. «»

  • Ann *** 63 years

    I 've had a terrible Silver Singles experience. First off, their decision period is far too short. Most other sites allow you to cancel withint 30 d... ays. That actually gives you a chance to see if you get viable matches. Three days barely allows you to learn how the site works. Secondly I had numerious technical difficulties and was even loced out of the site for nearly a week, just a few days after signing up. There was no explanation. There is no phone number to call to talk to someone during day hours. It takes one to two days to get a response to a complaint. This might be because this service is based in Germany. If most of their customers are US people, could they not get a US based help line? It's 130 dollars for a six month subscription. That isn't good service. The piece' de resistance was I suddently started getting messages that the people who'd sent me a smile were 'SUSPICIOUS" as in, likely scammers. I went back to re read their profiles and I did see poor English, non American standard English usages and sentences that made no sense. It wasnt just the four guys they sent me note about in my third week of being on the service. It was MOST of the people who they matched me with. MOST o the matches had no photos. Said, photo on requrest. When I requested a photo, none was sent. I requested that my matches be within 50 miles. Repeatedly the matches sent were sixty, seventy, 90 and more than 100 miles away. These were the COMPUTER matches. I'd checked it was VERY IMPORTANT that my matches be at fifty miles at most. There is NO OPTION for 25 miles or fewer, which ALSO makes no sense. I live in a major metro area where there are plenty of men my age. Also, who wants to be burning up the roads to see someone? If a person lives 25 miles away they have to spend an hour on the road in perfect traffic to see you and get back home. Unless they're only going to see you rarely, this gets to be a drag. i have asked for a partial refund and so far have gotten no response. My final complaint. I've used the service. Refund me for the five months that I haven't used, the poor vetting and poor customer service and glitches. It has been a laundry list of problems. «»

  • d****** 35 years

    it's all bullshit, can't see anyone unless you pay!!!!

  • Lin**** 70 years

    I am frustrated because I indicated education level was extremely important. Most of my matches are not a similar education level, leaving me with a ... WTF accessment. Next, while the prices you posted are what I remember from my membership in late 2019, the prices are MUCH HIGHER now. Is this price gouging due to the measures for distancing? I'm not impressed with the prices posted compared with the prices in a review that appears to be from 2020. If anything, they should be offering shot-term discounts to encourage both new members and renewal by existing members. For instance, rather than paying almost $120 for Premium comfort (6 months - see example above), it now costs about $269.70 for that level of membership for 6 months. I recommend SS only if you don't require some filtering by what's important to you. Maybe they do a better job with religion, I don't know. For lots of people it seems to work well. «»

  • Ca***** 63 years

    Horrible. If this is how people are supposed to meet, then we might as well stay separated. This app/program sucks. It is not helpful, nor intuitive, ... nor friendly, nor functional.Does not help set up a conversation when two people match. Frankly it does not even care that two people matched. Hate, hate, hate it. «»

  • Camb*** 66 years

    This is an unprofessional organization. If you create a profile, you cannot unsubscribe. They play all kinds of gimmick to increase their data base ... and make it impossible for a person to unsubscribe. You can never see an image of a person who may be interested in you. Their matching process is good for nothing. They show numerous pictures, which I believe are fictitious. . «»

  • Ma***** 61 years

    Fraudulent profiles and responses. Members don't exist. Members with profiles that have met someone yet their profiles are still online.

  • lede*** 68 years

    Silver Singles is a scam. When you sign up with Silver Singles, you also agree to let Silver Singles send "smiles" and "messages" on your behalf! A... s a free member, I could not read those messages until I PAID for a premium membership. I fell for the bait and forked over the money. When I contacted those members who had "sent" me smiles and messages, they knew nothing about them! After I paid for a Premium membership, within a few weeks all my matches had NO photos and very scant profiles. This went on for months. Every 2 weeks they would include 2 matches that had photos. Then it was back to all the faceless matches. When my membership finally expired, I did not renew. I formally cancelled the automatic payment. I was now a "free" member with limited access to the matches.The very next day, EVERY MATCH--12 in all--WERE MATCHES WITH PHOTOS AND FULL PROFILES. What are the odds?It's just another scam to get your money.Silver Singles should be ashamed of themselves for such blatant scamming. Call the FCC about this!My advice is: Stay off this site. They are crooks. «»

  • Kay *** 69 years

    I haven’t been on long. My experience so far has been disappointing. Most matches for me are too far away. One that replied was rude.

  • Sof**** 64 years

    I have been contacted by two different men who were scammers.

