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Very Bad
  • Ki***** 45 years

    This site has many scammers. They also have many, many accounts that are dormant and not active over many months. Check the activity date before rea... ching out to them. «»

  • Ri***** 71 years

    I've been a member of Filipino Cupid for a couple years (off & on paid). Recently I've found that MANY of the profiles are fake. "pretty" women contac... t me but either have fake profiles (e.g. say they're a nurse but can't talk about their job) or have fake photos-- I open their photo in a new window, copy URL address & paste into Google Images search. Many turn out to be stolen from celebrities. I tell PH-Cupid but they don't seem to care. «»

  • T****** 35 years

    There are so many fake profiles spamming the same messages over and over. Out of 50 or so messages I've received all seem to be scammers. It's not jus... t the attractive women, there are tons of fake profiles with unattractive pictures. Also many profiles claiming to be "30" and the woman is obviously closer to 50. Not sure if it's just the scammers being lazy or women thinking that western men really can't tell the age of eastern women. «»

  • Jame*** 50 years

    I think the site is a scam. I joined with basic information and no picture. Over the course of an hour, I got 17 emails. Of course, I couldn't read ... them as I was a free member. Once you join, you see the emails are mostly just "hi." After joining, the emails stopped. I posted a picture and got a few emails after that, but they just sent a skype ID or some other messenger ID... from previous experiences, these are just scams. They'll chat a few times and then tell you about some tragedy in the family and need money... or they just disappear once they know you're on to them. $35 is a bit much when you're locked down in quarantine and have no real income, just to be scammed. No thank you. «»

  • fc s*** 40 years

    Too expensive, many bugs on the site and non-existent customer service.Many scammers and fakes, although some profiles are real.

  • Lesl*** 58 years

    Hi, five years ago I met a lady on Filipino Cupid called Ana. I am from the UK and my name is Les. We kept in touch by normal on line sites and finall... y, this month we met when I spent three weeks with her in the Philippines. We already had a very close on-line relationship and now it has moved to a real life serious relationship. I would like to thank Filipino Cupid for making this possible especially as I had a very bad experience on another site previously. I would have no hesitation in recommending Filipino Cupid to other people! Thanks again. «»

  • Ry***** 40 years

    I used this website several times as a paying member, including way back in 2008 when I think it was called Filipino Heart or something like that. And... there were many features I liked about it. However, sadly, my last experience with them was horrible and I will never use the site again. I had a paid membership, which I canceled one month and the "my account" section of their website reflected this fact. However, they kept billing me after I had canceled. I didn't notice this until several months had gone by and they had fraudulently billed be for over $100. I complained to them, and they did not respond. So I filed a dispute with PayPal. Immediately after doing this Filipino Cupid canceled my account and blocked me from accessing my account page so I no longer had proof that I had canceled months ago. They lied to PayPal and said that I had never canceled my account, which is BS, and when they finally responded to me they lied again and said they had no record of the account cancellation, even though previously I saw it with my own eyes on their website that they DID. Really really f'ing shady and duplicitous. I will never use their sites again including many others that they have like AsianDating, InternationalCupid, UkraineDate etc. «»

  • R****** 58 years

    Lots of Scammers or girls who want money even under age girls. I estimate 80 percent of them. The other 20 percent want marriage and lots of children... «»

  • Jac**** 45 years

    Never mind if there are fake accounts or not. The real issue is how poorly the site is run. They don't answer their messages. Images do not match the ... appropriate thumbnails. Profiles updates are slow or never happen. Deleted images still show in profile. Clicking thumbnail displays different images. So many issues and problems. But worse, trying to get those issues solved is impossible since Cupid does not reply to your messages. «»

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