Lovestruck Review January 2022

Lovestruck is an online dating platform aimed to connect singles for long-term relationships. One of the app's cool features is that it makes phones vibrate when compatible members are nearby.

1,200 Members
 40% ♀ 
 60% ♂ 
Good For:
4 / 5
4 / 5
2 / 5
Success Rate:
37 / 10
30 / 10
31 / 10
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Lovestruck in 10 seconds

  • Online dating platform that provides online and offline matchmaking services and social events
  • Busy professionals who are serious about finding a meaningful relationship can interact and establish a connection with other singles
  • Limited contacting features
  • Mobile app sends a vibrate notification when other members are nearby
  • Strict verification – choices are via SMS or in person. Learn more
  • Mobile app available on App Store and Google Play Store
  • Offers two types of premium membership
  • You can use Lovestruck for free
  • Pricing starts at $34.16 / Month - More Information

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Who is Lovestruck for and not for?

  • People looking for serious relationships and deep commitments
  • Busy professionals who want to fall in love
  • Those who don't care about paying a hefty price for finding true love
  • Those searching for erotic adventures and casual encounters
  • Singles who are into casual flirting and hookups
  • People who want instant matchmaking services
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What we like and don’t like on Lovestruck

  • Offers offline matchmaking services
  • Strict profile verification
  • No disruptive ad pop-ups
  • Profiles lack information
  • Limited contacting features
  • Not much active members


Can you try Lovestruck for free?

  • You can use or try the service for free.
  • You cannot send messages for free
  • You can read at least the first messages which you have in your mailbox for free

Is Lovestruck expensive or cheap?

In comparison to other providers Lovestruck is in the upper midfield.

Duration / Credits / CoinsCostsTotal
Gold Membership
1 Month87.99 USD / Month87.99 USD
3 Months51.66 USD / Month154.99 USD
6 Months34.17 USD / Month204.99 USD
Platinum Membership
1 Month164.00 USD / Month164.00 USD
3 Months98.33 USD / Month294.99 USD
6 Months66.67 USD / Month399.99 USD
Free Services
  • Creating a profile
  • Uploading photos
  • Liking profile pictures
  • Searching and browsing members
  • Viewing matches
  • Messaging
Fee-Based Services
  • Sending and receiving unlimited messages
  • Viewing members' photo albums
  • See who viewed your profile
  • See who made you a favorite
  • Use the app in incognito mode
  • Personal matchmaker consultation

Lovestruck offers two types of premium membership – Gold and Platinum. The only difference of a Platinum membership from a Gold one is a personal matchmaking consultation – wherein a matchmaker will be personally assigned to you so you could find and date your perfect match.

How can I delete my Lovestruck account and cancel my subscription?

Please find more information here

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Who is really signed up here?

1,200 from USA
Members activity
36,000 daily logins
Gender Proportion
45 %
55 %
  • You get a personal profile which you can fill out
  • Professionals who live or work in close proximity
  • Individuals seeking a matchmaking service
  • LGBT people looking for same-sex relationships
  • Singles who want to socialize in Laissez-Faires parties

Members of the Lovestruck online dating community are mostly young adults, who are in their late 20's or early 30's. Those who join Lovestruck are singles who are seriously searching for a partner in love. That's why they seek a matchmaking service. These people are mostly young professionals who are looking for like-minded adults to share a meaningful relationship with. Because of their busy schedule, these young professionals may have opted to date online, which is a faster and more convenient way of meeting other singles, who live or work in close proximity to them. 

Other users of Lovestruck are people from the LGBT community, who are looking for potential dates from the same gender. Lastly, singles who belong to the Lovestruck online dating community are those who believe that attending Laissez-Faires parties is an effective way to socialize and eventually get to know other singles, who could be the one they are looking for.


