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Very Bad
  • seba*** 45 years

    speculations dans l objetifs de faire du profilt avec l intelligence artficiel in ai rendu la aujourd hui profiter des honnete gens avec la robotisati... on ce qui n aide pas les vrai site a avoir un bon image .en gros c est un programmeur loser dans sa petite vie de profiteur d internet .aller pas tester pour rien c est un robot google «»

  • MEH**** 44 years

    NothingIt is absolutely fake

  • Benj*** 49 years

    NothingEverything it's nothing but scam .

  • Er***** -49 years

    Nothing, I hate itTotal scam, with a lot of fake profiles. Robbery

  • Doug*** 75 years

    Nothing. It is a sham designed to extract every dime to hey can from every patron they can. There are no dates, only promises. It's a fraud a sham... designed to steal money from their Patrons. All the profiles are phoney there are no women looking for dates. The system to delete and talk to the customers is a no one home. The whole site rings of fruad. The have made unwanted changes in my profiles. Many times I have asked them to delete my accounts, I don't know we how I got two, but they only change the number and location. Since they are not a US site (Netherlands). They must feel they can do as they please and get away with it. I don't know of anyone who has gotten a date from the site. «»

  • Rona*** 65 years

    Seems to have a good selection of potential dating partnersWhat happens on the male side is obvious - you never chat with the actual lady; instead a ... virtual assistant role plays that you are talking to the lady. What would be interesting is what happens from the female side? Do the ladies' buy all these coins like we do? «»

  • Jam**** 59 years

    NothingThe profiles are fake. Some of the replies I got were from someone claiming to be in a another town close to me, but by the way they spoke, I ... would think the UK. Everyday the people messaging me kept getting further and further away from where I live. «»

  • Doug*** 47 years

    The profiles of women you see are beautifulThese are Nigerians using stolen profiles of women posing as that person.You will note that a lot of their... english is bad, and when one starts a trend they all follow. I actually put my cell number on 2 chats ,but they still wanted me to spend money, so they were not interested in chatting its all a scam. I mentioned it to the women but was not answered, the subject was changed.My age was put down as 46 when im 47 «»

  • Pet**** 30 years

    iDates is a fake dating website to steal money from men. Fake girls profiles sending you sexy 20 messages a day to manipulate you and pay for the cred... its to answer. The owner of the website claims he takes no responsibility for fake profiles, but all this "system" is designed to this way. There are operators working on behalf of girls profiles to involve men-users in fake conversations. These operators are sending fake sexy messages like "Hi I've just seen you created profile, you look sexy, shall we meet?" but in reality you are never able to meet the girl from the picture, as because she does not exist. There is been many reports which confirm iDates is a SCAM. The chatting would take forever, without any result, as because there is no one real on the other side. This is a FRAUD on a mass scale. Beware! «»

  • Paul*** 69 years

    My experience was incredibly poor, fake news big time, bots in place, a friend of mine, female, went on and i was talking with her, but my questions n... ever got to her, as bot intercepted, to keep me online much longer than i wanted, so yes a huge scam here, dont go near it!!!! «»

  • John*** 57 years

    This is the most crooked site that I have found. Also pretty sure that there may not be anyone who is real on here at all. The worst part was that t... his company double billed my credit card 4 times for a total of about $150.00. I had sent over 30 emails before someone responded and that was only after I had bought additional credits. Each double bill was literally within 5 to 9 seconds of the actual purchase. They claim that I had done this despite the fact that if I had wanted to spend that kind of money I could have purchased the next level for the amount expended and received more credits. Their response to my request for additional credits was to refer to the purchase record as the only source and to tell me that I had used all the credits purchased. Needless to say they have never returned the stolen money or given me credits toward what was stolen. «»

  • Will*** 44 years

    One full month time chatting with one profile. At a cost of more than 600 dollar. The writing style changed five times, from intelligent to almost... unreadable. The messages never more than 15 words long. Three times refering to a child i never had. A total of ten times asked to repeat the same story. Conned into posting a picture on the open forum with a promise to make a phone call only to be told she wasn't ready. 53 times my question resulted in her turning to sexual talk. A total refusal to post a new picture when i asked. Never a response to any questions about her haratage, religion, family, career or education. She refused to make contact in any way but for the paid site. The site has no video option, no call service, no gift delivery, and no profile beyond the basic age , status, and hight. There is no place to suggest to the site to add a video chat option. No way to confirm that the person is even a man or woman. «»

