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Very Bad
  • ro***** 51 years

    I don't like the website at all!! No Stars!I know the rules of their game now. if you have a nice profile and beautiful photos, they tried to block... you anytime with no reasons. Even you are a permit member. Because they are not many millionaires on the website. A real person with a wonderful profile who would sweep off real millionaires' feet quickly. They want to keep everyone on the website forever!!! «»

  • Jam**** 45 years

    There are some legitimate members with good intentions whom are actually seeking a friend or partner.However, Millionaire Match seems more driven by ... money than resolving actual complaints or living up to the statements they use to attract members..1. They claim 4.8M attractive members, how is this possible considering over half have no profile picture or information.2. They state you will receive a free month of you report 20 fake profiles, false.. I've currently reported 43.. no free month or two yet.We conducted full ID checks, picture scans and true identity of all images to prove fake profiles.3. They are not Bonded or insured, therefore any information including financials is open for anyone, anywhere.4. They do not respond to complaints.5. They do not remove fake profiles.6. They remove comments and messages of some members not all.Generally, its no different than most dating sites, driven by revenue with no actual regard for the clients, fail to see how the fee's justify the service.. «»

  • Heid*** 77 years

    So far I have gotten scammed 3 times. I feel you should only allow legitimate members to post. I have had several other people ( 3 men) and say that t... hey left your site due to the scamming «»

  • Beth*** 54 years

    Really did not get that much time on the first three months that I purchased, do you have some thing that gives previous members some type of discount... ed fee «»

  • J****** 61 years

    Millionaire match support team gathers personal information, credit card information and sells them on the dark online market.Sadly, I am 1 of the m... any whose identity has been stolen (passport and credit card information).BEWARE !!! «»

  • Jack*** 46 years

    Try again. A very good percentage of the profiles are fake. They are easy to spot as they use pictures of famous Instagram models etc and typical well... known scam profile bios. I've notified them of probably 100 fake profiles, the majority of which were deleted. I can no longer recommend this site as it has been overrum by fakes and scammers «»

  • jspa*** 59 years

    Horrible. 90% of winks were from scammers high jacking users profiles. Total predator site. STAY AWAY. You think you are responding to someone who had... winked at you and then it is obvious the person responding doesn't even know the English Language. «»

  • Pink*** 40 years

    Out of 3 months of membership, I found that 35% of people do not qualify to be a millionaire.75% of good looking photos and proclaimed high salaries ... and networth are scams, They either have strange accents that didn't match area that they live, fake identities seem to be number 1 business on MMatch. At the end they wanted you to send them very expensive gifts, like Cartier watch, paid for their business because the Gold that they bought were held up at the airport.., etc..sadly to say, a lot have linked to countries in Africa, but not all, some claimed that he is from Italy or Belgium or Canada or even Wisconsin. I caught them because they told me the wrong time that didn't match Central Standard Time. Games were over so quickly. This is not the first year I joined MMatch and it didn't try harder to improve beyond a little sign written no sugar daddy or mommy. They are mostly plain scams that probably have made fortune parasite this MMatch and now can afford to update to be certified millionaire or Premium members etc. or even verified photos. This is a wasted of time and money website. Usually these criminals asked you right away your phone #? and email address? Stay AWAY !. «»

  • Coll*** 60 years

    I have been on Millionairrematch on and off for a few years only to experience AWFUL customer service when I report the same activity from users inter... est to them the profile is gone! 8/10 of the respondents are fake. I have repeatedly suggested that they verify their subscribers not just for the income but for the credibility for protection and success of their members. I receive the same automated response saying these people have trouble with their email accounts. Once your within days of expiration you will get tons of emails to lure you to stay on! «»

  • Ma***** 42 years

    One of the few dating sites where i actually met women face to face. I can recall three - one was batsh$t crazy drunkard, another worked at same large... company i did but brought her friend to date and they mostly talked to each other. When i excused myself after 30min, she calls me asking where i went. Final one was my bad judgment. Probably the craziest of the bunch. Damaged goods you could say. Ended up dating for several months before abort! Abort! Abort! Was a paid member years ago when their pricing was reasonable $45/3months. Based on my experiences and what ive seen lately, i wouldnt waste my money on this most overpriced dating site «»

  • rao**** 36 years

    worthlesss scam and you are associated with it

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