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Very Bad
  • L****** 1 years

    NothingWhen you “boost” your profile you will be flooded with hundreds of Indian guys leering at your profile. This website claims it has high profil... e men on here. It doesn’t. It does have a lot of wanna-be high profile people tho. This website will take your money. A lot of it. And it will give you zero return. Particularly if you’re not in a area where a lot of people are even using it to begin with. Lucy claims to be hard to get accepted into. It is not. It’s easy as pie for any shmo with a credit card to sign up for. This website and how I was treated on it by the people operating it made me feel gross and it cost me $500 to feel gross. «»

  • ne***** 43 years

    Total ScamFrom the second you log in to create a profile, every link is directing you to create a black membership at 30% off. But the real scam is... the 50% approval rate. I watched the app go back and forth between 31 and 34%, however, the number of people who apparently voted for me never changed, so that is mathematically im[possible, unless users suddenly removed their votesAgain, this is all geared to give you a high enough percentage so you think you will have a chance on the app, but not so high as to give you 50% and free access. I learned this in a high school psychology course, so if the site is fooling "millionaires" with this gimmick, its a match made in HeavenBtw, they give you 24 hours to try out the app but there is no search feature, you cant view any of the profiles and there is no customer serviceNICE TRY !!!! «»

  • L****** 30 years

    Experienced several hiccups with the app and it not working properly which is annoying considering how much they charge for membership (-1 star).A l... ot of the profiles seemed inactive which is annoying but not uncommon.Why I deducted 3 stars from Luxy is that after 4 weeks of using the app I was warned by the app that I had been accused of pornography which was odd b/c my photos were verified by Luxy and I hadn't sent any personal ones. I messaged back immediately asking them to re-review.The next day I got a message that I had been blacklisted from the app and was given a CS email to message if I disagreed. Despite claims of a 24 hour CS team it took nearly 3 days to get ahold of someone via Facebook (-1 star), they only feedback they could give me was that it was pornography it was prostitution (which is even more bizarre) and prostitution is against their policy -__-. They didn't seem to understand I wasn't arguing if prostitution shouldn't be allowed but stating I never conducted myself in any manner that could be confused with prostitution (-2 stars).I'm just glad this happened before I purchased my membership! «»

  • Le***** 28 years

    Thanks Luxy for bringing him to me. We gonna marry in this summer

  • Elb**** 53 years

    I have been on this website for 4 days and I already encountered a scammer. I don't feel safe. The information of being verified is not true. This guy... is a scammer. I am trying to get a telephone number for Luxy, but there is no telephone number. I have sent two emails. Please, be careful, dealing with scammers is not safe, especially when a website promotes itself as "safe, verified and exclusive," which is another scam. «»

  • St***** 39 years

    I absolutely love the Luxy app.It is fun and engaging, I look forward to playing gift boxes and receiving roses from new matches.It's my favorite da... ting app.I have connected with some very handsome and successful men through this app.There is much higher level of quality men on this app than any other dating app.I definitely recommend Luxy Black membership because it is much more expansive than the basic membership.Give it a try!AlohaStar «»

  • Leel*** 36 years

    It looked promising at first because the user profiles I saw did look higher quality than on other dating platforms. However, living in a city with 16... Mio people, the amount of users on Luxy is too small. I received an offer to be a user's sugar baby, which is against luxy's policy - so I reported the user. Another contact kept trying to set up a date and flaking on it. And several were in a different country than their profile showed. I was being shown users on other continents - which is ridiculous. For the amount of money I paid for one month, the service was just not worth it. «»

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