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Very Bad
  • Skyh*** 35 years

    Run. Forest. Run.The moment I signed up for the site, girls started talking to me. We took it to WhatsApp and exchanged numbers.BREAKDOWN:Girl #1... The first girl was the worst and worth mentioning because she would later make up countless sob stories about herself, her job loss and her family not being supported or in poverty. She lied about not having Wi-Fi, I felt so helpless and wanted to assist because my background is in Tech. I did a few years of engineering and we developed wireless communication products. I ended up asking her to look up a service provider in her country so I could help her PAY for Wi-Fi service and she sent me a random screenshot of the service details and guess what it came with a 3-year contract. I am in the US and service providers are contract-free. I ended up just ignoring it, pretending it never happened. She would constantly bring it up, making me feel guilty, call me a liar. I think I deserve it because I shouldn't have promised her. I should have done some homework on how things work in HER country. She got tricks to get me I was into her for a while... I even got so stupid I wanted to send her funds through Western Union but it never worked because my cards were all locked up on top security. I tried explaining everything to her, even apologized but she just got angrier. Never send money to a woman who refuses to video chat or call you.She later claimed to resign from her job and this is where things got really weird because she started asking for funds. I later found out the amount she asked for was WAYYYY too much. I did some research and eventually found out she was asking for the "Foreigner Price". Eventually she gave me an ultimatum and it was between send fund and I will not block you OR fail send fund and I will forget and block you. I went with the first one. I think I would have sent 100 USD and maybe more if my cards weren't locked down by default. I didn't lose money but I lost the girl. She blocked me on WhatsApp and I tried to contact her on Mingle. I was called every single name in the book and again, I was blocked. I realized she DID IN FACT had Wi-Fi ALL THIS TIME from looking closer into a screenshot she sent me...I noticed the Wi-Fi signal was turned on and I decided to confront her (This was before being blocked on WhatsApp). She got my message and turned defensive. Was angry and acted like the typical liar would act when caught. Do not send money.Girl #2 Weird, kind of fake acting and not very honest. Told me on the phone that she has been single since birth and nor did she had children. The next few days, she sent me a photo of her posing next to her "adopted son" and a video of a young infant waving hello. I asked her where is the mother of the "adopted son" and she told me she does not know. She is the mother of both children. Lies. I wasted hours talking to her on the phone, she was OK video chatting and never asked for money. I wonder what would have happened if I confronted her about the children...Girl #3 I woke up to a message that said, HELP. I texted back asking her what was the issue and she said her small business got scammed a ton of money. The day before the incident she sent me provocative pictures of herself. She tried to ask me for money in a very blunt way and I refused. Later I blocked her. Again, do not send money. Girl #4 Asked me about what is the most expensive part on a mobile phone and I said AMOLED Screen. I didn't think much of it and the next day she told me her screen broke and she was at the repair shop (even sent me a photo). I was informed that she couldn't retrieve her phone because she couldn't afford to pay for it. Why would you go to a shop, get serviced knowing you won't be able to pay for it? Sob stories included a male friend willing to pay for her phone if exchanged it with some s*x. I don't know what happened because she was still able to text me while her so-called "broken phone" was at the shop. I refused to send money and she never asked again.Above mentioned are just a few scammers who target foreigners for money. This is all in the Philippines while I am here in the United States. Don't send them money, don't get emotionally involved or you'll be heartbroken. If you happen to be East Asian, don't mention you're a foreigner. Scam stories on Youtube (Sexpats going to the PH, coming home Broke). Check it out. For those who are thinking of traveling to the Philippines or any South East Asian countries, think straight and do some research before even hopping on a plane. I am an avid user of dating sites (I've helped develop 2 large dating platforms several years ago, geared towards lesbians in China and Taiwan). I do not recall my company having to warn users about getting SCAMMED. 10+ years ago, I was on a LGBT dating site called Downelink. That was what exposed me to the online dating scene. No one ever asked for money, no one ever talked about scamming or being scammed. It was a decade ago and technology wasn't even developed. Back then, we used phone lines for internet connection. Mingle is just...OUT OF MY LEAGUE. The advancement in Tech, AI, Big Data, Cybersecurity... What has this world come to? Would I recommend Mingle? No. The first few days are fun, you get a ton of attention and after that it's all money-talk. Stay away, keep yourself updated with Tech and don't fall. Meet a girl who's a mutual friend of your friend, don't rely on dating sites because THEY DO NOT WORK. It's simply for 5 minutes of fun then followed by HELL. «»