  • D****** 54 years

    Don't was your money on this site. I can't find the complaint department to vent my frustrations. Lucky for me I can afford the hit financially. It is... complete BS «»

  • Sus**** 60 years

    Sketchy infor from "customer service" when I called. He would not give name and address of company headquarters or name of owner. He would not allow... any signups less than 6 months. The Silver Singles phone number was for a phone bank and the person who answered spoke with a heavy accent. This company is obviously on the shady side. «»

  • Lau**** 62 years

    OK filled everything out and at the end they are asking for membership payment. I was hoping for a free 30 day trial or something similar. The members... hip costs are in USD. I should have done my research 1st. I will not be paying for a membership at this time. «»

  • rebe*** 55 years

    I took advantage of their 1-month promotion and I should have known...I didn't get any responses until the promotion had ended. This was to get one t... o join at a much higher rate. I wish these dating sites were more honest and quit trying to be rip-offs! «»

  • Cris*** 51 years

    I found out by accident that not only is my profile on Silver Singles, it's also on Elite Singles. Mind you, I did NOT sign up with Elite Singles. I... know that Elite Singles is the parent company of Silver Singles, but nowhere on both websites do they disclose that when you sign up on either one, you automatically appear on the other. To test if Elite Singles would stop me from signing up because my profile is already live on their site, I attempted to sign up. Lo and behold, Elite did NOT stop me whatsoever. It's unethical. «»

  • Lynd*** 68 years

    So far you would think this site is fake. There should be a mandatory requirement to post a photo before sending matches. How hard can that be. The pr... ogram send daily matches of which mine have been for days and days no photo matches. And states don’t delete or ask for a photo. Really? Isn’t part of the whole process is seeing a spark in someone’s face you are attracted to. Waste of my time and money so far. I truly believe there are no legit members on this site in Las Vegas. Very frustrating and scary to start a conversation with a no photo. «»

  • Lib**** 61 years

    I have paid $ 167.70 for 6 months Premium membership. Unfortunately for me, to this date just scammers.I thought it would be a safer chat, but I paid... dearly to learn.A bad experience, waste of time, frustration ...I definitely DO NOT recommend it. «»

  • Phyl*** 69 years

    There are very few men on here that will talk to you , I've been on here a month and a half only talked to one member , that's unreal . There are ve... ry few with pics , the ones I have sent smiles to or left a message never get back with you, I'm not that ugly that one or even two out of 50 men if that won't talk to me ,this site is a fraud Abe and I will make it known, and I know I'm not the first «»

  • jimm*** 72 years

    I subscribed and used this site for 6 months. After that time, I felt that I had contacted everyone of interest to me so didn't re-up. It has now be... en a couple of years and I thought I would see if any new people of interest were online, but found that pictures are blurred. I don't think I want to pay for what I can't see! «»

  • Ali**** 56 years

    A week of my messages have been deleted and I can't get help to fix it. Silversingles email keep coming back to me. I have lost contact with the perso... n I was talking to. «»

  • ehst*** 68 years

    I live in the St. Louis are, not exactly the "boonies." I tried a premium membership for several months a received few, if any, active matches. Plenty... of listings, but hardly any that had been active in recent months. Even the I limited my search too 100 miles from home, I got matches from all over the world.Cancelling is a very cumbersome process through Europe. READ THE FINE PRINT! «»

  • Eliz*** 66 years

    Silver Singles lacks ethics in every way. Recycles profiles of members who are no longer active and within 10 days was repeating members who had long... gone. BEWARE that your profile does not also get misused! Had another friend who joined so we could verify are now WARNED! «»

  • Cr***** 60 years

    I had 8 contacts 5 of which were scammers. Its a site that gets targeted especially because of the age bracket. Luckily I realized they were scammers ... early on. «»

  • ma***** 54 years

    Unfortunately I already register... be aware!!!! they take the six month subscription at once and there isn't anything to do about it.This site is ve... ry deceiving, profiles very limited, you get many question and they enter a profile that in occasions has nothing to do with your personality. «»

  • Robi*** 67 years

    I found Silver singles to be not very effective. They kept matching me with people very far away even other states and Canada, even though I kept def... ining that I wanted someone close. They also matched me with people much older than I had requested, and the site kept changing my preferences back to too far away. Then I found out they are not even based in this country. No wonder they don't know their geography. Not Happy at all. I also got no response at all to many casual comments. I think the site is a money stealing scam. «»

  • Mar**** 68 years

    I have enjoyed every minute on this site. Easy to use. Many men who fit my requirements. Have made several good friends who I still meet for lunch/... dinner. I a not looking for marriage. Just be honest in your requirements and your pictures! It's fun! Better than the other two sites I was on. «»

