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Very Bad
  • J****** 54 years

    Nothing.Fake profiles.

  • Ni***** 48 years

    I have been a member of this site for about two years. And very active as well. And I am saying from that experience.THIS SITE IS A JUNK AND FULL OF... FAKES AND BOTS. MEN, STAY AWAY AND DON''T WASTE YOUR TIME IN THIS SITE.Let me explain.First, this site does NOTHING to weed out fakes. NADA, ZILCH. Any tom, dick and Harry can register in this site, claiming to be a man one woman. NO VERIFICATION, ZERO.Most of the profiles with the pix of women should be from some Eastern European countries who try to rip off guys in here.I have given my email id - and so do many other women profiles too - in a cryptic way and I was contacted by at least 228 guys so far. All of them follow the same pattern.First, they initiate email and hangout chat communication. Immediately in a day or two, will send some erotic pix of women downloaded from some porno website or something, claiming to be themselves. They will claim to be from some random state in the US, like New York or something. They all will say that, they were very much interested in meeting me. But, at first, they will ask me to help them by sending some gift card for $150 or something.And this COVID became wonderful excuse. They will be like, "Oh sweety, I love you so much and can't wait to meet you, but you see, this COVID is a big trouble. I lost my job and staying at my grandm's place and I need your help. Plz buy me a gift card for 200$ to buy groceries. I promise, I will meet you after that"And if you look at the profiles, most of them will have the city and state which don't even match. Both will be state names like "New York / California", "Massachusetts / New York", "Florida / Atlanta" etc.I contacted the customer support and requested to make some simple measures to control these bots. But it fell in deaf ears. But every time, they claim to take sincere and serious measures to stop spammers, BS. They only advise me to mark the as spam, But that only stop those profiles from appearing in my search, not remove them from the site.Then I realized, that, this website guys INTENTIONALLY LET THE BOTS AND DON'T WANT TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT THEM. B/C, THEY WANT TO SHOW THAT THEY HAVE MILLIONS OF MEMBERS, I EVEN DOUBT IF THEY THMSELVES CREATED THOSE FAKES TO ARTIFICIALLY INFLATE THE MEMBER COUNT.On the other hand, I tested 2 other sites, uploading some random pix downloaded from the net. They both caught me and found out the site where I downloaded them from and gave a warning, not to do that again, which will block me.THIS, gentlemen, is what is called a measure to block spammers.SO, ESTABLISGEDME N.COM IS A FAKE SITE. THOSE WHO WANT TO WASTE THEIR HARD EARNED MONEY, CAN GO THERE. «»

  • Bi***** 99 years

    Site is pricey. Most of the women I previously met some time back were scammers. Was going to re-enlist and give the site another try to see if my luc... k was any better, the second time around. However, their site doesn't take Paypal as advertised. I tried reaching out to customer service, but they've not responded so far. My rating at the moment is poor, but that could change, if I ever hear back from them and my experience this time is better. «»

  • alex*** 58 years

    Just fake dishonest scammer profiles

  • Hayw*** 36 years

    This site is absolutely riddled with false profiles. After notifying the site countless times of inauthentic profiles the site keeps them up, all in a... n effort to drain your cash. Don't waste your time here. «»

  • prec*** 23 years


  • Pa***** 61 years

    worst SD/SB site out there all the women are fake using pix of models and pornstars just use google images to check them out

  • Brid*** 41 years

    I met my "Sugar Daddy" here, and we've been seeing each other for over 6 years. We're both very happy, and would like to thank Established Men for mak... ing it easy for us to connect and get to know each other here before meeting in person. «»

  • Mant*** 62 years

    Making good connections on-line but then always requested to give credit card info and join a database somehow proving I have no STD's.

  • G****** 45 years

    Do you like scammers? Do you like Russian bots? Then this website is for you!!!!!!

  • Cra**** 69 years

    Established Men is a sham. The women are not real. Don't waste your money.

  • Ha***** 57 years

    I have met a few woman who were actually pros they will scam you out of cash they will always give you thier number but never call scam artist I would... be happy to share their names too «»

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