  • Rah**** 35 years

    NothingTotal fake.After subscription one week was fine.After that during log in it insisted to verify with photo.Tried 6 times all photos are rejecte... d.I cant deactivate acoount also.Such a scam.Mingle 2 should refund my subscription money.Also lots of scammers are around.They are just asking for money.Very bad experience. «»

  • D****** 60 years

    Nothing really. Been scammed by many. One advertised she wanted marriage and lost large amount of money cuz she just scammed guy's for money to TRAVE... L. Can't see likes free. Can't send message to new people for FREE. They advertised it's FREE. But it's NOT. It's mostly fake and scammers. Been scammed by many. Not HAPPY with mingle2. «»

  • b****** 41 years

    Not much"The website strictly monitors all profiles and blocks suspicious activities"are you kidding me? The site does very little to monitor for ... obvious scammers and fake profiles. It has no where near the membership it claims. At least three quarters of the membership it claims to have are scams, most of the others are "inactive" as the site does not allow total cancellation and removal of dissatisfied members profiles. «»

  • ni***** 60 years

    Its freemany scammers on there using porn actress pictures(google reverse image search), and when you report them they are not removed and just keep... on scamming «»

  • fa***** 0 years

    NothingScam artists, who lie cheat and want to take your money, many have false identities, Beware, stay away

  • Elli*** 46 years

    It's predominantly free to use. Absolutely saturated with fake accounts. Mainly soliciting for CAM and Porn sites. Many 'private' solicitations to go... on cam and pay in advance.Site admin. turns blind eye to all dubious and fake accounts. Admin/Mods appear to be extremely elderly volunteers who don't seem to understand the mechanics of the site themselves. A joke. «»

  • Jimm*** 1 years

    I don't like anything about mingle 2 it's totally fake nothing but a scam It's nothing but a scam I got scammed by this girl that kept asking Mr to p... ay so she could meet me and nothing got ripped off and a waste of money and time she only could text not talk verbally on the phone she had it's nothing but a scam «»

  • swee*** 26 years

    I love this site

  • Paco*** 40 years

    99% fake profiles, scammers or people that didn't login for months/years.

  • bell*** 57 years

    too many ads and abandoned profiles, too many BLANK profiles, too many profiles of out-of-country guys and guys just looking for sex. i verified my ac... count twice with them when i signed up to prove i am a real person, this morning they locked me out of my account before i could take down my pix. i think this site is a SCAM. i have contacted them 3 times about this matter, NO ONE has ever replied, i have provided new pix to prove who i am, they reject every one. WHAT A JOKE. «»

  • Dav**** 55 years

    Too many fake profiles and people

  • Evie*** 30 years

    On the website mingle2, there are a lot of scammers who are trying to scam users by posting fake pictures and fake information. They always ask users ... for sending them more pictures... trying to collect it for using it by themself on mingle2 or another website. Most of them are men and from the middle east! Scammers trying to tell users touched stories to get the trust. They also say that they are from the US military and are deployed somewhere far and want to visit you so badly but are broken. They just need you to help them by sending gift cards or money. Another story is that they are US citizens but are living somewhere in the middle east and got some financial problems but they want to get back to the USA to be with you so they need some help and they will pay you back after everything is done. At the end they could scame a big amount of money from users. Many users got scammed and are feeling so helpless even though the mingle2 team knows about all these issues but still doesn't really do anything! It sounds like a big online business to get users money as much as they can?!!!! Scammers could easily create many accounts or changing nicknames without having any difficulties. To all users, be very careful on the mingle2 website or online generally!!! Never send anyone MONEY and/or GIFT CARDS or whatever!!!!!! «»

  • Beve*** 65 years

    I love this place the people are nice on the forums As for the matches I've had lots of matches It fun I heard from some good men I'll be glad wh... en it gets back up hopefully soon I miss chatting with everyone out here, Coldersky «»

  • san**** 49 years

    I was warned by forum moderator to stop posting and warning people about scammers that this site is full of, how ridiculous is that? This site is full... of fake profiles and scammers fishing for emails. And lots of photoshopped images of teenage girls to make them look mature. Don't join and give them one cent! «»

