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Very Bad
  • D****** 41 years

    Very easy to use and lots of verified profiles.No live video chat

  • A****** 43 years

    I've been using SB for a couple of years now. They keep the site clean and the support has always been on point to respond. I've met many women and mo... st are either friends now or we still date. They need an app for my iphone «»

  • Sam *** 42 years

    Secret Benefits is very easy to use, and it has great support time. There are alsomany active profiles. I've had several dates and also made a couple ... of lady friends.No live video chats «»

  • Rog**** 72 years

    Most of the wemon send the men a message saying hi or like to meet. When you message them there no responce or there not looking to date and no benif... its «»

  • mi***** 65 years

    Yesterday (8/12/20) I viewed my profile on Secret Benefits and it had been changed from what I had written, but not by me. Apparently employees at thi... s site can and will change a profile any time they want for whatever reason they want. I emailed Secret Benefits asking what happened and they have not responded. So I replaced my profile with what i want to say and it was accepted. Later I looked and it had been changed apparently by an employee and again no explanation. Also, I waited weeks before I purchased tokens. For weeks I was getting daily messages from members way to young for me. When I did finally purchase tokens the daily messages magically stopped. Or is it the fake messages stoppedI now do not trust that any profile on Secret Benefits is trustworthy.Secret Benefits needs to change the privilege afforded employees to modify/create profiles. Content needs to be monitored and employees should be able to approve or disapprove with explanation. Nothing more. What is happening there right now is horrendous. «»

  • S. A*** 55 years

    This site is a total scam UNLESS YOU ARE RICH AND HAVE MONEY TO BURN/SPOIL ON SELFISH sugar babies who are only interested in what you can spend on th... em not interested in you personally . The SB WEBSITE POLICE CONSTANTLY CHANGE YOUR PROFILE TO WHAT THEY WANT! Not what you want to HONESTLY EXPRESS. SCAM profiles are mixed in with real profiles to seduce you into spending your credits then the "sugarbaby" suddenly disappears or no longer active. You constantly get emails from Herb telling you how to approach, date, and SPOIL the girls and the many success stories he emails to you are obvious FAKES. ONLY THE RICH NEED APPLY TO THIS WEBSITE.(UNLESS YOU WANT TO POST A FAKE RICH PROFILE WHICH WOULD WORK WITH THESE GIRLS) Honest all-around hardworking types like myself DON"T STAND A CHANCE ON THIS WEBSITE. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!! «»

  • Swar*** 35 years

    I should have given a negative rating. 90% profiles here are fake I believe its created by SB itself to promote the site. I am planning to write a blo... g on this portal with all the info I gathered and put my experience on it. I never met a single person thru this portal. Basically they never read the message. I reported those profiles. Surprisingly Support never responds if you report a user. I will never recommend this to anyone. Support negative disgusting experience «»

  • Rola*** 56 years

    My experience - the site is mostly fake profiles, all under 30 year olds that send you a message and of course you can't view or respond unless you sp... end 10 credits. So do I spend the credits to see the message, yes I did and of course they ask how you are, you reply and the messages stop. Next day another message and reply day and again no more messages back because there is not need to spend more credits. Mostly fake money grab site. «»

  • b****** 45 years

    so far so good

  • Woo**** 42 years

    I sent approximately 21 messages. Got 2 replies and they all flaked on me. Not a great site, or experience.

  • T****** 54 years

    Messages seem to get lost after a few back and forths. Ran into a couple different ladies in person who were upset i did not write them back. When in ... reality i showed them i had messaged them back. They apologized to me for thinking i stood them up. So take this site with a G.O.S. it does let you make initial contact with each other after a few messages it is hit or miss getting any more through «»

  • Gr***** 64 years

    Over 50% of the profiles are fake. Secret Benefits has an algorithm that sends you "likes" and initial dumb messages based on how many credits you ha... ve. More credits, more messages. You have to use 10 credits to look at each message. The lower credits you have, the more the pace of likes and messages increases in an attempt to get you to buy more credits. Most of the verified women are immature, looking for someone to send them money, or directing you to a snapchat or instagram page that tries to sell you photos. I seriously cannot recommend this site. «»

  • us***** 57 years

    The site generates fake profiles to get you to respond to fake members. I stopped using the site because of all the fake profiles they generate.

  • Denn*** 60 years

    The site uses bots with false pics to lure the member into paying for credits.I got many messages from those bots sending me the same message, over a... nd over:"Hey, my name is (name here)' Then nothing.How many females are going to write the same words in their message? «»

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