  • Ja***** 71 years

    Interesting to find some of the people I've seen on Match here also. I find that the distance parameters aren't used on match recommendations and I f... requently get match recommendations as far as 500 miles away. Features from the web version are different than the iPhone version which forces you to vary what platform you wish to use. For example the What If feature isn't available on the web based version. The iPhone version does not show you the matching score which indicates how many traits an individual matches you on. I find that annoying. Got my first scam attempt today. Person who I expressed interest in immediately asked for my email address to chat. Once I gave that to her she sent an email which I noticed was written by someone who looked like they did not have good command of the english language. Shortly after that email I noticed the profile of that individual disappeared from SilverSingles. That pretty much triggered me to go into defensive mode and I blocked that persons email address and I attempted to notify SilverSingles. Their web site is not user friendly regarding customer service. The vast majority of matches I've received have no pictures with the recommendations. Not sure if these seniors are technically challenged or unwilling to post photos. Quite honestly I don't understand why you would even invest in using a service if you don't want to post a picture. I do not respond to faceless profiles. «»

  • Les *** 79 years

    It was easy to sign up and work through the personality screens. I signed up last week at $24.95 for a three month premium membership. Now I can't con... tact the woman I have a date with because they changed their rates. I'll call them today but I'm not happy. «»

  • Eli**** 57 years

    I wish I had read this review b4 wasting an hour of my time creating my profile on SilverSingles, planning to 1st try the 'free' membe... rship & then join when I found members I wanted to contact. SilverSingles doesn't tell you ANYWHERE on their site that 'free' members cannot view photos of other members. So you waste a solid hour of your time answering 100+ questions setting up your profile, and then find out you can't see what any other member Looks Like until you give them your credit card# and nearly 40 buck$, with a bunch of crap about 'auto-renewal', like you might wind up having to cancel that credit card if you decide to cancel your SilverSingles memberhip someday because they keep dinging your credit card every three months with a renewal fee, even tho you thought you cancelled. I hate dishonesty and deception -- and SilverSingles obviously intentionally FAILING to tell you anywhere on their site that you won't be able to view ANY photos as a 'free' member, exemplifies the dishonesty/deception that I hate. «»

  • Elli*** 80 years

    I cancelled my account because I had negative experiences. My first was a man named Gordon. We made arrangements to meet for lunch. A couple of day... s before the meeting, he left me a message. I tried to contact him thru the site & was informed his profile had been taken down. He had given me his phone number. When I called it, the message was the phone was no longer in service. The next was a man named Alan who lived in Casa Grande, AZ. We made arrangements to meet at Arizona Casino, which I informed him had a beautiful buffet. He sent me several messages saying he was looking forward to our lunch & said the buffet would be perfect as we could sit & not be rushed. Two days before we were supposed to meet he messaged me & said he would not be coming that he was in a relationship?? I thought he had been very deceitful..The third man named Earl was the "topping on the cake". We met for a lunch at a popular restaurant. My niece & nephew came in another vehicle & sat a few tables away to make sure I was OK. I told him my husband has only been gone since 2018 & I wanted to go very slowly. A couple of weeks later, niece & nephew who live 40 miles from me & so I parked my car in a shopping center where they picked me up. That went OK & he wanted us to take a tour of his ranch...the most beautiful, huge home I've ever seen--olympic-size swimming pool. My niece knows about antiques & they enjoyed talking together. When we first sat in the living room, I sat on one of the couches. He came & told me he wanted me to sit in the rocker. I didn't want to make waves so I did. I told my niece that I bet there would be a message from him and sure enough. I had driven my car & parked it where they picked me up. Earl told us he was a member of the Sheriff's posse since 1999 & he had a permit to carry a concealed weapon (that made us feel very uneasy.) Odd that he would even mention that. I picked up my car, it was hot and when I got home the phone rang. It was this guy % he chastised me for not answering. He said he would like me to come & spend the day at his ranch. I told him I would ask my niece when they could bring me to Wickenberg. He suddenly became very angry and started yelling saying I don't give a damn about those two people. I confronted him & explained this was my family, whom I love & support me in good times & bad times, etc. He backed off somewhat.But the "die had been cast" so to speak. I immediately blocked him from my phone. Your customers should be informed never to give out their number. This guy is a scary creep. On the other hand, my niece met her now husband of 9 years on dating site. They are a great couple. «»

  • Chic*** 69 years

    I liked the flexible structure of the profiles, allowing people to personalize their answers more or less. Seeing how people express themselves in a ... profile is a valuable initial indicator for me.I was also generally pleased with the quality of communications, that is, whether there was mutual interest or not, the communications were generally pleasant, sociable, and constructive. This is in distinct contrast to my experiences on 2 other sites, Plenty of Fish and Our Time.Finally, though I have not met the love of my life, I feel I have at least been introduced to a broad sample of quality people I could actually meet and get to know. It's all I could ask.One caution: I may be slow, but eventually I noticed that a high percentage of the proposed matches--30 out of the last 33 and 110 out of the 140 total after some deletions--were men who had never looked at me. Not men who didn't contact me, not men who didn't respond, but men who never even looked. What could this mean? I surmise that either my profile is not being shown to the same men who were being proposed to me as matches, or the men who are being proposed are not actively looking at all. Either way, this suggests the "matches" are being inflated with a large number of dummies--they may be real people, but they are not actively looking. Once I saw the pattern a timesaving solution was obvious...just don't look at anyone who has not already looked at me. «»

