Nudist Friends Review September 2021

Nudist Friends creates a safe and fun environment where nudists can mingle and connect. Read our full review if Nudist Friends is for you.

400,000 Members
 38% ♀ 
 62% ♂ 
Good For:
4 / 5
3 / 5
3 / 5
Success Rate:
2719 / 385352
6 / 10
5 / 10
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  • Dating site for like-minded people who practice nudism
  • Lives by the idea that practicing Naturism can increase harmony and nudity represents simplicity
  • Despite tons of nude photos, the site does not tolerate any pornographic material. See what's in a profile
  • No mobile app available to download
  • 3-month and 6-month premium membership do not auto-renew
  • You can use Nudist Friends for free Test now for free
  • Pricing starts at $15.99 / Month - More Information

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Who is Nudist Friends for and not for?

  • People who practice or want to practice Nudism are looking to connect with like-minded people and seek advice
  • Nudist singles who want serious relationships
  • Nudists who are looking for friendships and profound connections
  • Singles searching for erotic adventures and casual encounters
  • Non-nudists who are into casual flirting
  • People who want to see see adult explicit content for self-gratification
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What we like and don’t like on Nudist Friends

  • Get a ‘Certified Nudist’ badge for your profile by uploading necessary documents
  • Blog and forum are active for those who want to learn more about nudism
  • Pornographic content is not tolerated on the site and are deleted immediately
  • No mobile app available to download
  • There are fake profiles / Nudist posers on the site, but are suspended by customer service once reported
  • Website design is bland and can use improvement


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In comparison to other providers Nudist Friends is average.
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Duration / Credits / CoinsCostsTotal
Gold Membership
6 Months15.99 USD / Month95.95 USD
3 Months19.98 USD / Month59.95 USD
1 Month29.95 USD / Month29.95 USD
Nudist Friends Cost
Free Services
  • Access to "Let's Meet" feature
  • Edit blog and forum messages with advanced tools
  • Answer and view "Fun Questions"
  • Request access to private albums
  • Become a "Certified Nudist"
  • Test now for free
Fee-Based Services
  • Initiate sending messages
  • Check how often a user replies to messages
  • View "Certified Nudist" list
  • Show up at the very top in searches
  • Get highlighted

Until canceled, the 1-month membership automatically renews at the monthly rate. To cancel auto-renewal, visit the Subscription Status page, or contact the Customer Service, 1-416-628-1072 or email them at Note that the 3 and 6-month packages do not renew.

Since the most common method of payment is thru Paypal, you will be directed to Paypal instead of Nudist Friends to enter all your billing information. Paypal's high-security system will protect your personal financial information. After you have paid at Paypal, wait for 30 seconds and refresh your browser. Your gold membership will take effect immediately.

All prices are in USD. 

How can I delete my Nudist Friends account and cancel my subscription?

Please find more information here

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Who is really signed up here?

400,000 from USA
Members activity
800 daily logins
Gender Proportion
51 %
49 %
  • You get a personal profile which you can fill out
  • Over 800,000 registered members worldwide
  • Most of the site's traffic comes from the United States, Canada, Spain, the United Kingdom, and Australia
  • On average, the site receives over 1,000 unique visits daily
  • Receives 30,000 organic monthly visits
  • There is an almost even number of men and women on the site

Claiming to be the #1 relationship site for nudists, Nudist Friends has over 800,000 registered members worldwide. Most of the site's visitors are from the United States, Canada, Spain, the United Kingdom, and Australia. On average, the website receives 1,000 daily logins and 30,000 organic monthly visits. All in all, Nudist Friends is performing quite well for a niche site. It is truly one of the frontrunners when it comes to nude dating.

Nudist Friends has an almost equal amount of male and female members. What was more interesting was the trend we have noticed among the age distribution. It would seem that there are far older members than there are young ones. There is only a minuscule percentage of people from ages 18 to 34. With this data, we can infer that, perhaps, the older people, ages 45 and above, are more inclined to practice the nudist lifestyle. 


