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Very Bad
  • Al***** 52 years

    LOTS of profiles. Lots of features, not just dating, but articles, stories, live streams, etc.They have a verification feature (but few people use ... it)It uses the same database of members as Adult Friend Finder, but with a worse frontend website.There are so many fake profiles. These fall into 2 categories:* Scammers, trying to get you to send them pics and personal info* profiles generated by AFF itself.In the former category, there were many profiles with no pic or one pic. Reverse image search would reveal that it's a pic grabbed from an IG model, famous actress, porn star, reddit thread, etc. They usually had minimal or no profile text. When contacted, they'd have bad grammar, and have weird answers that told you they didn't live where they said they did. I reported them, and those profiles were removed... just to be quickly replaced with others following the same pattern. I quickly learned to not bother with profiles that had no pics or one pic. That was 90% of the profiles.In the 2nd category... these were likely recycled profiles. They had multiple pics, good profile text... but inconsistencies, such as the profile was recently created, but they'd never logged in. Or parts of the profile were missing, that are mandatory. So... after getting a premium account, messaging lots of people... (and many scammers contacting me...)... I cancelled the account. It wasn't worth my time to bother logging in.They have a verification feature (2 of them!) but VERY few users / profiles use it, so you quickly don't bother, while searching. «»

  • Morr*** 32 years

    So many girls willing to have fun with me. It's good to get credits to impress them, but I can also use this site without spending anything and still ... meet somebody.I see fake profiles from time to time. They even send me messages, but I just ignore them. Hopefully, they get to fix this. «»

  • Dani*** 42 years

    I have nothing good to say about this platform.Fakes. Scammers galore. Not a good site for a serious relationship. They have you pay for mistakes mad... e by their system if something goes wrong when putting down the gender in your profile. You may click male, but it will revert back to female if using your mobile server. Women can put a Snapchat, Kik or Skype ID there but men can't. Comes up with "too much personal information." Site is an absolute waste of time for real people. STAY AWAY! «»

  • All**** 65 years

    I am someone just checking the site out before becoming a member.

  • Cher*** 29 years

    Passion is a fake news site. They allow paying users to abuse non paying members. See itshappyhour1976 as an example. Hes allowed to say anything he... wants to members and even after reporting him they allow him to go on. Fake site with fake profiles «»

  • Redh*** 50 years

    Terrible. Passion allows it paying members to abuse the non paying members all they want. I complained about a person writing nasty stuff on my photo... s and ims and they didnt even respond. The abuse continues even today. «»

  • Redh*** 49 years

    This site allows paying members to call non paying members any name they feel fit. I have sent them the actual emails but passion ignores this and wa... rns the woman. This site should be shut down. «»

  • lief*** 69 years

    only wankers

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