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Very Bad
  • Mart*** 56 years

    There's really nothing to like about this dating site. I got majorly scammed by a female member by the user name JJRN. Her real name is Jennifer Lynn ... Jordan. She lives in Frankford Kentucky. She is a travel nurse. Well I'm not going to go into full disclosure in regards to JJRN. All I am going to say. JJRN Is She sent me her nude photos During our very first telephone conversation. Not only that she had sex with me on our very first meeting. I come to find out That during our relationship. She was still active on the site seeking men. Well I didn't know that the state of Kentucky has a harassment law. I don't live in Kentucky. So now I am facing charges of harassment via internet. Because I sent 3 emails to JJRN to her personal email address. Telling her I sent all her nude photos to her RN Nurse Supervisor email. Explaining to him That she is a very promiscuous RN nurse. I will never again use a online dating site. I've learned my lesson There's really nothing to like about this dating site. I now wish I never purchased a paid membership. I got involved with a female member who's user name is JJRN. Her real name is Jennifer Lynn Jordan. She is a travel RN Nurse she works at a hospital in Danville Kentucky. She lives in Frankford Kentucky. I has no idea this woman Jennifer Is a online dating professional that has many men I'm different states across the United States paying her for sex. I just know. I will never again use a online dating service. Absolutely NEVER again «»

  • m****** 59 years

    I like that at least there are some fit people.Gen pop…not any better or worse than a cross-cut sample of our American society: Most people are out o... f shape and overweight. The terms 'athlete' and 'fit' are used very loosely. There are many scammer profiles to beware. They do not delete your pics even after you delete your account and ask them to be deleted. «»

  • Lau**** 61 years

    Focus is on activities that folks like to participate in-should be a great way to find a partner who does the same activities Too many not fit or act... ive people using the site example: I'm active a few times a month. Can’t set a acceptable distance limit -I’m looking to hike, walk, kayak with local guys -not have a guy 4 states away contact me. «»

  • GBu**** 52 years

    Wide range of definitions for "active" people. In my area, there were very few people. The numbers increased within the 100-200 mile range. Personally... , I'm not traveling that far for the uncertainty of date. After a year, I did not meet anyone in person.If distance were not an issue, then there are potential dates. Same people were also listed with more popular dating sites. «»

  • Alfo*** 55 years

    Not a great site from the perspective of honest membership. Many of their members are using the free Membership, that means they can’t receive or sen... d messages. In other words, when you see someone’s last use was 3 weeks ago, its highly probably they are free or did not renew a paid membership. I contacted the website and they DON’T remove members who have not logged in after a certain amount of time. BUYER BEWARE. This site plays on your love of fitness. While some great people are on here, there really are not that many paid members. «»

  • Meri*** 48 years

    Auto generates 'interested' messages from current and 'dead' profiles - "Im interested in you, lets chat" unknown to members. Algorithm filters are u... seless during search...many of these profiles have not changed in 12 months....but show 'active' - my co-workers who were on here 1-2 years ago still show up as active in last 2 days.No better than other sites «»

  • A****** 55 years

    The problem with fitness singles is they have an inflated membership. If someone signs up for a free membership, they can’t receive or send messages.... Thus, their membership exists on the site indefinitely or until that member removes their profile which can be never. The key to seeing this is when you look at someone’s profile and it says “last visit 3 weeks.” That is a clue to an inactive (no longer a subscriber) or a free membership. Fitness Singles DOES NOT REMOVE expired or free memberships after a certain time frame. My friend had not been on the site for at least 6 weeks and when I looked her up, the site said last visit 3 weeks. I have contacted FS and requested they fix this. «»

  • Dav**** 44 years

    FRAUDULENT & SCAMMY SITE. On you have essentially NO chance of meeting anyone under 40:1. Most of their profiles are MANY YEARS O... LD - I saw one 8 years old - but say "3+ weeks old". I can tell because the age calculation differs from the age in some profiles. (And other ways.)2. Only PAID RECIPIENTS will receive messages from PAID SENDERS. But they have essentially no paying female members under 40. See this by looking at their "New Members" tab and also looking at the option for live chatting someone who is online (only available to paid members). You'll see a handful of 50+ women joining each week - that's it.TOTAL SCAM. Let's see if this review is published or if it's deleted. Next step FTC. «»

  • achr*** 46 years

    Not worth the time and effort. Very few responses and most profiles are incomplete. The contact to response rate is 50:1. Don't waste your time.

  • Susa*** 46 years

    Lots of obviously fake profiles and people who just try and get as many pics from women as possible.Interestingly, after having subscribed and paid v... ia card my card was cloned and some guys in Russia tried to get at my money (thank heavens my Bank is good and blocked the card immediately).Scam in more ways than one, beware and keep away!!! «»

  • Flor*** 62 years

    My experience with this site is bad ! looks like ARE FAKE SITE! the only thing I had from them is received the money for the subscription,show hundre... ds of profiles WERE NO BODY looks like have seen any email or messages, so NO BODY answer it a word?? this is weird, I want to have my money back! «»

  • Ma***** 45 years

    Fitness Singles is like any other online dating site.....its about a company trying to make money. Nothing is free and you have to pay to make any co... ntact whatsoever with a potential match. Their software uses algorithms/keyword filtering so you cannot just leave an email or any other contact information. Fact: You have to pay to make contact with anyone on the site.My personal experience on Fitness Singles has been mixed. The term "Fitness" marginally applies on this site and I can attest to it. If you're a male seeking a female it's all about how many women you reach out to. Very few respond and unless they've paid as well, you won't receive a response. Like all online dating sites....individuals are not always what they seem. Be wary of profile and other photos as more so than not, they are outdated and not current....some are just plain unrecognizable. Several of the candidates use pictures which might be 10- 15yrs. old. Make sure to request a "current" photo to be safe. Do not be misled by "Fitness Singles"....most of the individuals on this site are "NOT" fit by any means....and many are not forthright about their activity and condition. Additionally, many matches live in other states or are several hundred miles from your current location. Fitness Singles needs to work on their databases and normalize their selection's not very reliable.That being said, beware and be smart about how you use any online dating site. If you understand going in that it's going to cost you a significant amount of money without much'll be ok. Good Luck and be careful! «»

  • B A *** 58 years

    Very nice dating site. There are honest and real people on profile. Customer service is excellent. No problem when I called to cancell membership. Hon... est company! «»

  • joel*** 10 years

    Very poor with women with men's first names the last contact. Asked for tall women and there are none so far in a year! Cancelling today!! Never had a... phone call as no matches.Can't align age below as it is stuck between 10 and 11! Lots of members in that age range. This might be a fraud!!! «»

  • Chu**** 64 years

    Concerning Fitness Singles: bought 12 month subscription on Sep 30th. On Nov 10th I could not get into my account. Resetting password did not work.... Red notice said to contact customer service, which I have done 5 times in two weeks with no response from them. Will now try calling the phone number shown on dating scout site. «»

  • Ste**** 48 years

    Been signed up on the site for about a month. Very slow-moving. Not a large selection of people on this site. Making contact with someone seems dif... ficult. Not sure I'd waste my money on this site again «»

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