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Very Bad
  • Sus**** 41 years

    🤷‍♀️ I paid for their service back in 2017 and felt they scammed me for my money. I told them I was uncomfortable dating men 8+ years older than me a... nd they continued to set me with men outside of my age range. One man said he was only there because the company asked hime to fullfill my contract. I found a genuine partner on my own while we were both shopping at Home Depot. We constantly get compliments that we are a beautiful couple. So don’t waste your money. Instead be chatty the next time you run your errands. «»

  • Kar**** 47 years

    Sales pitch, lolSave your money. The person in sales painted a very nice picture was very responsive spent a lot of time with me but once they had my... money it became a different story. I was explaining there'll be 24 matches. Later I found out it's match opportunities, so if I don't accept the match that they give me I just lost that match. The first guy was really not what I was looking for just in photo and description. The second guy was better the date was set up and he no-showed. No response from anybody at the company two days later I finally found out he had a flight change. That matchmaker was not very good at communicating in fact I didn't hear from her for 2 weeks after I was stood up. I got a new matchmaker who was better, the first date they gave me was okay but I went on it because I knew I would lose that match if I didn't and I had to trust the process. However that date also failed to show, said he was stuck in traffic. I asked for a refund and was told someone to get back in 48 hours, however it's been exactly one week and I finally spoke with someone who said a refund's not possible because they can still give me opportunities. They are escalating me to someone who might be able to help me but said they don't do refunds. Did I mention the service cost $5,000? So I'm currently disputing it with my credit card company. More pathetic than online dating ever was «»

  • Ange*** 43 years

    Not a thing!!Never provided services that I signed up for nearly a year ago. No communication, requests to speak to management are just ignored. They... misrepresented that they had a location in my area, bottom line, it’s a complete scam. Research the lawsuit. «»

  • Ell**** 59 years

    I like that they tried to get to know me before they set me up on "matches".I did not like that even though they spent hours getting to know me, 4 ou... t of 5 "matches" they sent me were no where near what I was looking for. They try to sell you a "bill of goods" that they have so many people in mind for you that would be PERFECT for you. When they start the process, it is the exact opposite. They do not respond to emails in a timely manner. I would NOT recommend them to anyone - total waste of money. «»

  • SUS**** 69 years

    They were really good at getting my money, but lousy at getting me introductions to people!!!!See above

  • Kris*** 51 years

    Unfortunately there is nothing I can say at this point that I’ve liked about IJL.They absolutely do not live up to the promises they make when they s... ell you the service. Being bounced from one matchmaker to the next over the past 9 months has been exhausting. I feel like a broken record, trying to constantly tell someone new about me and my preferences (they must not take notes). I’ve had 1 reasonably ok date but we were too far opposed on important issues to make a second date. I was bullied into going on another date. At this point I just believe they don’t have a great “inventory” of paying customers (maybe the word has gotten out that the service they provide isn’t at all worth it) and the matchmakers are at the mercy of what’s available. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY. «»

  • Laur*** 30 years

    Nothing. Poor communication. The entire service is a scam in my opinion. I have been disgusted with the entire experience.

  • Par**** 40 years

    Face to face datesThey are horrible - overpriced and don’t actually put any effort into making sure you have proper dating options. They kept sendin... g me really old or really overweight guys (when they actually sent a profile over) as I would wait months before anyone would even bother to send anything and then they wanted me to drop everything and call them back within minutes or they would threaten to put my account on hold. They have high turn over and, I can’t say all of their staff but a lot of their staff are extremely rude. Overall, terrible company to work with and ver over priced «»

  • Je***** 44 years

    Nothing. I would give a negative 100 if I could. Everything. It is a total scam. I read several of the other reviews and most of the same happened to... me. They tell you they have all these great men then they are no longer available when you sign on. I wish I was in on a class action suit. Its just taking peoples money with poor customer service. Some were even nasty on the phone! It is the worst!!! «»

  • Unha*** 50 years

    Rip off Do not join this service they do nothing but take a huge fee . Terrible service and possibly fake dates who they set you up with then notify ... you of cancellations at last minute Do not Reccommend at all one date that was no way anything preferred on my characteristic s of a match then the date started to inform me of wrongdoing with his membership «»

  • Chr**** 40 years

    Absolutely nothing. It has been a wretched and extremely depressive experience.Everything. They have treated me like crap. They never communicate wit... h me. I have had the service since January of 2021 and have had one online date that is it. «»

  • Pa***** 63 years

    There's noting to like about's all a blind date system! The three woman I was introduce to...I would have never chose!!!!If I could give this... rating a negative 5 star I would....This is a complete rip off!!! Don't waste your time on this BS!!!! Its a real con job! «»

  • delp*** 48 years

    The concept...It's a scam...Be Warned....Don't waste your money!! January 11, 2021 I reached out to IJL for some information about there services a... nd how it would meet my needs. I spoke with Jennifer Weber. She gave me the info, I processed it and decided to give it a chance. I went through two matchmakers. 5 dates with two guys; one of them was a no show twice and the other a no show once. The two guys I met , one was serial online daters and other one even told me that he was not a paying member, that his sister who works there just added his profile because of the shortage of black men on the site. I at that point started asking for a refund. Well needless to say they don't provide refunds. So I lost $4500 and I hope they buy themselves something pretty with it...smhJennifer Weber - Completed my enrollmentDemi - 1st MatchmakerJessica - 2nd MatchmakerMike - Tried to resolve my issue «»

  • Will*** 44 years

    Very knowledgeable made the first steps very easy as I do not like online dating. Meet great ladies and all have lead to second dates at least.

