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  • Cop**** 30 years

    It's easy to meet others, totally free, no scamming, and looking for the same thing which is true love. I married the one and we met on Facebook datin... g and been together for 3 years now! We have had 2 kids together. I can honestly say it's the best thing to have ever happen to me!!!That I didn't join it sooner. «»

  • WEN**** 50 years

    Met my husband on Facebook dating. We matched, talked, went on a date right before the pandemic (Feb, 2020) , got engaged a year later (Feb, 2021), a... nd married in December of 2021. I owe the best thing that has ever happened to me to Facebook dating.There were some creepy guys on there that wanted to just hook up. «»

  • Debo*** 55 years

    It's free, easy to use, and shows mutual friends.Why ask for my preferences, particularly my distance, when you're not going to follow it - I'm being... shown men who are 2 hours away when I have it set to 15 miles. Lots of easy-to-detect scammers, men who don't speak English even though that's a setting of mine, men who don't bother with a little "about me". I would say my biggest issue is FB Dating ignoring my Preferences. «»

  • N****** 41 years

    Lots of people that met my criteria. I feel like I met someone good just now. Let’s see!Sometimes you match, and people don’t talk to you at all. You... gotta go thru some not-so-great people. It can be tedious. «»

  • Kath*** 63 years

    easy and freeMost of the men are not even real. I had no idea that there were so many neurosurgians from Norway in my city. . .

  • L****** 58 years

    Nothing ***100% scams***I joined before Christmas and now it is the end of March. I see the same sto... ck photos with different names and profiles but the same bad English once they initiate contact.Every message I have received has tried to immediately get me off of FB and onto What's App or Google Hangouts, which means they are a scammer.It's been a quarter of a year of nothing but offshore bad grammatical attempts at getting me to a platform that will have no record of their future attempts to give me a sob story and separate me from some money. «»

  • VICK*** 61 years

    User friendly, lots of options for selective choosing (i.e., hobbies, height, location, etc.)TOO MANY FAKE PROFILES. No sense of monitoring on this ... site of the blatant misuse of profiles (men with women's names, same type of jobs, and pictures used over and over that are completely faked). No indication of reporting feature working. Extreme waste of time to wade thru the fakes versus the real. «»

  • Kat**** 54 years

    as above, I find the connections I recieve are VERY suspect and not really the person they say they are. This fb dating is rattled with stolen identit... y, fake people, stolen photos, and folks really not who they say. No one follows thru and actually wants to meet. «»

  • Bedl*** 25 years

    It's alright, though the filters aren't always working. The location filter works, but when I specifically checked that I prefer women who don't have ... children, it still shows me women who have children. It's important to me that any woman I date doesn't have a kid, but facebook dating doesn't think so. «»

  • Lind*** 59 years

    I am thinking of trying it. I will give you some feedback once I sign up.

  • Mich*** 28 years


  • Geor*** 60 years

    Fake profiles, married, had personal issues, people not really screened properly, no idea who you are texting.

  • Darr*** 55 years

    Like it

  • Bob *** 69 years

    A couple of interested guys did contact me and things are progressing via text.

  • gods*** 41 years

    Its was great

  • John*** 65 years

    I don't believe in dating services, but Facebook kept pushing me around to sign up, so I did. Not good. I had bout twenty likes and matches, but no co... mmunication. One lady did say hello, then that was it. The odds of having a dialog are slim, and the odds of meeting them are zip. At least with the"old school" approach you start with meeting them and can go from there. With this Facebook dating you are a long long way from meeting them if ever.Also my matches were.not based on common interest, children or really anything other than gender and age. A waste of time. If you want to meet someone open your front door and get out there and start meeting and talking to people. Grade: F. «»

  • Ba***** 50 years

    so far, so good once app starts working again

  • Ji***** 40 years

    A lot of bad dating sites but at least this reveals some truth lol

  • Andy*** 49 years

    The app is not correctly filtering based on my Settings and is a worthless waste of time because of this.

  • Bobb*** 58 years

    I think i will love using this app

  • Jorg*** 49 years


  • B****** 35 years

    I am looking to talk and see where things go first on here

  • DAU**** 85 years

    I can't send messages to anyone of my conversations its show you can't reply to this conversation please help

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