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Very Bad
  • mick*** 70 years

    Really ?"Support" sucks so bad it has bad breath. The simple solution is let the $$$ do the talking. Refuse to purchase or provide any financial in... put to any of the vendors. Let them have a talk with the owners about the decreasing revenue stream and maybe "support" will return. «»

  • aRTH*** 70 years

    I had an account on collarspace when I met someone I thought I had deleted my account but I'm not sure so when I tried to create and new account/profi... le I went to Collarspace sign to make a new account/profile it sends me to the login page where it lists my previous profiles but says they're not available so now what do I do? CAN YOU HELP ME PLEASE. iVE TRIED TO CONTATC SUPPORT TO NO AVAIL. «»

  • Cyph*** 51 years

    For a reason I ignore they suddenly "refused" my account yet, it is opened for years. I keep on messaging them and nobody respond to me.I used to cha... t with some good people there, they keep on messaging me without me being able to anser to them. I am very upset against the website. «»

  • Arth*** 70 years

    I joined Collarspace earlier this year and like a dummy I deleted my profile when I thought I had found someone, it didn't work out and now I've been ... a few moths trying to get a new profile approved with no result even after asking why on there support page. They don't talk to anyone. I've been told it's taking like 7 months to get approved, that's just crazy. «»

  • firs*** 59 years

    Approval of chanves in profile take an inordinate amout of time

  • Sabr*** 27 years

    I served my ex Master for ten years.

  • Boot*** 56 years

    I have had a profile on Callarspace for several years. However, when I went to add photos I was no longer active until they are reviewed. That took ov... er one month. Eventually I was told I was not meeting site standards even though not much had changed and nothing specific was stated. I have had to abandon Collarspace. I suspect ALT is trying to eliminate free sites. I wouldn't go there either. They used to be ok for free but now they are useless for free and they should stop offering free. «»

  • Mich*** 58 years

    Add a PIC of my dog( to show fiends), on 11/22. still waiting for approval. While waiting for approval, they deactivate you profile and you get this m... essage " Your profile is in line to be reviewed and will become visible to other users if it is approved." Today is 12/31 and I am still waiting «»

  • Sher*** 65 years

    I can not access my profile. It continually says that I have the wrong password, which I don't

  • j****** 60 years

    In 2012, I met my kinkster soulmate on collarme - freed0m. Yes, it does happen. I collared her and moved from Hawaii to live with her in Texas (yuck!)... . 3 months later we were married and the next year was the best year of my life. Then she was diagnosed with a rare form of Leukemia. She fought hard but lost that battle this summer. I stayed with her and it went from wonderful to horrible. Trying to move forward, I went back on collarme to discover it was gone. CollarSpace has our old profiles, but no way to recover passwords. I created a new account - it took months to be approved. Still waiting to hear back from support about recovering my old account. «»

  • Nik**** 35 years

    Collarspace and its predecessor collarme may have once been legitimate sites; however, seems as of late 2019 to be operated solely for... the purpose of directing people to sign up at the site, an affiliate under common ownership site which requires payment for most site utilities. In that sense, it's a scam to offer a free site that isn't approving new members for the purpose of directing people to a pay site. If you sign up on today, your profile will remain invisible to other users and not interactive with others for weeks, months, perhaps forever, with this banner on your profile: "Your profile is in line to be reviewed and will become visible to other users if it is approved." At worst, it's a scam. At best, it's a complete waste of your time to browse or create a profile that will never become active. «»

  • Cali*** 40 years

    This site just keeps getting worse. Its good that there is an verification string in order to send messages. But if you update you profile it takes we... eks sometimes months to get it back up and running. I guess they can't afford anyone to proof read profiles. And they will not answer any emails you send so Dont waste your breath. They will at random times inactivate your profile as if you updated it. Its sad how this turned for the worst «»

