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Very Bad
  • Jam**** 36 years

    Nothing. Overtime proved to be a total scam.If I could give zero stars I would. This site is a total scam. If you reverse image the photo of these gi... rls you will find they belong to other socialites, celebrities, models who would have no business being on this site. The genuine girls are paid for models and thus will never desire to meet with you. They will keep you on the dating site permanently simply to exhaust your bank account. They will NEVER leave the site, EVER. Jolly Romance, BravoDate, LoveSwans, VictoriaHearts are all the same platform with all the same girls. Even if you bring up these fake profiles and report them, they will be return later. I highly recommend everyone stay away. «»

  • Isai*** 23 years

    Well-put-together profiles with better-looking women.Nothing, they are pretty fair.

  • Zack*** 58 years

    Nice looking! Looks organized! Only few dollars tricks to start!My experience with JollyRomance is very bad!! I’ve been with them about tow years! At... the end I didn’t get what I’m looking for! Overall but because they have lots of restrictions for no reason! I strongly feel they are fake and the girls / members are fake too! I wish All people friend residents in North America especially in Canada to stay away if them please! «»

  • R****** 56 years

    I can honestly say that the appearance of thousands of women to choose from is unbelievable ! From my experience the Women want you to spend outrageo... us prices for Flowers, Chocolates, Perfume, etc. Somebody is make a large amount of money ! Are all Ukrainian women so needy that they need men to buy them everything ? «»

  • Dav**** 72 years

    I found the woman of my dreams. She is absolutely crazy about me. She had me spend way more credits to get contact information than necessary. Current... ly we are working to get her to the US. The overall quality of women on this site is phenomenal. I did come across about 10 women who are already in the US. That would make travel much easier once contact information is received.Nothing to complain about. «»

  • Be***** 50 years

    Incredibly Beautiful ladiesIt’s All BS. Read the reviews . They keep you on to spend money . Their Girgeous but their real photos though still beauti... ful some. Their old these are staged also . The can not pick up a phone send a selfie of that minute. All a scam «»

  • Bru**** 60 years

    Many photos of stunningly gorgeous women. And you can choose which country you want them to be from.I do not like reading reviews on other sites that... say JollyRomance is a scam. It seems the women are more interested in teasing and draining credits than ever meeting. And meeting someone supposedly costs about $500 to get personal information. You are NOT allowed to communicate personal contact information. Other reviewers say actual meetings are impossible. So at best this will be very expensive. «»

  • E****** 70 years

    i got a letter form some female supposedly at JOlly romance. i answered it by telling them i will send every letter i get to spam , the letters keep... coming, twlling me this or that woman with a pretty name form eastern europe likes me, or wants to chator something, nost of the letters i sent to SPAM as i told them i would, but the letters keep coming, and i keep sending them to spam.My wife is sick unto death, but i will nto cheat on her. i do not know where they got my email address, but whatever else these spmmy scammers want, i do not know. «»

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