  • s****** 66 years

    It's worthless. I've had 3 'fake IDs presented in two months. The customer service phone # is dead. No way to let them know I have problems. ... There is no 'exceptional customer service. The caompatibility scoring is meaningless. Typically 3 men per day are submitted as 'matches'--- no. The profiles are incomplete, no photos, and worse --- they have few, if any, of my preferences. This is a ripoff. I had much better at e Harmony. I'll go bath to them and also try 'Our Time'. I recommend you go with friends have used. «»

  • Li***** 52 years

    I joined Silver Singles in July 2019, and I am signed up for a premium membership. The first time using the instant chat messaging on my Iphone it wo... rked well at first then there was a delay in receiving the responses from the other person. But I was getting emails saying he was responding. I notified the company by email of the difficulty with the chat. They said it might me my browser history and to clear it.The next time I used the chat I had the same experience. Working fine in the beginning then delays. «»

  • Ga***** 65 years

    COMPLETE WASTE OF MONEY. Most of the guys who post have incomplete profiles and really aren’t interested in finding a match. Most are looking for so... meone far younger or someone to nurse them. Three months and not a single contact. NOT ONE. Keep your money. «»

  • ralp*** 88 years

    unable to cancel account

  • susa*** 70 years

    I've been on this sight for a short period of time and it's already wearing me down. I'm already tired of looking at basically the same generic answer... s to the same generic questions provided on each member. This website is formatted in such a way that members responses are repetitive and it feels mechanical. It's like reading about roebucks. You can select your own questions according to their selection. This site lacks the emotional personal touch to connect with. It's like looking at the same boring questionnaire over and over again. Many don't have photo's and live out of reach. «»

  • Kath*** 73 years

    The men hardly ever answer your messages. I have 360 matches, 80% have no pictures up, even though I asked otherwise. Most of the men could use a ha... ircut, beard and mustache trim before having pictures taken for the site. I f they do answer they are usually scamming. I am total disgusted with all the sites I belong to, this one, ourtime, elite singles where the men think they are to good for you, and eharmony is the worst. If they can't find me matches they should refund my money. I haven't been on a date. «»

  • Dona*** 84 years

    My experience with SS was that they generally ignored my ethnic, age and geographic parameters. After signing up, they sent "teaser" profiles ostensi... bly to get me to sign up for premium. The profiles they sent did not match my parameters and the pictures were blurred. I sent an email commenting on these short-comings, but never received a response. «»

  • Star*** 72 years

    I had a shill contact me on silver singles and say that he could hardly wait to meet me. I am 72 and that is not the kind of messages I have been ge... tting. He said he wanted to actually talk to me so Igave him my cell number and told him to call because I don't like to text. The next day he started texting me and wondering why I wasn't responding. He said he had met me on Elite Singles, which I have never signed up for. I wrote back that I didn't like texting and he said when could he call I said now. He did not call so I called him and he did not answer. Maybe he should be on Ashley Madison. Very disappointed that this happened. Wanted to warn others also I live in Seattle and he said he lived in Tacoma, but he didn't. He lived in SoCal «»

  • Chr**** 51 years

    the site doesn't state if someone has been online recently or not, so it's difficult to distinguish between a person who is not interested and didn't ... respond back, from someone who just hasn't logged in for awhile. I find that awkward. It's also impossible to remove 'matches' unless you click their profile, which then sends them a message that their profile was visited. This creates a false interest. I joined SilverSingles to avoid the nuisance of hook-up types, but it's just the same here as other dating sites, unfortunately. «»

  • Pame*** 62 years

    You can only see photos and converse with a costy membership

  • PAl**** 56 years

    My account was hacked numerous times.

  • Alic*** 75 years

    I have a membership in Silver singles and there are very few within 60 miles. The worst part is that half of the men don't have a photo. I request a... photo - and NO response. I think they are Fake. Not happy - Match was better. «»

  • A****** 56 years

    I signed up but was never able to get into my account. I cannot cancel because I cannot get into my account. Nobody answers my phone calls, emails or... fax. «»

  • Je***** 61 years

    I joined it over 3 weeks ago. It is a joke in my opinion compared to other sites. Hardly any active members in the Salt Lake area, and very few have p... hotos. There is also no opportunity write what you are looking for in your own words. Everything is by the questions you answer. I would not recommend it for anyone. Biggest waste of my money and time! «»

  • layc*** 70 years

    I have left messages for members and I have gotten no response. Im discouraged.

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