  • M****** 49 years

    I used to be on Collarme and oh how I wish they could kiss and make up and put that site back, This Collarspace is terrible. If you create a prof... ile, or just want to make changes to yours, it could take weeks, sometime even months to get approved and put back online. The journal feature has be discontinued, and if you want to contact support...good luck. You also can no longer do a search within your mailbox, and sometimes the features that are there don't work. ie I tried to block someone several times, although it said "user has been blocked" they could still get through. There are tons of glitches, and the site is always going down. Now they have some stupid verification string that you have to go through every time you send an email, it's so stupid, and does nothing, and sometimes is hard to read. They have some stupid auto correct when you make a profile, that changes words. If you try to correct them, well that's another month or so to get your profile approved again, and it will just go back to the auto correct words any way. Just not fun any moreThe people have changed so very much. I guess they can with no one to answer to any more. I'm a dominant, before you had a lot of submissives to choose from, there were wankers but real submissives out weighed them. Now it's total wankers, those trying to manipulate you into online, teven though your profile clearly states what you are looking for, these are the very ones that complain about findommes. They want that service they just don't want to pay for it. They no longer approach you like gentlemen, they approach like you are a pro and you have to take them as a client or something.I could go on and on. I really hope the old site comes back one day. I would like to leave CS, but what other choice do you have? It's about the only site where you don't have to pay. If the old site would return I don't think I'd mind even paying a reasonable about every month. Please come back Collarme!!!! «»

  • Mste*** 52 years

    Having been on collarspace for years when time came to update it actually took 2 months and 4 tries to delete and redo it all before finally having a ... profile. It lacks a lot of the old features and,yes bots and scammers are a 13 to the douzen..sadly. «»

  • mast*** 47 years

    they enver care members or bdsm people... notting works with their website and approve.. hundreds new members waiting for approve without any reason o... r answerr since 2018.!!! unrespect their jobs.. «»

  • Rock*** 55 years

    I met my current man on Collarspace and we are going strong for 4 years. Before meeting him i have dated from this site. There are many fakers that i... s true but there are many real folls too. That can be said about any dating or meeting people types of sites. Just put in place safe calls and meet out in public places. Be careful and have fun. «»

  • Fox *** 45 years
    30.07.2019 is run by a group of old Trump-loving right wing nazi fucks who actually use their own site to pick up young girls, one of the fat fu... cks tried to secretly messaged my friend's wife behind his back and several other girl friends on CollarSpace have all been hit on by the owners. They even have their own private database of under age girls that they blackmail and prey on because they're to old and fat to get anyone else. «»

  • Seek*** 58 years

    I have been a member of Collarspace for many years. I joined when it was Collarme. When it was Collarme it was a good site. There was a man and ... a woman who ran the site (Collarme). Apparently the man was the money man behind the site and the woman actually ran the site. There was a falling out between the two of them and the woman was forced out. You can research all about this on the web. As I understand it, it seems the woman owned/owns the rights to the domain name Collarme so the man had to rename it Collarspace. The woman states that she does not have the money to maintain a site and that is why she did not reopen the Collarme name. As soon as the man took over the site now called Collarspace, everything started falling apart. The site has deteriorated worse and worse since the man took control. People complain now about the site in their profiles and journals and talk about no help or even acknowledgement from support. Some even believe there is no one running the site, that it is like on auto-pilot. I can confirm this with the example of my own, I have been trying to get support to fix my Sent Mail so that I can constantly delete things from that page for what will be a year and a half as of August 2nd, 2019 to no avail. Every blue moon I am able to delete things from it and then it may be several months before I am able to again. I do not even get a response/acknowledgement back from support ever, and people have also complained about that. I have contacted support about other things also when needed but nothing ever happens. The site says that new members profiles will be reviewed and posted on site between 1 - 3 days, but new members complain that it has taken way longer for that to happen if ever. Some have gotten so tired of waiting for their profiles to appear that the have began all over again and created another newer profile which then does appear eventually. Those of us who have had profiles on site for years received a message that if we try to alter/change/update things on our profiles (even something as simple as your age for example) will be reviewed and reposted after an "indefinite amount of time" which means our profiles are not viewable to others and may not be for quite some time if ever. There are always problems wit the mail system. for some time now, when I write someone and click Send Message the system tells me that the code I typed in the box did not match what was shown (this system was not used before until a couple of months back) even though it did, so I type the new code in and the system then tells me that I am not signed into the site., so I log out of the site and resign in but as you would expect the letter/message is no longer there so you have to start all over again. The solution is, I have found, is to write your letter, copy it, go through the steps I just described above, then past your message quickly and hit send. You may have to do this more than once so always copy the message before clicking the send tab incase the system makes you go through what I have described here. It is ridiculous to have to go thru things such as this on a site. They also constantly move the tabs around and even remove them even if they are important for a user. There are many other problems with this site and I do not see them being fixed anytime soon and I also look for other problems to arise because they seem to be appearing more and more at an increasing rate with less time between them with none of them being corrected. It is so sad that such a one time nice site has been so degraded since this man has taken complete and sole control of it. So if you join this site, good luck, you have been told/warned. Do not be surprised if/when you become disappointed with the site and all it's problems as us "old timers" and newer members have become. «»