  • Maka*** 56 years

    After doing a lot of research on this site and its mirror site MyDates both owned by the same unscrupulous owners, there is no doubt that they are a c... omplete scam, all the respondents use the exact same techniques to avoid giving you anything personal about themselves, while most are happy to ask a lot of leading questions that are all designed to keep you spending money so as to keep responding but there is no way you will ever meet a single person from this site or even get a real name or connection from anyone on the sight, don't waste your time or your money on this garbage non existent service. «»

  • Jo***** 53 years

    it's a scam. women aren't real they chat you to get all your money but never set up a meet or date. they string you along and never say anything real ... and don't answer simple questions like where are you located or do you work. «»

  • Jerr*** 35 years

    Hi, My name is Jerrad and if you are looking for a hookup, or even a date Idates is horrible, all they want is to take your money. I really liked this... one girl and we made plans to meet at least 10 times and she blew me off everytime so I tried another girl and a another and they told me everything I wanted to here but no fucking date. Bullshit is what Idates is, If you want to have online friends thats fine but when you read that Idates is one of the best in finding a date is bullshit. I live in Canada so thats probably the problem and they new people on there everyday not where I live and its a big city. I wish I can all the money back back because I got played big time and personally got hurt. I gave It a star by accident and i cant remove it , no fucking stars, sorry for the cursing. I have so many stories to tell about Idates, but I think you understand how I feel, Oh and did here about Mydates, the same girls are on there too, stay away from there. Ask me if you want to know what happened «»

  • jim *** 49 years

    my experience on idates isthat it is facticous profiles nobody wants to meet they just keep using up your credits for eternity so you have to buy more... . they all claim to be into stuff but when it comes down to it. they con't want to meet even if they are over the top impressed with your profile. i think its all fake. prfiles fake fake fake. «»

  • An***** 69 years

    Totally a fraudulent dating site. None of the women read have readable profiles, very sparse and does not stimulate conversation. A waste of time and... money! iDates in my opinion is a HUGE SCAM! «»

  • john*** 50 years

    IDates is a total and absolute scam for the purpose of sucking money out of the guysyou could have a milinon dollars worth of coin and you would neve... r get to meet or email one of the hundreds of girls whos only purpose is to keep you chatting and using up coin you can literally use up 500 dollars worth of coin in a serious chat with one girl in one day.I didnt realise that it was a pay by chat until my $100.00 worth ran out in a couple hours.I expected my $100 to pay by the month instead of the criminal way it's done now. «»

  • deez*** 38 years

    Hi I'm a 38, and recently joined idates a i talked to 3 different girls on this site, the told me everything that i wanted to hear but they never want... ed to meet me. I feel like I have been scammed, all they wanted to do was use me to talk on the site and spend more money. I felt i had made a connection with the first girl, she didn't want to meet, so i moved on to 2nd girl and she said all the same thing the first one said. So i said this can't be happening again so stupid me, i found a 3rd girl and did the exact same thing. The site sucks, i waste of money, all they want to do is scam you for money. I emailed there support and they never got back to me. Do not join this site! Here's a tip at least have the girls be better looking for fuck sakes, i thought i found someone who is beautiful in the inside, and they still fucked me over. Fuck you idates! «»

  • Kei**** 54 years

    My Experience with this dating app was bogus, nothing but a scam, that I can report, here I was thinking of going on a date, well that didn't turn out... , I've invested a few coins in this dating site, now I think It should be my time to collect some coin back, into my account «»

  • Fern*** 58 years

    my experience is quite surprising for me, I'm a 58 yr old guy and I've been surprised of the amount of young and beautiful girls that want to engage w... ith me, I am talking girls 30 years younger and more! while it is true some girls do like an older man, the amount of younger girls reaching out to me is surprising and does make me wonder how true that can be, don't get me wrong, I like it and it boosts my self-esteem, but being realistic, what are the chances that at least 5 different girls every day between 20 to 35 yrs younger than me send me messages, and some are very explicit, and the girls, there are few that are really hot, can anyuone tell me if Idates has a team to meke older guys like me dream with young girls and talk to them for hours spending 100's of $$$ dreaming on those pictures and what they say they want to do to and with me? «»

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