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Very Bad
  • Chri*** 35 years

    Horrible Horrible site ! And I 1000% believe the site has people they hire to contact you so it seems like your getting interest but in reality it’s ... all a cat fish fake hence why they mostly flake or stop responding! Worst sugar daddy site as well «»

  • A****** 50 years

    Good amount of women on there. Have to be smart and identify the scammers.The site owner and operator is a scammer and con. Not only do you have to w... atch out for women on the site trying to scam money from you, but you also have to worry about the site itself scamming your money. Customer service doesn't exist, and plays the biggest role in the scam. «»

  • Fr***** 57 years

    Easy way to meet local women They billed me 3 times a month for three months and refused to fix it

  • Warr*** 58 years

    Very simple solution to the scam problem: Tell them cash when we meet. If they still try an excuse you know it's a scam.nothing

  • D****** 60 years

    It provides an opportunity to discreetly chat and connect with women who are willing to have sex for money.They pretend to be something other than a ... sex for money site. They have very specific rules regarding any discussion of sex for money, which are so hypocritical as to be laughable. Breaching these rules will result in your profile being deleted with no warning, no recourse, no refund. «»

  • L****** 33 years

    The app is user friendly I am a good looking female been apart of the site for 4 months and not once have been able to meet the person on the other e... nd it's impossible these ppl just want to text back and forth and when time comes to meet they flake out on me! 2 men were from Nigeria trying to steal my identity! So far terrible experience! «»

  • al***** 54 years

    There is flexibility to choose various locations if you're a premium member. There appear to be many profilesWay too many scammers, fakes and now pro... stitutes. It's impossible to just set up a normal arrangement as you could say 10 years ago on Seeking, where you go out a few times a month and do fun, exciting things and give an allowance that's reasonable to both parties. They recently changed the tag "friends with benefits" to just "friends" to comply with not prommoting prostitution «»

  • J****** 55 years


  • E****** 38 years

    It's clear from the start any arrangements made will have to benefit both parties. Enough active users.Some members see this as a honey pot to just g... et money and not really add value to the arrangement. Turnover rate is sometimes high. You have to check every other day as accounts disappear over night. Accounts of SD can be closed without a real explanation why. The gift store isn't that great. And expensive. «»

  • Arno*** 40 years

    It is scam pure and simple. They allow picture and video seller to operate freely. These scam artists have no intention of meeting. They want to swind... le men out of as much as they can. Same goes for the women who want you to send them a prepaid gift care "to prove that you are serious". SA did not allow this type of behavior when it began but over time the just sank into the gutter. Lastly SA itself uses fake profile to send you messages and to "favorite" you all in the hopes that it will entice you to waste another monthly membership fee. It is hard to believe that SA had the nerve to actually raise their rates too. With the service that they provide they should be paying you! DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY ON SEEKING ARRANGEMENTS. «»

  • The *** 46 years

    Great looking site, easy to navigate and lots of beautiful profiles. That's where the good news stops. Most profiles appear to be fake. At first the g... irls wheel you in by seeking contact themselves and have the friendliest of chats, to the point of aggreeing to a date. Most of them then just ghost you. A day later you see the same girl having another profile. Of course, the receiving of messages in the wildest hours of the night, should have been a give-away. I'm pretty sure this is coordinated by the company itself. This is the case in 100% of the classy model-like profiles. Some of the lesser profiles however appear to be real and dating is possible. But note that you don't get the 10's, 9's or even 8's.So, if you're up for a date with a 6 the steep monthly fee is ok. On the other hand you'd be cheaper of booking an escort. «»

  • arth*** 50 years

    It is a waste of money. Site is full of scammers and women who want to sell pics and videos. Something that was not allowed back when seeking was wort... h a damn. And lets not mention their bots who tag you as a favorite in an effort to get you to sign up. I must have been favorited by 100's of bots from central america. they are worse than ashley madison. «»

  • fu***** 21 years

    worst site..scam..dont lose your money...

  • Bi***** 57 years

    I was scammed (I loaned them money and then they quickly disappeared and stopped all contact with me) by several women from the SA site. When I confro... nted the women about it and informed them that I would take legal action against them, they reported me to SA and my account was closed by SA for "threatening". I did not ask for or expect anything from these women other than my money to be returned. They made promises and never kept them. The SA site is filled with liars, thieves and scammers. I am sure that there are just as many male scammers as female. «»

  • Au***** 20 years

    So basically if you reject a guy they would report you and the company would side with a guy. Find a website with better ethical practices cause this ... one ain't it. You will have better luck with Tinder/ Bumble or any other traditional dating app. «»

  • Da***** 47 years

    just terminated my membership to SA after being a loyal member for over 3 years. It was great in the beginning, with high quality women seeking more o... ut of life. Unfortunately, ever since Backpage was shut down, the prostitutes and scammers have flocked to this site. Don’t be fooled, SA is now a prostitution website. This is why Apple banned them from having an app. If you’re looking for a hooker, this is a great place. If you’re looking for a SD/SB arrangement, you’ll have to look somewhere else. «»

  • Pad**** 44 years

    they wait until you pay for a premium subscription then ban you for bs reasons.This site used to be good two yrs ago, now mostly contains pros and ho... neypot fake profiles «»

  • Em***** 21 years

    Jan 2019: Seeking Arrangment has become nothing but a joke. Men only want sex and women are the ones the get in trouble when a man brings it up. Prost... itutes, escorts and cops have taken over the site. A lot of men also harass women on and off the site. Real arrangements are very rarely made and when made very rarely are the kept for more than a month. Areas may be different but you’ll most likely find the same thing all over no matter where you go.I wouldn’t recommend this site to ANYONE! «»

  • Jame*** 67 years

    First, the site is now They changed their name. I was on the site for a couple of years. I enjoyed 3 nice but short term arrangements wit... h college age girls. Those were great. I also wasted a few thousand dollars on women who were scammers pretending to be university students. The scam goes like this: before meeting something happens and they need some cash right away. Or they need gas money to visit you, whatever. After that they either keep soaking you for cash or you never hear from them again. In either case, you don't meet them. The site is certainly addictive because some small percentage of the girls are real and it might work out. I was eventually banned allegedly for using 'escort terminology'. «»

  • Kam**** 26 years

    Had a seeking arrangement profile for about 2 years. I am a female student on seeking arrangement. Overall the site in itself is fine but the develope... rs need to start being more attentive on the men that make profiles on the site. The site is called Seekingarrangement not seeking romance and good friendships. These men on here hardly mention anything regarding what this site is about. I am personally getting tired of the same old lines from these men and I quote "If you are looking for a quick buck then move on. "If you are all about the cash then I will pass." This is is freaking called SEEKING ARRANGEMENT for a reason. The developers need to start getting more serious about the men they let make profiles on there and have them go through extensive protocols in order to make sure they are using the site for what it's for and start deleting men with profiles that are just on the site to showboat, look at profiles, and favorite our profiles. That will start exposing the real men who are actually looking for a sugar baby and not these men with these confusing profiles. Majority of these sugar baby sugar daddy stories I just don't believe whatsoever. I have had my sa profile for almost 2 years and its been nothing but internet chats and phone conversations. Enough is enough already. The men are making this site so fake. Developers start getting rid of these men who are not using this site for what it's meant for! «»

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