  • Don**** 58 years

    I signed up for the service in March 2020 and have not yet had my first date. Its almost one year and I've had 5+ different matchmakers, and Not One ... Date. I've requested a refund and it was denied. The lack of communication, their inability to find a match, and the inconsistency of their matchmakers makes this service a waste of money. «»

  • Rand*** 65 years

    I think the principal of Its just lunch is great , however the selection process is terrible. I really feel like I was lied to and cheated.. I gave ... my matchmaker Obed very detailed information what I was looking for. Out of seven dates he got one right 2 close and the rest not even close, THATS less than 50%!! Also I was told I had to go on the date even if I didn't like the profile because he picked it. I tried to explain I payed the money I should have some choice which he didn't care about. I will say again I think the system is good, so if you don't care about the cost and are willing to go with anyone they choose no matter what the profile says it works. «»

  • Rick*** 55 years

    IJL lied to me about members being in my area (there weren't any) to get me to fork over $2,000. When I ended up making 6-hour round trips for only 3... of the "up-to-12" promised dates, I decided to put my membership on hold for six months. Then the pandemic hit. Long story short, my membership expired and now they want me to pay a fee to reinstate my membership, after paying $2,000 for only 3 dates. Rip off!!! «»

  • M****** 45 years

    This is the worst company for customer service. I’ve spent months calling and emailed trying to get attention from my “match maker” with no response. ... I emailed and called the VP twice with no response. Once I challenged the charge on my credit card, all of a sudden I received a call from the non responsive VP telling me “this is how this will go”. The unprofessionalism can’t be described. JulieY “ a VP” is the the rudest and most ignorant person ever. She will bulldoze over you and ignore your concerns and just “tell” you how “ it’s going to be”. Don’t spend the money!!! «»

  • Seth*** 52 years

    I signed up with this company when I lived on the East Coast, I was promised a specific number of dates AND that they would all be in my area. After t... hree months and all of two dates (both over 50 miles away), I asked for a refund. I was told not only that they would not refund my $1,200, but they were incredibly rude. I asked for the Corporate number to speak with their President. I was told, "Our President doesn't speak with clients"! Pretty arrogant! I'd use literally ANY other dating service than this one. «»

  • mari*** 68 years

    It is a horrible company , they take your money and give you nothing

  • Kare*** 66 years

    My experience has been terrible. I am on the. 3rd matchmaker in 3 months. There is nothing special or personal about this services. They do not hav... e dozens of clients ready to match as suggested. In addition, they are now changing the contract I signed and basically have turned out to be a very expensive disappointment. Saves your money. «»

  • Ma***** 61 years

    my experience of 2014 was terrible. I would not recommend this web site to anyone. They ripped me off. They promised me as many dates in a year up t... o 100, but the contract, said 5 dates. I did not read 5 dates, although the person on the phone said 100 dates then the types of dates were not what I requested at ALL!. NOT my athlete type, nor my religion, nor in 40 minutes of my address. Nor did they send any correspondence to my wanting to get my money back. They stink. Don't listen to their promises. «»

  • apr**** 40 years

    Save your money. It's Just Lunch is a scam with multiple class action lawsuits. They are excellent at telling you everything you WANT to hear and make... promises that they cannot keep. They learn what you like and have SEVERAL favorable promising matches to get you started but as soon as you join the story changes to...We are sorry those individuals just happened to freeze their accounts due to travel/work, etc. Then you get set up on dates, which i felt, fit the other person's needs/wants instead of my own. They lied to me about my date's age, height, occupation and number of kids. Most of my dates were us comparing "bad date" stories and venting our mutual frustration about It's Just Lunch. I tried to get a refund, they wouldn't. I tried calling corporate headquarters 35 times, leaving 35 messages and no one ever called me back. I paid $2000 for 4 dates and they keep calling me to rejoin. When I tell them my situation, they say, well that was a franchise division and we have no control over that, but now everything is better. However, instead of giving me the dates i paid for, they want me to pay another $1500 and "might throw in an extra date or two due to my previous experience".Don't do it. I know it sounds good, they make it sound good, but it isn't. Unless you have thousands of dollars you are willing to spend with little likelihood of success. «»

  • Laur*** 67 years

    It's Just Lunch is a waste of time and money. After paying thousands of dollars, I've had one date from hell in 9 months. What a rip off!

  • Juli*** 54 years

    I paid and I received an initial phone interview with Aisha. It seemed to Go great. She told me she would be calling me back in the next couple of day... s and had all kinds of possibilities for me. I have never heard back from her. I did get the follow up drivers license person and they build my credit card. I’ve had absolutely no service or further conversations with my supposed matchmaker. I am completely disappointed «»

  • don *** 55 years

    They set me up with totally wrong people and at times that were not agreed on. but they still took my money!!!also was promised 4 per month and that d... id not happen either «»

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