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Very Bad
  • Jo***** 50 years

    Actually I am searching for support and like minded conversations with others in D/s lifestyle. I was in this site for one day and had some interestin... g conversation and then the room moderator did not agree with my opinion and kicked me out of the group after humiliating me inside the group. Some of the women I. Group with very judgmental of others and there was so much drama. So I decided it wasn’t for me and left the group and after she belittled me and was out right mean. So much for support. I have now left the site. They don’t monitor the room monitors and I did not have a welcoming experience at all! «»

  • Drex*** 49 years

    We've been members for years, across the world. Never went home hungry. Always felt safe.

  • Ste**** 63 years

    Fetlife community is real. There's a lot of events and ways to meet through these events. There are some pretty good forums for learning and such, b... ut that's where the good stops. Why? Simply because the number of members they claim are not current. As a long time user of the site, approximately 10+ years, I cannot tell you how many old, I'm talking 1yr - 10yr old profiles that have had no activity in those time frames. This would be fine, except, FetLife gives you any way to filter out this obsolete files. They also have no way to search for people with similar interests. They say they are not a dating site, that's sure as heck true, but there are all sorts of forum ads for hooking up. Personally, I think they are missing a huge opportunity to increase their reputation, their income and better serve the community by including a dating ability, or at least a search ability. I think the main reason they are still around is there are a ton of pictures, videos, etc., and for the membership price, it's cheap and draws a lot of members. I don't want to see it go the way of, but I'd sure like them to stop claiming so many members when there are such a huge number of obsolete profiles. I would recommend them for community gatherings but otherwise no. «»

  • Sass*** 42 years

    I’ve met a couple of people, they’ve been really nice, we’ve met a few time for meet n greet, I’ve made a few pen pals on there, I learn new things ev... eryday, talk to someone every time I sign in.I have had one bad experience and now no longer an with that Dom.I enjoy this app «»

  • Mich*** 19 years

    It was awesome

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