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Very Bad
  • Nor**** 56 years

    Honesty and truthful

  • Mich*** 49 years

    First time using a date site and I am scared senseless 😁

  • Vern*** 60 years

    I met a young man on here who is very special the only problem was he was too short. Very kind sweet and caring.. I've actually met a few nice men on ... here spirit and we will forever be friends «»

  • Hoo**** 58 years

    I really had a good and bad experience

  • Bobb*** 70 years

    I live in the LA area - so a large pool of people. I am Caucasian & do not speak a foreign language. The only parameters I was able to set in the fr... ee program were for age & distance. At my age I just feel more comfortable with other Caucasians. 40% of my "matches" were African American, and another 40% were Hispanic with profiles written in Spanish. I emailed customer service to ask for English profiles, no response. After 2 weeks I'm told there are no further profiles in my area. Easy to use but not impressed. «»

  • K****** 56 years


  • Carr*** 65 years

    Poor quality pool of men. They are poorly groomed. They don't smile in their photos. Ugliest group of men I havr seen on any dating site. I lasted 2 d... ays «»

  • Sim**** 53 years

    When I first joined Lumen I found that the meet and greet group was always occupied by a group of women who call themselves the princesses, this group... consisted of 6 women who seem to take turns on minding the pond, a term I learned was the meet and greet group. No matter what time of day it was one or more of them would be there. I later found that if a man fell out with theses princesses he would be intimidated or made fun of and I also found that new women who came on the meet and greet group or pond where warned of by the use of direct messaging.I discovered this as I asked the princesses if they were moderators for Lumen, which they denied this so I asked how come at least one of theses princesses were on line all day and why they sent direct messages to new women warning them off guys they had judged or just didn’t like or the guy had ignored there direct message. I was bullied and made to feel intimidated by the replies of theses women it was like a pack of dog attacking me.Later on I received over 30 messages stating that other ex members of the meet and greet group had experienced the same and felt they could no longer use the meet and greet group or any group on Lumen as they where followed by members of the princess group the men who worship theses princesses. So it seems bullying is rife and on complaining to Lumen including screen shots of the group conversations and profile screenshots which Lumen had asked me to provide, no action has been taken. So in short if you want a choice of who you communicate with without fear of intimidation, Lumen is not the site to use, to many cliques to many bullies to much quick judgement.Go find another site I’m sure they are plenty more where you can feel safe and feel part of a group. I’ve given this review so all can see, if I gave it 1 star you wouldn’t see this honest based on my experience and the experiences of others. «»

  • Peg**** 50 years

    My image and profile are showing on Lumen - and someone else is responding. I am being impersonated. This is not me. How do I stop it?

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