Age Distribution

  • 18-24
  • 25-34
  • 35-44
  • 45-54
  • 55+

New members at Nudist Friends in September 2021 in comparison

Here you can see how membership figures at Nudist Friends are developing compared to others

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Nudist Friends in Detail

  • Reading time 16 minutes
  • Lots of insider information for more success

Signing Up at Nudist Friends

Nudist Friends Registration
  • Registration is free and only takes three to five minutes
  • There are phone and email verification steps to complete

Nudist Friends, despite its nudity, does not tolerate pornography, scammers, and users with malicious intent. Despite having a simple registration process, the site has taken necessary security protocols to make sure that the members are real instead of people who want to use this site for pornographic means, or worse. You can sign up via Facebook or email. Either way, you must enter your phone number where you will be sent a verification code. To proceed to the website, you must input the said code first.

The sign-up process consists of three major sections. First, you must input the necessary information such as your gender orientation, sexual preference, age, email address (if you are signing up via email), and lastly, mobile phone number.

Second, you must upload a clear photo of yourself. This photo must be approved first by the site moderators before they can appear on the website. Due to the sensitive nature of Naturism, the moderators take extra care in making sure that these photos are in line with the philosophy, rather than pornographic. 

Third, you can write a brief "About Me", and a short write up on the ideal match you wish to find. Upon creating your account, you can change these details on the "Profile" section. So, there's no need to worry about coming up with great bios right then and there.

Making Contact on Nudist Friends

Nudist Friends Members
  • Send up to 50 winks per day
  • A Standard Member can reply to any message but can't initiate one
  • Match with other people via "Let's Match"
  • You can "recall" messages to unsend regrettable messages

    Nudist Friends does not only want to fill the niche for nudist dating, but it also wants to bedazzle its users with loads of features and functionalities. Although we like interactive online dating sites in general, Nudist Friends might have had too much of everything. Too many features, too many stimuli (despite its plain white background, ironically), and just too much of everything. It is not necessarily a bad thing, but users can find it hard to keep track and make sense of it all. Think of it as having the features of 10 dating sites merged into one.

    On the site, you can actively search for people while also liking and disliking suggested matches to you via the "Let's Match" feature. You can create a favorites list and send up to 50 winks per day. You can also send messages and hit other people up on the Instant Messenger. When we tell you that it is like a double of everything, it is a double of everything. Despite the dating platform's bare design, its features are far from minimalistic.

    One good thing that we can infer from the extravagance of these features is that there is enough usability left for its Standard Members. Although you have more access and privileges with the Gold Membership, we can safely say that being a Standard Member isn't quite so bad. You may not be able to initiate a conversation, but you can still reply to other members' messages. Plus, you can also "recall" messages you might not want to read. 

    What was a significant win for us is the amount of content you can read on the site's blogs and forums. These forums are very interactive and informative. From first date tips to handling the daily struggles of being the only nudist in the family, a wide range of topics are being discussed and talked about here. This might be especially helpful for those seeking a sense of belongingness or even for those looking to try out Naturism. 

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    Nudist Friends Profile Quality

    Nudist Friends Profile
    • You can grant anyone access to your private album
    • Pornographic content is not tolerated on the site and deleted immediately
    • Profiles can be hidden if you don't wish to appear on searches
    • The profiles are not very detailed
    • Profile pictures are visible to everyone for free

    Having a complete and detailed profile can prove to be advantageous when it comes to this site. Although the general feel of Nudist Friends is somewhat laidback and friendly, it is better to come across as an authentic person with no ill-intent or whatsoever.

    Nudist Friends, despite the vast number of private parts displayed, does not tolerate any sexually explicit content. Therefore, no matter how many private parts you see on site, these are not sexual in context at all. These photos merely follow "Naturism" or the philosophy of living life harmoniously with nature. 

    You can upload up to 26 photos which you can categorize as either public or private. You can grant other members access to your private albums if you are comfortable to do so. However, note that the moderators keep track of your uploaded content. Therefore, any offensive photos that might violate the community guidelines shall be deleted right away. 

    If you are still on the fence regarding nudism and you are merely testing out the waters, you can hide your profile so it will not appear in the search results. Nudist Friends still offers discretion, to some degree. 

