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Very Bad
  • Ju***** 65 years

    NothingIgnores preferences. Very low pool of men in my location. No one of interest . JDate must not screen consumers. My first on line date which w... as long distance turned out to be a real player and I fell for it. A real charmer but only interested in baiting me for sex. Was very vulnerable time in my life and very hurt. Left site due to this bad experience. «»

  • Ele**** 72 years

    NothingIt is not real, mostly scammers, no elementary checks on the members, and you can't cancel.

  • Mich*** 45 years

    It has a mobile app. Really that’s about all I can say that’s good about JdateMany people on Jdate claim to be Hewish but are not. The site has not b... een updated for many years. Emphasis on Algorithm matches I’m personalizes and often thwarts real contact.The site is so full of scammers that many on Jdate (and rightfully so) are very mistrusting, making the ice breaking part of the process almost impossible. It’s also very expensive even to just try, which I’ve done on and off for 4 years. I wouldn’t have a problem with the cost if the value of the app was worth it. But there is no real attention to the personalization of the site. No Real Value other than being solely Jewish. But that’s not value considering many of the profiles are people posing to be Jewish who have no regard for the faith. «»

  • Miri*** 38 years

    Fake dating app. Of 50 or so men that match my interests, over half of them are bots with profiles names as a strand of random letters & numbers. Almo... st none of the men are serious. They’re looking for hookups based on messages they’ve sent me, even when my first line in my profile says “If you’re looking for a doll to play with, don’t bother reading the rest.”JDate does NOT match you correctly. The algorithm is garbage. Constantly getting matched with people that do not want children and that is a top requirement of mine. Constantly getting matched with Jewish identities that are no where close to mine.Almost no customer service. Chat bot refuses to answer the question: “How do I delete messages that people have sent me?” Chat bot freezes when it asks for your phone number to give you a call back. Call back feature purposely does not work. There is no ability to delete the messages people send you. There is only an option to archive. Waited five hours on a weekday on hold with customer service and never got ahold of someone. In the beginning of the call, I was told by a bot that I was number 6 in the queue. FIVE HOURS ON HOLD with the “currently all our agents are busy” on repeat. They have no customer service by phone.Only way to get ahold of the company is through an email. Their “customer ticket” option through the app also does not work. You have to dig to find an email to contact. You will get at least two if not three automated email “support” replies based on the words in your email. Once you reply to them two or three times that you would like to talk to a human being through email, you finally get someone that says they are human. I am giving as much info as I can here because the $65 a month is a complete joke and whoever owns the company is doing it because they know the types of people that want a Jewish husband or wife aren’t actually going to be on a dating app. They’re going to be finding their partner through synagogue, through matchmaking from trusted community members, through sources that can verify their Jewishness. You can scam people online quite, quite easily about being Jewish, especially those that claim they are “culturally Jewish.” Unbelievable.I have read reviews that the men on this app are players that pass women around, giving vital intelligence on each one, in order for them all to score sex and sexual favors. I have yet to find ONE genuine person on the app. The reality is, is you’re not actively in a community of Jewish people (not online, that’s not real life, people) then you should not be looking for some stranger on a “Jewish” dating app. That’s not Jewish! Go to synagogue. Put your faith in God. Study the Tanakh. Those are basic. If you do those things genuinely, you will be surrounded by good people that want the best for you and your Jewish family. Why are men that are “culturally” or “secular” Jewish even on the app? Go to literally any other app if your religion plays no part in the way you life your life and treat others.And for the love of God and the Jewish people, ladies, please (and the rare man), get off this app and go to synagogue. Find a rabbi that shares your values and ethics. You can look around for denominations that have meaning to you. Get off JDate. It’s a joke, it’s a scam. It’s not for people looking to raise Jewish families or find love. The “200,000” users are largely bots. You can generate an infinite amount of free fake human faces at Go look. You can’t tell they’re fake whatsoever. The others, scammers and players. Half my inbox is full of bot language. Everything. It’s a scam. Most users are bots with fake faces (you can generate infinite fake human faces that look real online at Remaining users are players, liars. «»

  • My***** 90 years

    It is an opportunity to meet someone if only a pen palI don’t think they properly screen the members. I was about to be scammed by Mr Perfect. Fortun... ately my children checked him out. He was a complete sham. I think it may not have been his real name. I am not giving up, what else have I got to do. «»

  • Mari*** 63 years

    Nothing !Everything! Mostly fake/fraudulent “men” . Honestly, such a waste of $$! I subscribed for 3 months and I am done! The company needs to be m... ore scrupulous in checking identities ! «»

  • Rhon*** 57 years

    Nothing. Its a total money grab. Same member profiles for long periods of time. Waste of timeConstant barrages of ‘flirts ‘ from fake jdater profiles... . This is in no way addressed ever by jdate. Take your money elsewhere «»

  • Eric*** 49 years

    I feel very deceptive by Jdate because I've often been contacted by scammers with false identities, So sorry but I mistrust visiting date-sites now.... EricFrance (Paris) «»

  • A****** 60 years

    My experience in just two days since I purchased it, has been very disappointing. In just two days, I have been contacted by EIGHT scammers. It seems ... that JDate doesn't care about protecting its members. I will cancel my membership. The only thing I hope is that they give my money back. «»

  • Sar**** 55 years

    As a Jewish woman of color, I was targeted by scammers regularly. The matching system was not very good so I was often matched with men who only wante... d to date someone within 25 miles of where they lived and I was on the opposite coast OR I was out of that person's age range. This was frequent, so out of 7 daily matches maybe 1 was viable but then they weren't interested in me. The pool is not diverse at all, it's very Eurocentric it's as if they never got the message that non-white Jews exist. «»

  • Jo***** 50 years

    Not very good

  • Mey**** 23 years

    Terrible dating App, If I could give 0 stars I would. First off you need to pay a hefty price just to message others, than once you do ... you can still only message other users with the premium feature. Secondly, there is not an active userbase at all, I live in a large city with a lot of Jewish people and the app is barren. Third and worst of all, they are sneaky and will try to nickel and dime you. I know for a fact I did the one time 3 month purchase yet they auto renewed me, and of course when I contacted them they said no way. «»

  • ph***** 67 years

    I tried JDATE a couple of years ago. My experience would not be the kind that JDATE wants to publish as it is authentic and I was unsuccessful. They ... like to publish the embellished "success stories" which are, to a large extend, highly questionable. To JDATE 's credit, I did receive half my money back as I pointed out that the profiles of the ladies were old and these ladies may very well have not even been on the site any longer. I wrote to about 15-18 ladies and received 2 replies. For the record, I am fit, intelligent, personable, & average height. I think I was writing to ghosts who hadn't visited the site in 2 years or longer. «»

  • unde*** 45 years

    The men know each other. they try to pass the women around. None of them are serious about their beliefs or getting to know a woman. this is too expen... sive to be treated like a piece of meat. «»

  • Dani*** 32 years

    An extremely terrible service. Dating sites are only as good as the amount of people they provide and unfortunately for Jdate, there a very, very few... . Mistake #2 - Pricey for nothing. Jdate charges $30 bucks a month for 6 months - 1 month for $60 or 3 months for $45 each. Talk about ripoff. You know why it's the biggest ripoff? It's a ghost town. Who pays top billing for a ghost town ? People who want to give away money to Jdate. Don't do it. «»

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