  • gene*** 67 years

    Collarspace is trying to drive traffic to, their "affiliate" site which is a paid site. They do this by not approving ANY changes to a profile... or any new profiles. This site will soon be gone. You can see what they are doing when you try to post a new profile, Part of the welcome message is please sigh up with our "affiliate". «»

  • Jam**** 52 years

    Collar is a great site. Both the collarme and collarspace versions have proved an immensely valuable experience for me. I have met a whole host of rea... lly interesting people that have brightened up many of my days. Of course there are bad people there too...but in general...I'd say this site was fantastic. My only concerns centre around the functionality of the site and the maintenance schedule. I feel that if it was properly looked would be the best bdsm site on the internet. Lots of creative people gather there and I have often gained inspiration from the sharing kindly posted by others. «»

  • sla**** 57 years

    DO NOT CHANGE YOUR PROFILE!!!!10 days since I changed my profile and this DIPSHIT company has not approved it yet. So I cannot message anyone. Recon... takes like less than day. COLLARSPACE must be run by MORONS. What's to approve of anyways? People mention poop, snuff, etc. in their profiles. What's the problem Collarspace? Get your shit together. Once my profile comes up, I'm going to send all my contacts my email address and then can Collarspace. «»

  • Ka***** 60 years

    I cleaned up a few grammatical errors and spelling mistakes on my profile -- 4 weeks ago. Collarspace has been holding it hostage! I had relationshi... ps with people on there. Now, I cannot respond to their messages. «»

  • Char*** 45 years

    I've tried signing up...but it has taken multiple weeks and still my profile is not approved. I don't think they have anyone working there any more? ... But not worth it. I would recommend passing. «»

  • Anon*** 63 years

    Awful!!! I had a profile for about 6 months. I updated it and it has been "waiting to be approved" first months now... YES MONTHS

  • Lee *** 59 years

    Unfortunately my profile has still not been reviewed/approved after almost 7 weeks! Any ideas?

  • Jo***** 40 years

    The collarspace profile review process is broken - and it seems many members are not getting their profiles reviewed

  • Mast*** 44 years

    Collarspace is outdated in its design, but has many great features. It seems that corporate drama has eroded the operation of the site. This should ... be solvable for a free/community site like this one through the simple engagement of a volunteer program--but there does not appear to be any effort to do so. Thus, profile moderation takes ridiculously long.Even with the outdated design, this site could be great again. Just get some volunteers onboarded and get moving! «»

  • A****** 33 years

    I have no idea what happened to this website, but I went to edit my bio and it said that it would be next in line for review. Over one month later now... and I'm still not able to use the site, get messages, OR respond to any. I am about ready to get rid of it. What is the point if no one is reviewing my simple edit? Had I known it would take this long, I would have never bothered editing it. I would not recommend this site to ANYone. «»

  • nony*** 62 years

    Where will you find more bugs; Collarspace or the Amazon Rainforest? Entomologist rejoice, all the bugs you could ever want are as close as your kink... y keyboard. I moved from Pennsylvania to Connecticut and was stalked by everyone of those AFF folks advertising on the home page. Every. Last. One. followed me to CT. However, despite trying to change my zip code 3 times the kinky person that lives in the same neighborhood I do lives 203 miles away. «»

  • Blak*** 45 years

    If I can get approved quickly before soome of these potentials get taken up or ruined to the idea of meeting. Then again, I've been off and on since i... t was CollarMe and it's strange that the same women are on here, looking for the same thing and haven't aged a bit in their profiles, yet, for some reason, they aren't interested in conversation. «»

  • Mont*** 54 years

    They suck I have profile that is three weeks old and it still not approved. They wont respond to me. THEY SUCK