Age Distribution

  • 18-24
  • 25-34
  • 35-44
  • 45-54
  • 55+

New members at Lovestruck in January 2022 in comparison

Here you can see how membership figures at Lovestruck are developing compared to others

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Latest Lovestruck Experiences

  • disg*** 50 years

    in singapore, this is a fraudulent company. at first when signing up, matchmaker told me a certain amount for profiling program. only other charges we... re when going for date at the office, to pay $15 for the drink. after almost one year of no matches, i asked what happened, and they say i have to pay booking fees to fix up dates. this is going back on their words, asking for more money in order to carry on with the program.besides that, they tried to make a fraudulent charge on my credit card. i had to cancel my credit card for that. don't trust this company. director of the company in singapore is a chinese national, out to cheat people here. «»

  • jess*** 24 years


Lovestruck in Detail

  • Reading time 16 minutes
  • Lots of insider information for more success

Signing Up at Lovestruck

Lovestruck Registration
  • Verification via SMS or in person
  • Requires a valid and active mobile number
  • You can verify your profile later
  • Only for ages 18 and up
  • Sign-up via Facebook

Creating a Lovestruck account is easy and only takes less than 5 minutes. However, to join the Lovestruck online dating community, you must be of legal age. That means you should not be below 18 years old. Also, as part of the registration process, you must provide a valid email address and an active mobile number, where an SMS code will be sent. New accounts may be verified either via SMS or in person.

On the other hand, if you want a faster and hassle-free registration, you have the option to sign-up via Facebook and to verify your account later. 

In addition, there is pre-registration information that you need to provide, which are your location and your profession. Aside from those, you may give your other personal details later.

Making Contact on Lovestruck

Lovestruck Contacting
  • Like profile photos
  • Same gender search
  • Limited contacting alternatives

    Get more precise results by narrowing down your search to specific physical appearance, ethnicity, religion, education, industry, income, lifestyle, and interests. Lovestruck also has a Keyword Search tool, which allows you to look for other members using a certain word that is in their profile. 

    In addition to that, Lovestruck is an LGBT-friendly community. Meaning, you can search for other members of the same gender. On the other hand, if you want to remove or exclude certain profiles from your search results, you may have their profiles hidden.

    Another interesting thing about Lovestruck is its messaging feature, which is free for members from small cities but is a paid feature for those in bigger cities. Additionally, you can show your interest towards a Lovestruck online dating community member by liking his/her profile photos. 

    Lovestruck Profile Quality

    Lovestruck Female Profile
    • Verify via SMS or in person
    • Verification can be done later
    • Displays 'Verified' badge
    • Shows when a member was last online
    • The profiles are quite detailed
    • The profile information can be changed later
    • Profile pictures are visible to everyone for free

    You can be sure that most of the profiles that you will encounter on Lovestruck are legit. This is because of the site's strict verification process. As a new member, you have 2 options of verifying your account - either via SMS or in person. Then again, verifying can also be done later.

    Also, every newly created profile has to undergo approval before the profile owner gets to like, favorite, or message other members. All profiles that have undergone verification displays the "Verification badge" as well as social icons, such as Facebook, Twitter, and/or LinkedIn, in which the profile owner has been checked. Another important information that can be seen in a Lovestruck member's profile is the information about when he/she was last online.

    In addition to that, you can write different date ideas on your profile. Likewise, you can also see other members' date ideas, which you can like. If you want a certain date idea of a member you are interested in, you can ask him/her out to do that certain date idea.

    Lovestruck App

    • Free
    • Available on the App Store and Google Play Store
    • For on-the-go singles
    • Strict screening of profiles
    • Language options: English and Chinese

    Professionals who are always on-the-go no longer have an excuse not to date because of mobile dating apps, like Lovestruck. The Lovestruck mobile app version can be downloaded for free from both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Hence, members of the Lovestruck online dating community can still connect with other singles via their hand-held devices, such as smartphones or tablets, even if they are not in front of their computers. 

    New members can also register via the Lovestruck mobile app using their mobile devices. Signing up on the app using mobile phones or tablets, new users still go through a strict verification process. 

    Lovestruck mobile app users are also sure to have the ease of use because it has language options, which are English and Traditional/Simplified Chinese. With this app, you are sure to have online dating convenience.

    Special Features

    These features are intended to make your dating experience fun and to improve your social life. With these special features, you are guaranteed to have a higher chance of meeting and eventually dating your compatible match.

    Laissez-Faires parties

    The best way to meet singles. Attending events like this, online daters can drink, chat, laugh, and flirt with other single attendees. 