  • Will*** 70 years

    I find that many of the women's profiles are heavily photoshopped and or models. I was on a years or so ago and found a number of pictures of girls I'... d seen back then but with different names, ages, locations, etc. PLUS I have been VERY disturbed at the sudden influx of girls who are listed as being in their 20's who are DEFINITELY underage! Anyone with eyes can see that. THAT is 'child trafficking and I have notified the Management as to who they are but it is so easy to get in, I'm not sure they can catch them as quickly as they need to. «»

  • j****** 64 years

    This site has a lot of con artists and scammers. Every member j had contact with turned out to be a scammer or russian hacker,.when i called the numb... er for one of the ladies who contacted me, i actually got a group of russian hackers . The allleged members all seem to use google voice to screen their calls.they all try to step you to another site to chat even after you exchange cell numbers and are texting and of course the photos ste top of the line...but fake. They also all give some excuse that yheir phone is on the fritz when you want to tlk and not text.Every member i contacted wanted me to send them money or my bank information...i traced a few of the members to nigeria and to romania, 2 top hacker and scammer locations, and i know this because i have been in it for 35 years. «»

  • Juli*** 42 years

    It is nice to explore in this site..

  • Conc*** 62 years

    Mingle2 is a fraudulent website... a scam operation totally complicit with scammers preying on its users. The administrators openly lie about taking ... action to stop the criminal scammers who are thus well organized in their methods of operation within the shelter and comfort afforded them by the site . This represents a danger to all the site users, financially, legally and even possibly physically, to the extant that some users lives may be threatened. They should be investigated by the FBI. In fact, I am looking into getting the agency's attention to the Mingle2 site's operational tactics at the time of this report...August 31, 2019. My personal information is being falsified only for my own safety. «»

  • Giwr*** 62 years

    The site login just does NOT work... at all ! Is the site "dead" ?

  • MUST*** 30 years

    It's all fake all girls are sending messages of some other person who is asking money in for meeting...but all fake....cheater.

  • Ted**** 49 years

    The sight is very helpful to get a good companion and when you post contact address also is posting but the ladies are not responding I don't know wet... her they post if it is For real or just for a fun and westing Time «»

  • R****** 32 years

    All the girls contacted turned out to be scammers, using porn model photos, porn sex photos, and the site is racist. A great many of profiles on both... guys and gales are from the Negroid race but falsely claim to be Caucasians. When I complain about the profile being fake nothing is done and I am required to provide my phone number calling me a scammer, or spammer. You refuse you lose all contact with other members. «»

  • 8All*** 40 years

    I'm not pleased with mingle2, i heard from many men that they were being scammed by fake profiles. I don't know if scammers tried it on me but i did g... et sooooo many emails that i responded to them all to be polite in saying no thank you and mingle blocked me!! The blocked me because they thaught i was spamming for being kind an polite. after i complained they removed the block. No apologies nothing. Than last time they keep deleting perfectly normal pictures of me on my profile. They just delete them and then send a message it didn't conform with guidelines bit it did! I swear it did.. someone just had it out for me so it appears.. if the people working there weren't so hypocritical ( leaving pictures on other profiles be that were in direct violation of the guidelines while mine were not and deleting mine).. it would actually be an okay site... Just the people working there are too uptight and fussing and deleting pieces of tekst in your profile or pictures or block you because you are to kind to everyone... Without first taking to you. They just do.. meddle in your private things. Nope not again.. i will find a better site were they respect their clients.. «»

  • Cind*** 58 years

    EVERY single one is a scammer from out of country. Pushy, have foreign accents. Push for commitment wihtihn a week

  • Saki*** 50 years

    I have only been on this site for three days. Problem. Men do not read. I said do not contact me if you smoke or live in my area. I had over 5000 hits... in three days, 80 percent of whom smoked. In all of this, I think I have three choices, and only time will tell if it is successful for me. This is my first time on any dating site. Men think they are being funny when they call me "Mommy" because of my age and wish to date me. That is not appealing to a woman of my age. I find it annoying and immature. Men have to grow up in life. That is my take on my experience. We will see if any of the ones I had worked out. It is not Mingle's fault that men are just immature and do not read. «»

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