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Very Bad
  • Rhon*** 57 years

    Nothing. Its a total money grab. Same member profiles for long periods of time. Waste of timeConstant barrages of ‘flirts ‘ from fake jdater profiles... . This is in no way addressed ever by jdate. Take your money elsewhere «»

  • Eric*** 49 years

    I feel very deceptive by Jdate because I've often been contacted by scammers with false identities, So sorry but I mistrust visiting date-sites now.... EricFrance (Paris) «»

  • A****** 60 years

    My experience in just two days since I purchased it, has been very disappointing. In just two days, I have been contacted by EIGHT scammers. It seems ... that JDate doesn't care about protecting its members. I will cancel my membership. The only thing I hope is that they give my money back. «»

  • Sar**** 55 years

    As a Jewish woman of color, I was targeted by scammers regularly. The matching system was not very good so I was often matched with men who only wante... d to date someone within 25 miles of where they lived and I was on the opposite coast OR I was out of that person's age range. This was frequent, so out of 7 daily matches maybe 1 was viable but then they weren't interested in me. The pool is not diverse at all, it's very Eurocentric it's as if they never got the message that non-white Jews exist. «»

  • Jo***** 50 years

    Not very good

  • Mey**** 23 years

    Terrible dating App, If I could give 0 stars I would. First off you need to pay a hefty price just to message others, than once you do ... you can still only message other users with the premium feature. Secondly, there is not an active userbase at all, I live in a large city with a lot of Jewish people and the app is barren. Third and worst of all, they are sneaky and will try to nickel and dime you. I know for a fact I did the one time 3 month purchase yet they auto renewed me, and of course when I contacted them they said no way. «»

  • ph***** 67 years

    I tried JDATE a couple of years ago. My experience would not be the kind that JDATE wants to publish as it is authentic and I was unsuccessful. They ... like to publish the embellished "success stories" which are, to a large extend, highly questionable. To JDATE 's credit, I did receive half my money back as I pointed out that the profiles of the ladies were old and these ladies may very well have not even been on the site any longer. I wrote to about 15-18 ladies and received 2 replies. For the record, I am fit, intelligent, personable, & average height. I think I was writing to ghosts who hadn't visited the site in 2 years or longer. «»

  • unde*** 45 years

    The men know each other. they try to pass the women around. None of them are serious about their beliefs or getting to know a woman. this is too expen... sive to be treated like a piece of meat. «»

  • Dani*** 32 years

    An extremely terrible service. Dating sites are only as good as the amount of people they provide and unfortunately for Jdate, there a very, very few... . Mistake #2 - Pricey for nothing. Jdate charges $30 bucks a month for 6 months - 1 month for $60 or 3 months for $45 each. Talk about ripoff. You know why it's the biggest ripoff? It's a ghost town. Who pays top billing for a ghost town ? People who want to give away money to Jdate. Don't do it. «»

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