    An exclusive service, where a team of professional matchmakers provides singles with one-on-one matchmaking and dating advice. 

    How can I delete my Lovestruck account and cancel my subscription?

    Uninstalling the app will not cancel your subscription.

    How can you cancel your Subscription?

    • You can cancel via profile settings
    • You can cancel by sending an email
    • You can cancel with customer support
    • You can cancel by managing your app store subscription

    Will your subscription automatically renew?

    • Yes, your Lovestruck subscription will automatically renew. The notice period for opting out of automatic renewal is 7 Days.

    Is there a money back guarantee and do you get refunded the full amount?

    • Yes, there is money back guarantee but you only get a partial refund

    How much time do you have to undo Lovestruck purchases?

    • You have 7 Days to refund your Lovestruck purchase if you don't like it.

    Members can request for a refund (subject to approval) for unused membership

    Editor's Conclusion Author Chris Pleines
    Chris Pleines
    Author of "Online-Dating for Dummies"
    Looking for potential dates and a prospective lifetime partner can be quite difficult for some individuals these days. Lovestruck helps you find possible matches and communicate with them. What's more is that it also offers personal matchmaking. 

    Lovestruck FAQ

    General Information

    What is Profile Verification?

    It's a process where the Lovestruck team cross-checks your social IDs on Facebook, Linkedin, or Twitter. The purpose of this is to show the Lovestruck community that you are who you say you are.

    What happens after my profile gets verified?

    The 'Verified' badge, as well as other icons indicating the other ways to which you have been reviewed, will be displayed on your profile.

    Can I contact your customer service anytime?

    Absolutely. Lovestruck's customer care service is open 24/7.

    I made an inquiry via email. How long will I have to wait for the response?

    All email inquiries will be given a response within 36 hours.

    Can anyone register to Lovestruck?

    You must be 18 years old or above to join the Lovestruck online dating community.

    Does Lovestruck sell your data?

    No, Lovestruck does not sell your data.

    Was Lovestruck hacked in the past?

    No, Lovestruck was never hacked.

    How precisely does Lovestruck track your location?

    Lovestruck tracks your exact location.

    Do your Lovestruck profile pictures and/or profile information show up in Google Search Results?

    No, your Lovestruck photos and personal information won’t show up in Google Search Results.

    Who can view your pictures on Lovestruck?

    Paid Lovestruck members.

    Is your phone number required for signing up at Lovestruck?

    Yes, a phone number is required for signing up at Lovestruck.

    Can you erase your personal data on Lovestruck?

    Yes, you can erase your data on Lovestruck.

    How can I delete my Lovestruck account and cancel my subscription?


    Can I update my profile? If yes, how?

    To edit your profile, just go to 'Edit My Profile', make your desired changes, then click 'Save and Continue' on the profile section that you want to update.

    What details must not be included in my profile to make sure it won't be rejected?

    Your profile must not contain any of the following: business or political ads, sexism, racism, your exact whereabouts, and your direct contact information. 

    What must be the size of the photos that I will upload?

    Photos should not be larger than 8 MB.

    Can I upload photos in any file format?

    Photos must be saved in JPEG/JPG, TIFF, or GIF format.

    I already uploaded a profile picture. Why doesn't it appear?

    All uploaded photos must be approved first before they can be visible. Photos usually get approved within 24 hours.

    App Facts

    Does Lovestruck have a mobile app version?

    Yes. It can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play Store.

    Is the Lovestruck mobile app free to download?

    Yes, it is. You can download the Lovestruck mobile app for free.

    Is it compatible with any device?

    It requires Android version 4.1 and up and iOs 8.0 and above.


    How do I deactivate my Lovestruck account?

    Just go to 'My Settings' on your homepage, and click 'Deactivate my Account' to have it completely deactivated.

    How do I cancel my subscription?

    Simply send a cancellation request to at least 2 working days prior to the renewal of your subscription. 


    Can you try Lovestruck for free?

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    Final Results table

    Signing Up: 4.0 / 5
    Making Contact: 3.0 / 5
    Profile Quality: 3.0 / 5
    App: 3.5 / 5
    Real Life Review: 4.0 / 5

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