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Very Bad
  • J****** 66 years

    nothingtoo many fake profiles and scammers. and Pink Cupid does not check the people that come on this lesbian sight, too many men.checking woman out... / «»

  • Este*** 50 years

    I had high expectations due to its recommended ranking and ratings however my experience was truly disappointing more than three times matched with... fake profiles…first fake pictures and lied about age…then a man pretending to be a woman!!! caught him and he deleted his profile right away same as IG profile shared with me and the others that I also reported to the site with pics from paid escort sites ….complete disaster for a site that claims to check on profile veracity ???? I gave the site a second chance after first mishap and many more happened again cause I was aware and more careful about it «»

  • Rhon*** 67 years

    Easy to navigate the siteFrom my experience this site is 50% scammers of some sort. Very few accounts get verified. The cost is not worth having to w... alk through a minefield to find someone. The entire experience has been a huge disappointment. «»

  • mano*** 57 years

    I have spoke with two women that were real. The 5 other women had fake profiles and scammers. Besides this, it is UK and USA orientated, is not a prob... lem for me, but the most women from these country's are looking in their own country or area. There are profiles with no pic, or you can only see legs, or a body without the head, not really usefull. i think that full pic must be obligated. So you can allways can check if this pic is real or not. That is the reality from on line dating these days. I am still on there because i gave it a try for three months. But i dont think i will stay overthere after my period is done. I wont say it is not a good site, i am only saying that it can be more proffesional. «»

  • R Jo*** 54 years

    My experience is not good. There is a feature where one click sends out a bunch of messages to members. It’s very easy to accidentally hit this button... . I then received a lot if messages and upgraded to read them. The majority were apologies for sending messages they hadn’t wished to make. I went out on one date while a member and it led to nothing. «»

  • Mack*** 37 years

    Pink cupid is an extremely transphobic and bigoted site masquerading as a lesbian focused dating site. I had the sad misfortune of holding an account... for which I went to them (that's right - I approached THEIR support) to enquire as to how to verify my account given that Covid has put the brakes on getting my new DL and ID's issued. A simple straightforward question. They immediately suspended my account and started accusing me of lying on the website (they did not check any of my information - they just accused me of "not including truthful information" (basically - calling me a liar) about myself and and noting that "Similar to the member whom you have reported, every member on the site is hoping to find someone who has correctly provided genuine information of themselves".ALL of my information is 100% genuine and correct. There is no misrepresentation, no lies, no fake photos - everything is genuine. They are targeting me because I was not born CIS female and they also appear to be upset that I reported a member (who I could tell was a transvestite).If you use this website you are supporting bigotry and hatred from a website professing to be tolerant and LGBTQ+ focused. absolutely ANY other app is better than this. «»

  • Lore*** 63 years

    I didn't have a very good experience not the right age in a far away country scammers,old pictures.

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