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Very Bad
  • ke***** 65 years

    Nothing, I get scammers, even ask to pay the airplaineticket for example. I get NO answer when ask what is happened, I think the war can rule some thi... ngs as this site is possible russian.Sje have block me of some kind, I get no responses anymore and nobody doe look at mine profile, it is just sudenly happened, possible by a faulty translation attempt. I look for a better site and go pay for it, the only way to get less scam. «»

  • ke***** 65 years

    Nothing on the moment. I get no views anymore in the netherlands, also not when set profile up, I had never that people did not visit or send message... , suddenly it did happen and the site is slow only when log in.. Is west blocked? because it is a Russian site. «»

  • pe***** 33 years

    nothingMy profile can not been seen by anyone. and they can not reply to me.its pointless

  • Mort*** 57 years

    No respons from other people.No one wieved my profile.The site doesn't work!

  • A****** 39 years

    This website does not even deserve a 1 star. If there was 0 star it would be more appropriate to rate them instead. first of all the site is run by ... a lame admins. They shadow block your profile for no reason either when you register or when you run your profile on this site. If you are lucky to not get shadow blocked on registration, you will get blocked later on once you use your profile.Women profiles on this site, majority of them are fake. Fake profiles probably set up by a bunch of computer bots to make you think you are talking to real women and to maximize your options. It is all fake. If you were to go to the cemetery and communicate to deceased people, you would have a better chance to get a response than from profiles on this site. Besides fake people, there is a bunch of scammers asking for money. It happened to me twiceI would never recommend this site for anybody. You are wasting your time. Keep away. «»

  • rich*** 50 years

    My experience with FDating is better then with other datingwebsites. Like on other datingwebsites there are people who do not react and people who are... joking with you. But via FDating I have made real dates and on other websites I did not, even the ones you have to pay for. So, therefor FDating is for me the best datingwebsite. «»

  • Mr D*** 35 years

    LA very good site

  • Kars*** 51 years

    The site is not responding, and you will get no replies on your messages.It is a waste of time.

  • Devi*** 36 years

    I had a bad experience on this site. The manager keeps putting my profile on temporarily unavailable. I try to contact them about the issue but they ... never respond to me. All my photos are real and my profile too. I haven't done anything wrong to offend anybody. I tried all year to register my profile and every time when I log in... my profile is always on temporarily unavailable. «»

  • Thom*** 44 years

    I am new to this site. I try it works for good friends and causal dating.

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