  • J****** 47 years

    I had been selected to appear in a video shoot, unpaid. It went well. I have made much effort to connectand set up real-time sessions and meet-ups h... ere, i feel the majority of females on the West Coast are findoms. «»

  • xXSa*** 43 years

    Originally is nothing but players & fake profiles. Finding an actual partner is next to impossible, and profiles your not... interested in are easily butt-hurt even when you have made it clear without being a jerk that your not interested. Support is virtually non existent. They seam to cater to a particular crowd of people, and if your not in that group of people good luck getting any help. The site was much better when it was owned by its original owner. It seams like its newer webmaster doesn't know what they are doing which is quite obvious with the little glitches that you find which they seam to have no clue on how to fix. Like for example the gaping of sentences when filling out your profile easily fixed by pasting your text in pretty much any text editor & deleting the gaps, then pasting it back to your profile. Loads of problems with videos, audio, and other features. Takes for ever to get you profile approved & they claim the do not tolerate people sharing their personal information such as name, address, email, etc but you still often times see such profiles which means they moderators allows it because it takes well over 72 hours just to get approved, and when you message them about your profile your given no reply or conformation as to why its taking so was awesome, not so much! is a much better BDSM personals site, and its 100% free as well just a lot less trolls & drama. «»

  • Mind*** 40 years

    CS takes a little longer than 1-3 days. I signed up thanksgiving day and I'm still waiting. They are garbage.Then scrapped that one and made another ... one. A week later, still nothing. «»

  • M****** 38 years

    This site is hit or miss. I've been a member for over 10 years. Yes you can find people who are genuine about their domination and submission. You can... also find people who are fake and never want to leave the comfort of their phone,tablets or pc. I would say don't go on collarspace thinking you will fin what you want right off the back unless you find a pro dom. Again it's hit or miss there are real people searching,just weeding through it all takes some time. Since the name switch the site has had plenty of problems,currently if you update your profile you won't be able to use it for two weeks to a month. It says 72 hours but I just think they forget about the site and just collect revenue from the ads. I currently do have a sub that I own and the site is easy to navigate. «»

  • Mess*** 22 years

    I used to use CollarSpace back when it was CollarMe, everything LOOKS the same but there is definitely a very big difference in the quality of the web... site now. One of my biggest complaints is that the server goes down several times a week and sometimes more than once in a day. If you haven't shared some other way of communication to the person you've been talking to, you're just SOL until it resolves itself. Another thing that I've noticed is that CollarSpace seems to randomly remove punctuation in messages and has started recently to...I don't know autocorrect? to random words....everytime I type "ect" it will show up as the word "aspect" on the other end, I have no idea what that's about but it's really irritating. I continue to use Collarspace because it's a bit easier to meet someone there than it is on Fetlife but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. «»

  • A****** 68 years

    I have used Collarspace for many years with good success. At that time, I found my wife, with whom I have been for ten years now. We also found our gi... rlfriend over two years ago, and she now lives with us. Yes, we live the kinky lifestyle, which is not offered anywhere, does not cost, or is a sideline. Alt deals with swingers, is unaffordable, and is hard to operate. Other single sites are only single sites. Most are just vanilla, having never even heard of BDSM. No site allows one the success that can be found on Collar. «»

  • SirK*** 60 years

    You get what you pay for, nothing. My profile has been sitting, waiting approval for a month with a one word change, with no communication from them ... at all.When it was working all I ever connected with were hookers and beggers. "Send me iTunes card" Bottom line, don't waste your time. «»

  • ma***** 68 years

    It's been over 3 months and no one seems to work at Collarspace. I have written several times and no one seems to be able to approve my profile, whe... re I just put spaces between words they ran together. If I had known they would blow this off and do nothing, I would have never corrected it. «»

  • h****** 59 years

    Simple administrative functions, such as updating your location or zip code, are either difficult or impossible on Collarspace. I made a simple update... to my location on my profile, and a week later, " Your profile is in line to be reviewed and will become visible to other users if it is approved. The profile review process usually takes less than 72 hours." still appears on my profile. I can find no way whatsoever to update my zip code; the searches by distance still use my old location. Support seems to be nonexistent. I've contacted them twice about these problems, and they don't even reply. «»

