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Very Bad
  • J****** 48 years

    Not much. Many fake profiles (scammers)Too expensive. Why have to pay to "meet"? Should use ad support so it's free to members.

  • Algi*** 39 years

    Fake beautiful girls, use tactics to make you like them, then trying to impress you with how they successfully invested, and so you must too. And i go... t 5 different girls, that pretended liked me and slowly introduced suspicious trading platforms.Love scams, i have been scammed «»

  • dell*** 23 years

    its really good to be here

  • Clau*** 33 years

    I opened a 1st account and after few days, mamba blocked it, even if I didn't violate any term of the Agreement.Then I created a new account, and aft... er 5 days I couldn't login with the correct password and username. So Mamba is not able to allow normal person to use it. I wrote them to Support team of Mamba, and they never replied. I want my account to be unblocked, and use mamba without any problem. «»

  • Ph***** 41 years

    This site used to be largely free and was ok to use but about a year ago it changed, same format BUT now you have to PAY (VIP Status) to get any sort ... of access. Even then the functionality of the site is hindered so greatly by the age restrictions that you hardly gain any more ability to message than before you paid. You can't message anyone who you are not in the age bracket they select, but the brackets are so rigid that once you hit 40 you are excluded from most younger women, even many of those only within 5 years of your age. I'm not into going after real young women but it appears that they have gone overboard turning it into such a rigid system that the site is almost pointless to use. Now the WORST PART is that they AUTOMATICALLY CHARGE YOUR CARD at renewal of the subscription. They deliberately conceal that you will be charged, they hide it in the terms and conditions and make it very difficult to find any information that you have on your account screen - the account screen gives no real information on this apart from an ambiguous VIP note onscreen. There is also a long winded process to stop automatic payments, you have to email, etc, no clear button to press which is the easiest thing to do these days. They also give no notification before the money comes out and the receipt is sent in Russian which if viewing on a mobile may not be translated easily. They point blankly refuse to refund the money either refering to the contract. Well if they wish to act in an arrogant and underhand way by deliberately making it unclear that there is an automatic renewal without me giving my EXPLICIT CONSENT and disrespecting me by thieving money from my account then I cannot respect them and will no longer use their site or recommend anyone else to. I prefer to spend my time on sites & businesses that DO RESPECT my control over MY money. There are other free and paid monthly dating sites for Russian women and I would suggest to go there, Mamba is no longer any good and is now a very poor site to use with virtually no functionality since the changes they have introduced. Mamba is essentially now only a MONEY GRABBING CASH COW, they have no respect for their customers as can be seen by the bad ethical practices they use, don't except being treated like this there are better dating sites to go to, AVOID AT ALL COSTS! «»

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