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Very Bad
  • Slee*** 47 years

    Plainly put, don't waste your money on a 7 day trial. If the company were as reputable as this review the trial period would grant full access to ever... y benefit of a premium membership. It doesn't. «»

  • Desi*** 34 years

    I've been member since 2010 , back when the site was fun to be on , its 2020 now and its crap not worth the money . They is no video chat option any m... ore were everyone gathered and had a laugh getting to know one another, every one left once they removed it and headed on to OMG chat site..(.was removed last year,) so they is nothing to do on there but scrool profiles and watch the live cams which if your lucky enough to catch anyone on live cam . All you will find on there is new members which dont last more then a month on the site they soon realize its not worth the membership, when theres so many other free sites with more active members ... «»

  • Derr*** 63 years

    This site poses as a real site but you will never hear of anyone actually meeting anyone on the site. It's all about getting your money to by credits... to send messages back and forth to each other with what appears to be computer generated responses just by reading the poor english. No one ever tries to go beyond the computer as they keep advising you to spend more money on the credits. Never looking to actually move the conversation to the telephone or video chat. I don't believe that the site is real. That's my experience and opinion. «»

  • Alno*** 48 years

    Is Terrible...Because,Ive gotten hundreds of messages,But they are ALL FAKE,AND COMPUTER GENERATED.

  • Wiz**** 65 years

    I was on Fling for several weeks. If you asked a contact to call you the phone was broke or lost or was not working. When you tried to set up a meetin... g there was always a problem that the other parties could not accommodate. For a site that states that the women are ready for sex, the female parties just want to talk to jack the amount of money you have to spend to get to know them. «»

  • Smar*** 53 years

    Worst. site. ever. Zero real conversations. Every one a bot. Seems quite a coincidence EVERY message, favorite, and like happened as soon as I log on.... When I'm not on the site, nothing. If you're into porn at all, you'll recognize a number of the "available women." A joke and a COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME. I did the $3 trial and STILL didn't get my money's worth. AVOID AVOID AVOID. «»

  • Dave*** 48 years

    My experience with fling is while I was a presubscriber I was getting views and messages witch made me feel like there was activity on the site. Boy w... as I wrong every message sent was nothing but a "icebreaker" and when messaged back profile not found... for over a month I sent messages to women online with no replys. I would honestly say dont waist any money on this site. «»

  • Nata*** 23 years

    I always encountered this one "An email has been sent to the address you supplied.Important! Please check your email for a message confirming your r... egistration." What do i need to do to prevent this one? «»

  • Mich*** 99 years

    Fiction The women are a creation whose identity is the operators who are paid to do one thing...entertain the unsuspecting member who thinks he or she... is chatting with someone that they will be meeting soon. that meeting never happens but the victims figure theyll try again with the huge list and pics of men or woman that rave how awesome and desirable they find you . This is where they profit from deception . In order to chat with the dream girl or guy of your life you have to use your credit card and purchase credits not knowing or having read the policy that is clearly written in that states that there company entertains with fantasy. Sure your the fool for assuming and just because dating sites are abundant and popular and have ( REAL) people . Amazing Flings originally worked there scam out of the Netherlands they now rob out of Florida They covered there asses legally but wouldn't it be nice to find the names of these bottom of the toilet leeches and let there children, there churches , there neighbors and community know the evil they hold within. «»

  • Rich*** 55 years

    Fake or inactive profiles. Active profiles are after money!...Online hookers! Most profiles not in area. Bitter divorcees dumped by ex for something y... ounger. RIPOFF! «»

  • ang**** 43 years

    This site was good until they removed videochat ,theres nothing to do on here know

  • Alv**** 64 years
    23.09.2019 was the worst dating site experience I've had and I've tried most of the major dating sites.When I visited the site a few weeks ago after a... long absence, I logged into my free account with no problem. After I paid for a subscription (a week, I believe), I have never been able to log in again. It doesn't recognize my password even after I changed it. Calls to support was no help and then at the end of the week, they take over $50 from my account for a monthly subscription. Again, I call support with no satisfaction. So, basically they stole my money since I didn't get what I paid for and they refused to help. BEWARE OF THIS SITE!!! «»

  • Ke***** 71 years

    How do I change my profile, my brother posted it and the age is wrong.

  • B****** 26 years

    I met someone on this site and he scammed me out of 7,800 dollars and I will never recommend this site to anyone else it ain't nothing on there but a ... bunch of scammers and men who want over online dating at this point if I can't meet u in person then its a no for me boo «»

  • CORe*** 49 years

    You get a LOT of messages from fake women get you to keep chatting so that you have to buy credits. One credit per message adds up really quickly. I... ts all a scam. Thankfully I figured it out rather quickly. «»

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