    Nudist Friends App

    Nudist Friends Mobile
    • No mobile app available on the market today
    • Optimized for mobile browsing
    • On mobile, the site looks more compact and organized
    • Free to access; no downloads needed
    • A good alternative for on the go users

    Unfortunately, Nudist Friends does not have a complementary mobile app. However, you can still access the website on your mobile browser. If you are tired of surfing on your laptop, you can use your mobile phone as an alternative. While it indeed is not a substitute for an actual mobile app, having an optimized mobile version is still a good solution.

    On mobile, the site looks more compact, put-together, and organized. It seems a lot neater yet still retains the trademark minimalistic background of the actual site. It is entirely free to access with no downloads and installations needed. 

    Special Features

    Nudist Friends is an exciting nudist website that offers a plethora of contacting features. These features help build a sense of belongingness and community among the site's members. 

    Certified Nudist

    You can get certified by printing a specific document, taking a picture of yourself both clothed and naked with the said document, and uploading these photos on the site. When you become a certified nudist, a "Certified Nudist" logo would appear on your profile. 

    The site claims that when you are a certified member, you can get 20 times more views, emails, credibility, and serious contacts. You will also be listed in the "Certified Nudist" list and appear above others on the search results page. 

    First Date Ideas

    This works like a blog where you can read other members' writings and write your own, should you wish to do so. The main theme, however, is first date ideas. If you are feeling nervous about your first nudist date and have no idea what to do, reading on the thread of ideas can surely be a great help. 

    First Nudist Experiences

    Nudist Friends prides itself to be a safe community for nudists. It does so by having a massive pool of content for members to read on how their first nudist experience went. You can read and know all about the nudist lifestyle by creating topics and initiating discussions on this forum-like feature. You can sort through the latest postings, read the most popular, or go about per topic and category.

    Nudist Dating Advice

    This section contains comprehensive dating tips made by the members and the site moderators alike. Since Nudist Friends is also a dating site at its very core, it makes sense that this feature would be here as well. The Nudist Dating Advice contains some noteworthy titles such as, "Do not tell a woman that you are a nudist at first date," and, "Bring your date to live nude with the kids."

    Let's Meet

    This is, perhaps, the site's most exciting feature. When you use this feature, you'll be given profiles which you can like or dislike. It surely pays homage to the "Swipe Right" feature that has been on trend for the majority of the dating apps we enjoy today. 

    When you get a mutual like, then you are matched with that person. However, the site does not rely on this feature alone. There are still a bunch of other functionalities you can use to contact others if you find "Let's Meet" to be too slow and cumbersome. 

    How can I delete my Nudist Friends account and cancel my subscription?

    How can you cancel your Subscription?

    • You can cancel via profile settings
    • You can cancel by sending an email.

    Will your subscription automatically renew?

    • Yes, your Nudist Friends subscription will automatically renew. The notice period for opting out of automatic renewal is 1 Day.

    Is there a money back guarantee and do you get refunded the full amount?

    • Yes, usually you will receive the full amount back.

    How much time do you have to undo Nudist Friends purchases?

    • You have 3 Days to refund your Nudist Friends purchase if you don't like it.

    Editor's Conclusion Author Chris Pleines
    Chris Pleines
    Chief Dating Officer
    Nudist Friends might not look much in comparison to other dating sites. However, it offers something unique: a safe and fun environment for the most misunderstood lifestyle, Nudism.If you are interested in taking a plunge into the au naturale lifestyle, sign up on Nudist Friends.
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    Nudist Friends FAQ

    Membership and Payment

    Why was my subscription automatically renewed and how do I turn auto subscription/auto billing/auto-renewal on or off on NudistFriends?

    Your subscription will be auto-renewed at the monthly rate until you cancel your gold membership. Don't worry since the 3 and 6 Month packages do not renew.

    You can quickly turn off the auto-renewal on the "Subscription Status" page after login. You can also opt to email the customer support, or call 1-416-628-1072. 

    How do I pay for a membership on NudistFriends?

    The site currently accepts payments via:

    1. Credit Card - Visa, Mastercard or American Express
    2. Visa or Mastercard Check Card
    3. PayPal
    4. Personal Check or Money Order

    I was considering upgrading my account and clicked on the PayPal option. PayPal recommends not to enter any information if the address line is not "," which it was not.