  • Marc*** 46 years

    Worthless crap.Been a long time member and just made some minor changes in my profile last Friday evening (Oct 12th). It's now wednesday evening (Oct... 17th) and still my profile has not been looked at / approved which means a) I cannot send any messages and b) my profile is not visible.So a tip: once your profile is accepted NEVER EVER CHANGE IT. It's probably faster to make a NEW account (which leads to the fact there are so many fake ones.) «»

  • pere*** 29 years

    2 weeks past and my account is still in line to be reviewed, so I can't message anyone

  • Subt*** 64 years

    Collarme was OK for a free site (I've been a member that long) but since the split collarspace has seen a steady decline of usefulness and reliability... . Of late profile changes can take a month or longer to get approved. Every log in is met with new problems, glitches and hang ups. But that is not the worst part of collarspace now.Spending time in the chatroom has become a bullies paradise. Anyone coming into the chatroom with questions about the many malfunctions of the site in general is usually punted out of the room. Some are banned. The moderators behave worse than the chatters and one in particular has been removed from moderating for her offensive behavior yet seems to have control behind the scenes.The response is always the same. It's a free site that volunteers (a minimum of volunteers) do all the back work and if anyone has a complaint the can just leave the site.Not super helpful. More so small fish with much too much free time finding their illusion of power by being rude and nasty to others. And they get away with it every time.Plenty of free sites do an excellent job of keeping the site useful and fun but this is not one of them. I stayed there because I met my former Sir there (now diseased) and I guess I hoped to get lucky again. But their poor management of the site and allowing the abuse of their members by those supposedly watching out for abuse is absurd. Many have left and I guess it's time I join their ranks.You need a minus star they deserve NONE «»

  • Ed J*** 44 years

    The site is structured reasonably well, although users regularly complain of glitchiness. You can specify your own characteristics (gender identity, B... DSM classifications like dominant or submissive) to accurately come up in others' searches, and also the characteristics of whomever you seek. You can also filter searches on age, weight, height, ethnicity, state, keywords and more. All messaging is free. Because the site is free, and unmoderated (both good things) there are a lot of immature losers sitting in their mom's basements while portraying themselves online as Christian Grey. And there has been a surge in the number of "findommes" (online financial "domination" (exploitation?)). Although that surge was due to demand, there is no filter to skip those profiles if they are not what you seek. But you can individually "hide" any profiles so they don't keep coming up in future searches. Bottom line, you can meet real like-minded people there, like any other dating site, but you have to be patient due to the pretenders and wary due to the scammers posing as BDSM folks. «»

  • ste**** 67 years

    loaded with noting but scammers and fin dom

  • Ste**** 35 years

    Very bad experience with current website conditions. you create profile there and it is not approved, not verified, just denied, useless website.

  • anit*** 35 years

    I am lesbian and used to search mistress through the CS and became a slave.

  • s****** 61 years

    I completed a profile weeks ago and I have yet to be activated. I have tried to contact tech support without a response. I had a CollarMe account many... years ago and met some nice people there. As with most sites, you have to sort through the scams. I would give this site zero stars. «»

  • Chri*** 28 years

    Collarspace is not activating my account. I receive the same note that it could take up to 72 hours to activate it yet I have been waiting for over a ... month. I answered yes because I would recommend it if it worked. «»

  • Week*** 46 years

    When it was CM it was lovely and the opportunity to meet was real. Now the tech support is sketchy, unavailable and the scammers sign up in droves. Yo... u can no longer make journal entries, update your profile and actually finding someone of quality is next to nothing. I can not even delete my profile now. Very messy and sad thing the site has become. «»

  • Gr***** 54 years

    I am a submissive male searching for a loving Domme. Sadly for me, this site is more about kinks than relationships. It is easy to use, and it's compl... etely free until you talk to a Domme. Then, you better get your wallet out. 90% want a tribute of $50- $300 before. You even get into a conversation. «»

  • Ku***** 60 years

    You cannot sign up.

  • pret*** 56 years

    This site has apparently accepted no new members since 04/20/18. They may have ceased to vet and allow new profiles.The existing profiles are increa... singly those of "professional dominatrixes", "findommes" and scammers, as the genuine profiles fall away. «»

  • Mstr*** 50 years

    Met a sub and had a baby. She was the 3rd sub I got from CM.

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