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Very Bad
  • T****** 63 years

    Nothing.Getting to be like other sites loaded with fake and phony profiles.Been a lifetime member for over 12 years. Last 7 years, we met few and p... layed several times.Now days, we rarely get ANYONE message us, other ghan photo access.Admin is getting to be nitpick about EVERYTHING you post. «»

  • Ske**** 48 years

    Has an extensive network built over the years, but it's dwindling as people desperately search for other optionsThe site is rarely functioning as it ... should. Messaging doesn't work, hot dates don't work constant security issues and the support staff just says the issues are the end users fault. The site is terrible as is the support. «»

  • ja***** 42 years

    the profiles are well organizedThey do not make it clear that free members have zero chance of success. Free members can't seem to even respond to V... IP members. And free members are totally unaware they are wasting there time sending any messages at all. I started with a membership, but was not getting any replies to my replies, so I let the membership go. Suddenly, my proper email was flooded with site messages of contacts. The site is designed to frustrate you (fool you) into a membership. I am closing my account with them. «»

  • Mark*** 55 years

    We wrongly thought that this would be a great website, but we were wrong. For a company that takes in 5 million a year their customer service sucks. ... Our profile was put on hold three times because we wrote about a recent Gang Bang that we had attended. The message we received from SLS was that “we posted something illegal or inappropriate”. We posted the same exact information on the other swinger sites that we belong to without any issues. We have repeatedly asked customer service to call us and or give us direction on what we had posted, yet they simply keep responding with the same message over and over. We are on other swinger sites like Kasidie that we would recommend to someone exploring the lifestyle. «»

  • J****** 40 years

    Nothing It is controlled by the users and us very discriminate towards anyone who don't propagate their narrative of the site being the best and will... take your PAID profile and place it offline until you play by thier exclusive rules, and its mostly just cheating and or single men throughout most of the site, most of the members have been there for many years and formed "clicks" and ban people that aren't part of their groups or offering up thier wives for couples to monopolize, bunch of liars and scammers, that includes those running the travesty of a out dated website. We will never use this site again!!! «»

  • terr*** 51 years

    Nothing. old pics outdated profiles, A lot of people on there are just hatefulWebsite is outdated and horrible. Same people that were on there 6 yea... rs ago with same pics. There are some fake profiles also «»

  • rich*** 45 years

    couple, the Site is allover very outdated. censorship for any contact info. Even a hot date takes a day until censorship approves it. the Chat system ... is very outdated too and still ned flash «»

  • Ashl*** 37 years

    Worst experience with a dating site ever! I haven't even been on this site for a month, and they already suspended my "paying" profile for a week beca... use they claim asking for other people's contact info (like Kik or phone number) is considered "spamming" which it isn't! When you try emailing their "general support" with questions, they ignore you and don't send you a reply and you can't delete your profile while it's "offline". I have asked them repeatedly to delete my profile and they won't do it. This site is a scam that's just after your money! Stay away! «»

  • V i**** 52 years

    The app is selective and pornographic at times and definitely discriminates. Profiles contain old pictures ,incorrect ages ,and does not provide a dec... ent search engine at al, especially if you not full swap. Its very good for finding clubs and parties thats all....By the way we areva couple looking for other couples «»

  • Fr***** 55 years

    First off, your experience breakdown above doesn't exactly match what many are on the site for--most folks are there as a couple not an individual loo... king for another individual (even many of the individuals are looking for couples to play with). I have been on SLS across two different relationships and found the site to be wonky at times (particularly when trying to deal with free members) but the sheer number of local members (wherever in the country you are) makes up for the small number of shortcomings. I've enjoyed literally dozens of experiences from the site over the last 5 years and cannot recommend it enough, particularly for other couples. «»

  • Jo***** 20 years

    I thought it was going to be cool to meet up with new people, however the site no longer allows free users any form of contact with other members. The... only way to contact someone now is by paying for membership. Wish they would change it. «»

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