    Nudist Friends offers a very secure SSL environment for their members. The site also claims that they have not encountered a single incident where the customer's information has been compromised throughout their years of service. The website, itself, is directed to Paypal. You can enter all your billing information at Paypal, instead of at Nudist Friends.

    Why is SuccessfulMatch on my NudistFriends' bill?

    SuccessfulMatch is the parent company of Nudist Friends and other dating sites. The purchase will show up in the billing statement under the name of SuccessfulMatch for billing purposes.

    How does NudistFriends work?

    When you first join the site, you become a standard member. Such allows you to create a profile, add up to 26 photos, search for people by country or state, create a favorites list and send unlimited winks! You will get notified in the notification area in the top navigation bar if somebody on the site adds you as a favorite, winks at you, or sends you a message. You're also able to respond to a message sent to you by Gold Members.

    You can upgrade to Gold membership anytime and enjoy VIP privileges. To upgrade your free membership to Gold Membership, click the 'My Account' page when you log in and click on 'Upgrade Now'. 


    What should I do if the Instant Messaging feature on Nudist Friends is slow or down?

    You can clear your browser's cookies/cache, then try again. If it still doesn't work, you can contact the site's customer service.

    How do I check my chat history on Nudist Friends?

    Go to "Messages" on the left sidebar, select the user to view, and then your history will be displayed.

    I am a standard member. Do I have to become a Gold Member to reply to messages sent by others?

    As a Standard Member, you can reply to all messages initiated by other members for free. 

    How many winks are allowed per day on Nudist Friends?

    A maximum of 50 winks is allowed per day.

    How does "Recall Message" work on Nudist Friends?

    First, open the message box. Then, move your mouse to the message or photo. You'll see a 'Recall' link. Just click that and then once done, you will be able to recall your message/photo.

    You can recall at any time. Other members will, however, get notice of the recall by receiving a note saying, "xxx has recalled a message."

    How long will it take for my photo to appear on Nudist Friends?

    Average approval time for photos/profiles is 24 working hours. However, according to the site, this process may take up to 48 hours under certain circumstances. The staff must approve each photo to maintain the quality of the matches available. For express approval, you may reach the site administrators through phone at 1-416-628-1072.

    What's the 'Private Photo Album'? What's the difference between public and private photos on Nudist Friends?

    The Private Photo Album is a feature that allows you to share photos privately to whomever you grant access.

    To grant access to your private album, you can go to the profile of the user you're interested in and click on the link marked "share private photos" in the left-hand navigation bar.

    You can check who has access to your private photo album on the "Who has access to my private album?" page.

    Public photos are open to all members unless you change the privacy settings.

    How do I update my profile on Nudist Friends?

    To update your profile, click "View/Edit Profile" under the "Profile" tab. To edit the fields, click on the "Edit" icon next to the name of the field. Click on "Save" or "Submit for Approval" (depending on the section) thereafter.

    Where is my Favorite List?

    After logging in on Nudist Friends, click "Favorite" under "My Lists", and you can check it there.

    How do I hide my profile on Nudist Friends?

    Click on the "Settings" item under the gear icon on the top navigation bar and click "Profile/Photo Privacy Settings" after login.


    Can you try Nudist Friends for free?


    Does Nudist Friends sell your data?

    No, Nudist Friends does not sell your data.

    Was Nudist Friends hacked in the past?

    No, Nudist Friends was never hacked.

    How precisely does Nudist Friends track your location?

    Nudist Friends tracks your approximate location.

    Do your Nudist Friends profile pictures and/or profile information show up in Google Search Results?

    No, your Nudist Friends photos and personal information won’t show up in Google Search Results.

    Who can view your pictures on Nudist Friends?

    Pictures need to be unlocked by you before others can view them.

    Is your phone number required for signing up at Nudist Friends?

    No, a phone number is not required for signing up at Nudist Friends.

    Can you erase your personal data on Nudist Friends?

    Yes, you can erase your data on Nudist Friends.

    How can I delete my Nudist Friends account and cancel my subscription?

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    Final Results table

    Signing Up: 3.0 / 5
    Making Contact: 4.0 / 5
    Profile Quality: 3.0 / 5
    App: 1.0 / 5
    Real Life Review: 3.0 / 5

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