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Very Bad
  • Ad***** 49 years

    Review based on the paid membership of $25/month. Only been a member for 1 week. They verify photos, making it slightly easier to weed out the scams. ... I received lots of messages as soon as my photo was uploaded (and not because of my looks), which made it feel a little more legitimate as scammers wouldn't wait for a photo. The women look like real women. Not to sound rude, but most are not using pictures you would use in a scam. Nicest way I can say that the percentage of attractive to unattractive is what you would expect to see walking down the street.As I said, I got lots of messages. A lot of them mentioned that it was my first day and maybe 20% used nearly the same wording in their first message: "How has your first day on PinaLove been?" This seems a bit sketchy, maybe just bots to encourage new users, maybe I'm being overly suspicious because I'm expecting scams. «»

  • Dat**** 50 years

    Fake profiles, beggars, scammers, and some low-end prostitutes. Guys, NEVER send these girls any money. They already have boyfriends and scamming is a... way of life to them. «»

  • Fr***** 58 years

    After 4 days, has been good. I started to do a search, but next i knew i was getting a bunch of messages. As with a lot of dating sites, you have yo... ur good and bad, (scammers), no problem, just click block. I joke that I had one woman refer to me as a "player/playboy being I admitted chatting with another. If familiar with the filipina word Tampo, I asked her that. So She blocked Me. Too funny. That was the only negative so far. Some great women to meet there as I have already. «»

  • Mi***** 65 years

    Now the only way you can message somebody that is considered popular is by paying. You can no longer send even one message if they're considered popul... ar. There are women on there seeking money and are scammers. «»

  • Tomm*** 51 years

    Over the past 3 years Pinalove has slid badly there is hardly any girls of quality like 5% are worth your effort. Sadly a large percentage are prostit... utes using this as a business platform. Its cheap enough for a month and you get what you pay for. 3 years ago I had some luck then now the girls have moved on and no replacements. There's a better class of girl in Filipinocupid. and Foreigner sex tourists are moving over from Thailand in droves now so in Manila and Cebu you have to work hard to get your girls. «»

  • Jon *** 45 years

    Too many scammers. Dishonest profiles and women. Hard to believe the site still exists. Not a great introduction to Philippines.

  • G****** 49 years

    I've been a premium member for a few months and overall PinaLove gets a 8/10 from me.Yes lots of fake profiles, many scammers also. And countless fem... ales that offer pay 2 play.Problems: In your profile there is the option to include your fav movies & books however when your profile goes live fav books & movies is missing. Take a look at any profile in pinalove and see if you can see a profile that includes fav books & movies because i can confirm that you won't find such a profile. Another strange issue is that when as a premium member you go into incognito mode there was until recently an option where you could hit 'reveal your visit' to a person who's profile you were visiting and liked, that option has now disappeared without any explaination.Numbers of ladies: my experience being online in pinalove for a few hours every day these last few months is that the same ladies are logged in from morning to night day after day but rarely, if ever reply. And when you search 'who's online' there often seems to be many pages of users but look closer and you will see that many of the 'online users on page one also show up on page two etc which actually distorts the genuine number of online users.Cust/services are in my experience quick to respond to any issues.Refunds are processed in a timely fashion.But one MASSIVE new problem that i have encounterd is that the option to sign up to pinalove through their website has now been removed. One must sign up by means of the pinalove app and only then can you log into pinalove using your desktop or laptop etc. I «»

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