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Very Bad
  • Vane*** 32 years

    Nothing I started getting very weird charges to my account after signing up for this. Thank god for the bank noticing the fraud and blocked it. I had... to get a new card. «»

  • Pav**** 41 years

    Nothing, this is absolute timewasting.This is organized scam from owners. They hire companies such a Cloud Workers which create fake profiles and cha... t with you as paid companions, virtual prostitutes, scammers or just.I live on suburb Petržalka(100k inhabitants) of Slovak capitol city(400k inhabitants). I don' travel to centrum of Bratislava often, I have local job. My parents in city 30k inhabitants under mountains.My home is biggest concrete suburb in CzechoSlovakia and even Hungary, there are only Slovaks, some Czechs and few Hungarian or gypsies.Here is nothing for truism, even Bratislava it self does not have too much tourist which I could recognize so does parents city under mountains.1.20x per week some Asian fake profile crossed path with me and more than 95% of them made connection with me(match)! Even I didn't left my apartment due a epidemic.2.I didn't see Asian person or another different race(Africans, Aboriginals) for decades! They don't live/work here. We have though immigration rules.3. In time when everything was closed, locked, limited and I didn't left my apartment in biggest concrete suburb I got decades matches with classy, posh young Asian women. This is nonsense stupid fraud.a. International airports were fairly limited so does private international flights.b. Traveling between regions was banned for few months.c. For few weeks we had state of emergency, almost marital law. I could not go even to job what is 2miles far!d. Though winter which we didn't have 10-15 years. Winter/thunder storms, extra low temperature.e. Shops almost sold out all food. We had food shortages.And I still get regularly crossed path/matches with posh Asian ladies which has photos from summer, Arabia/Persia, when winter storm was behind my window so I barely could see temp.meter few inches far!4. We are 95% Slavic nation and state, rest are gypsies.a. Met foreigner outside citycentric(Old town) is rate specially on Petržalka.b. My parents saw Africans only in TV in their smaller city are not even gypsies and Vietnamese grocery.c. It is under high mountains 2500meters+d. Though winters, short summers, hard jobs, no slackers.Even there some Asians crossed path with me and made a match.This is bullshit. I never saw another race outside city center in capitol city.We are almost entire white/Slavic/European city.You can't have here 100x crossed patch with Asian profile with posh mid 20 women witch pictures from expensive Western EU/Arabic/Persian/Asian cities.I personally never were outside Europe.From all this around 1000x crossing with Asian women and 500 matches, I crossed path only with around 10 white women around 5 were Slovak and 2 transgenders.And even they could be fake profile.App history:2014-2017: Good idea, I crossed paths, matches and few dates with real, local people.2018-2019: Local persons instantly disappeared and I crossed patches, matches, few meetings with very few foreign persons(Polis, Hungarians, Ukrainians, Russians), more than 60% were looked real.2019-2021: 99% profiles are fake. 80% of them are fake Asian profiles with paid companion and 50% are some s*x advertisement profile(viking s*ex etc).- s*x profiles writes just"Hello" and unmatched.- Asian Cloud workers says same bullshit. Hello, here are you from, I came back to China due a covid, give me whats app"P.S. Check "Cloud workers on social networks" «»

  • Do***** 55 years

    Having to learn the curve fast I was surprised as to the quality of people I am matched with.POF? Too conservative.Fling? A bit raceyHappn? as good... as you make it ... then own it. «»

  • Cas**** 40 years

    Unfortunately, the function to unblock or make a hidden profile visible again was deleted. This being the only feature that added value to the app I w... ill delete my account. It's just another Tinder now and since Tinder has more users I will go back to that. «»

  • funn*** 44 years

    I just became a premium member and found how the app has misleading advertisement. It says 10 free hellos a day but after I sent 5 it says wait 12 hr.... .it was not advertised. «»

  • Robe*** 57 years

    The people that had a crush on me were looking to sell sex. These all happened to come from the same area code. I didn't speak to a real person at all... . «»

  • Vija*** 24 years

    I recharged 149 RS,,but the paid report I not get,most of girls no use the app by my think..but the app interested,

  • Mike*** 32 years

    I have never seen one person on Happn in real life and I have used it for 3 years! I try it everyday. I have never seen a real person and I live in a ... big city in the U.S. They are pretending you will actually see someone and you never can reconnect with someone you actually saw! «»

  • Mike*** 62 years

    I paid a small amount to try the app for a week and used Paypal. At some point the following day, Happn charged another $39.99 to my Paypal account. I... am giving the b the benefit of doubt and figuring it was user-error on my part. But even if it was, it was a pretty sleezy move. I am used to getting a confirmation prompt when ordering... well anything. But on Happn, if the UI prompts you to purchase coins or whatever it was for, there will be no explanation and if you press "ok" you will be charged. Silenly. With no further explanation. «»

  • Fern*** 49 years

    2018/11/26 I was DUPED into paying a subscription fee because the "Messages" page of the app has a section that is called "NEW CRUSHES" that misleads ... one into thinking that there was already a hit between one and someone else, and that is FALSE.A "crush" in Happn is defined to be: "both like each other" in the FAQ.Under crushes I saw a picture and the words "My Likes".Once I paid, and was able to enter that section to see who I liked, I found one person has "LIKED ME" but I had not liked them ...This is quite a fraudulent technique of the APP designers to entice joiners.I am trying to get a refund ... «»

  • Jerr*** 29 years

    I follow the "two rules", so I was getting really upset when nobody would give me likes, not even people under 5 of 10. So I proceededto create fake p... rofiles to see what happens. No one could see me, it's like a soft ban, total scam! «»

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