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Very Bad
  • R****** 30 years

    Nothing to like. Its a scamGleeden is full of fake profiles, homosexuals using female ids to chat, Waste of money. U will lose all the credits in a m... atter of few mins. All activity is being charged for men's. «»

  • Ala**** 65 years

    they have the guts to acknowledge they are a SCAMcontact@blackdivine.comDear Sir,I’d like to report on a French Site GLEEDEN of your contact@blac... corporation. GLEEDEN suffers from either disfunction or mismanagement.I get notifications in my mail box telling me that such or such client just sent to my Gleeden account a message or some kind of appreciation. Over one month of time these never reach my account on your site.Emma, your rep in France, kindly explains :« Gleeden's Ref : #935700The member who sent you a message has unsubscribed from Gleeden. Emma» Which implies that the person unsubscribed from your Gleeden account immediately after sending the message to my Gleeden account. It could very well be an unfortunate fortuitous event.But …When this unfortunate fortuitous event happens 13 times over a full month, it manifests either A big scale systematic regular turnover and loss for the siteOr a lack of credible rationality on Emma’s part, who takes me for a moronOr her acknowledgement the whole Gleeden site is a SCAMNeither Emma nor BlackDivine ends ever cared to answerAlain BERTRAND in CHAMONIX Francecontact@blackdivine.comCher Monsieur,Je voudrais rapporter mon expérience d’un site français GLEEDEN de votre société USA «" . GLEEDEN souffre soit d'un dysfonctionnement, soit d'une mauvaise gestion.Je reçois des notifications dans ma boite mail me disant que tel ou tel client vient d'envoyer sur mon compte Gleeden un message ou une sorte d'appréciation. Durant plus d'un mois de temps ceux-ci n'atteignent jamais mon compte sur votre site.Emma, ​​votre représentante en France, explique gentiment :« Réf Gleeden : #935700Le membre qui vous a envoyé un message s'est désabonné de Gleeden.Emma»Ce qui implique que la personne se désabonne de son compte Gleeden immédiatement après avoir envoyé le message à mon compte Gleeden. Il pourrait très bien s'agir d'un événement fortuit malheureux.Mais …Lorsque ce malheureux événement fortuit se produit 13 fois sur un mois complet, il manifeste soit : Un chiffre d'affaires et une perte réguliers et systématiques à grande échelle pour le site GLEEDEN de BlackDivine, Soit un manque de rationalité de la part d'Emma qui me prend pour un crétinSoit sa reconnaissance que l'ensemble du site GLEEDEN est une arnaque, comme la plupart des sites de rencontresNi Emma ni BlackDivine ne se sont jamais souciés de répondre.Alain BERTRAND à CHAMONIX France «»

  • Ma***** 39 years

    Nothing.It says chat once initiated it is free… ABSOLUTELY Wrong. I raised the issue with the support team, the below is their answer. Dear membe... r,Regarding the chat, you will pay a fixed number of credits for EACH chat session (no time limit applies to a chat session):4 credits to send the first instant message to a member on the chat and3 credits to respond to a message received on the chat.If a chat session ends for more than 35 minutes, you will be charged for a new chat session. «»

  • Kitk*** 34 years

    Good networking and timepassCustomer care and resolution of issues

  • melo*** 52 years

    very expensive app and the disappearing messages is a real con

  • Geor*** 59 years

    I have been on this site for couple of month now here in Canada. There are few woman in my area and the date range I am interested in. Although I hav... e contacted several member, none has responded. Like other dating web sites, they have a private photo feature but the web site keeps it a secret how to send private photos. They don't have a "HELP function and their staff does not have any advice how to use it. I am not impressed with this site. The only reason I am still there is because I invested some money and I don't want to walk away from it. I have little illusion that my cradit balance might just be wasted, I don't recommend this site. «»

  • Jo***** 64 years

    I am in Vancouver and have been on the site for 2 month now. There are very few members listed in my region in my age group. I have send out at least... half dozen messages. Only one. Of them has been read. None of them have been replied to. Not impressed «»

  • Bhaj*** 32 years

    Super app

  • Rana*** 33 years


  • aija*** 45 years

    I am reporting this from India where Gleeden claims that all the members are 100% real. Completely untrue!! I created a profile to look for women jus... t for a casual friendship and I got only 2 profile visits over a week. Intrigued, I created a fake lady profile - from NE India where women are generally more open and got over 500 visits in a matter of two days!! It clearly proves that the Gleeden CHEATERS are out to cheat the world in different ways. Their motto is probably.. let's cheat the cheaters!! This being India, the temperament of the society has very diverse morals as there are more than 1000 languages spoken at home. At the same time, the demand of an alluring, westernized lady who is available has gone sky high. The statistics being quoted are another form of lies. So in the end, the members are only cheating themselves. «»

  • RAKE*** 38 years


  • Anku*** 30 years

    Not bad

  • andr*** 38 years

    The slogan "By womenThe slogan "By women, for women." is crap, just marketing. The men/women ratio is 50 to 1. Women accounts are free, men are spend... ing like crazy $$$, to spam the few women profiles which are overwhelmed and usually don't reply. Some women profiles may be fake/old as they behave weird or do nothing. !!! Caution:The website doesn't return money. Don't use, is a waste of time and money! «»

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