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Very Bad
  • Simo*** 38 years

    Frankly there’s nothing to like about it.The site is riddled with scammers. African men impersonating white men. The verification badge is not even l... egit. I made contact with a supposed verified white Dutch guy. Exchanged numbers, and when he called me, he was African. I reported his account, but they never deleted it. The matches this site gives you, aren’t actual matches. So you waste your time here battling scammers, trying to make contact with someone, all while your money is taken each month. «»

  • Ли*** 28 years

    Don't like1. Message filter does not work.2. Recently, I began to receive many offensive messages. The support service suggested that I block the us... er. I know perfectly well how to do it. I had to write to the support service again by applying the message screenshot, and asked to block the user page. To which I was answered that the warning was sent to him.But I see that he continues to use this site.People do not change and I am sure that he will continue offensive messages to other Russians. «»

  • Gra**** 56 years

    NothingI purchased a gold membership to the site for 3 months. From day one I was experiencing glitches, bad matches and very poor search functions. ... I complained to their help department and they blew me off. I asked for my money back and they said I have used their site and there was no refunds. I told them I would seek a refund from Visa and then they threatened me. Very poor business practices. I will never use them again. «»

  • Ma***** 48 years

    Many attractive women to see.Too many scammers, especially from Asia. Lots of Chinese, attractive girls (fake photos), but in reality it's a criminal... organization's scam for you to do forex investments.And the price is too expensive. «»

  • Ka***** 39 years

    I met my future English husband after 30 days on site. We did not meet in person for 10 months and married 3 years later.A lot of scams and fake prof... iles. We got lucky, so it's worth a shot! «»

  • Ron**** 50 years

    Terrible site. Lots of men impersonating someone else. Ex: Michael K Erwin. Not a real person. This old man is stealing photos from Horst Stabler... putting them on his site and stalking Stabler to seem to have the same interests. A face match brought the truth. Beware! Lots of young men wanting older American women for green cards and impersonators who must be sick or lonely. Pathetic! «»

  • Jo***** 50 years

    International Cupid is little more than a platform for scammers. Practically any attractive girl on the site will eventually ask for money. Some try t... o lure you into visiting them, so that they can scam you there. But very many simply hit you up for money, as soon as they think you like them. They claim to need money because of an illness or broken phone or not having a job or whatever. But they so often ask for money. I suggest that you run from any girl who does so. And it might be a good idea to run from any site that does not screen out scammers. «»

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