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Very Bad
  • Sco**** 45 years

    I, like other men, like the photos on the site because they are, of course, beautiful women.I don’t like the fact that they threaten you if you quest... ion their validity. I don’t like that they scam you out of money and there are men or an ugly woman actually writing you letters, not the beautiful women we see in the photos. Not only that, but I was one that almost fell for it all. Also, notice when you send letters to these ladies that you will get a few emails from “outside the site” people. They will offer you each lady's “supposed” email, phone number and social media. But they want a certain fee for a certain number of women or services. I fell for the full access thing that they offer, but then the outside person said to me that dream is a scam, and you never get to meet the girls in the pics. And chances are the girls in the pics don’t even know who you are because they are there to sell pics and videos! Try getting a refund, and they pretend to be “your friend” and basically want to find ways to keep the money you’ve sent to them. They tell you they are looking out for your best interests, but they make sure you send money to tell you the bad news! It’s like they think they deserve the money you sent them for their troubles. It’s all a money making scheme, and they are a part of it. I mean that, are they really looking out for your happiness or their own bottom line? It’s sad though, some of us men actually wanna meet a nice woman, but these scam sites make it difficult to trust the women (probably a dude) that we talk to and communicate with. Plus, a lot of the women in the pics are getting paid to do the pics and videos with us never going to meet. The site isn’t about men or women meeting in real life. They are about fucking vulnerable people over for money! Really sad. «»

  • A****** 60 years

    Several “ladies” send the same exact message, sometime even at the same time. Several ladies have changed their names, the oldest profile photo from ... year 2008 and still the same age.No real contacts. «»

  • D****** 67 years

    You get to see lots of lovely ladies, no question.Great website design and works very good.The likelihood of meeting the ladies on this site is sli... m to not a chance. They have software that monitors all messages, to stop any personal information to contact each other. Any picture you send is also scanned for letters or numbers. Others have mentioned that the flower gift a joke, they send you a picture of the lady receiving the flowers, but after they take them back for the next flower shot! When you do video chat, there is a person monitoring the chat. In all, I think it is like a trip to Fantasy Island. If you want to chat a lot to the ladies, better have deep pockets! They call themselves a dating site, but they are not. «»

  • Edou*** 38 years

    There are many choices of women and very good customer service.Very difficult to date women. I went to Kiev last summer, and I met nobody after month... s of communication with several members (8 girls). Since I came back to France, I have paused my membership. «»

  • Ala**** 55 years

    I like the fact that there are many beautiful women who seem to like to date older men and even look for marriage and family, which is something I loo... k for, but I have doubts about.I don't think the women see all the words I send in a letter. The translations don't seem quite perfect, and it's very expensive to obtain personal information such as email and phone, costing nearly $1000 or 2000 credits. Many photos look alike and seem to be modified, which raises my doubts. I have been using this service for years, going back and forth, and have reached the highest level of gold membership, which allows me to read and send letters. However, I am limited to only 10 follow-up letters, which is very few and only allows for 2000 words. It's quite disappointing because there are women whom I am very interested in having a life with, even forever. So... !!! «»

  • Jim**** 43 years

    dream is a good dating platform. i was a member of dream since they were dream-marriage club for more than 7 years. i was in ukraine 10 times, and I c... an recommend this website to everyoneprices on new one dream-singles, better on old one «»

  • Jere*** 49 years

    The ladies are polite. And I feel I will find a woman here to spend my life with!It's expensive to chat. I wish it was more affordable. But it's wort... h signing up for many kindhearted ladies on this dating site! «»

  • Mi***** 67 years

    There are very many lovely attractive women on dream singles. Being a widowed man seems to have really drawn their attention. The women there seem s... erious and are drawn to older men. It seems to be worth the basic price of membership of $9.99 per month. This allows you to read all the messages you receive. I'm paying the $9.99 per month and no purchase in a block so they must have changed that policy. If you are looking for a dedicated woman and want a family, then there are many amazing women on this site. The women here have amazing photos and many of them participate in the photo contests. Even the older women have wonderfully trim figures. The profiles on Dream Singles are well written, in most cases, and the women tell much more about themselves and what they are looking for than I've seen on US dating sites. Once a woman decides she likes you, you could receive 1 to 4 messages or more daily. In most messages the women include a photo. Sometimes the photos repeat, but many times they are new photos. The site also lets the users include a short about 3 second video in the messages which they call boomerangs. So many times the messages are not simple boring text messages. The ladies can get quite creative in the font colors, highlights, emoticons, and other touches to the messages.There are almost no free messages. You do get a few initial messages to new people each month, but after that you have to buy credits to chat, send messages, or videos to the women. 10 credits per email message or chat seems to run out very quickly. I was receiving way too many messages, must have been 40 or more each day, and was not able to reply to everyone. As a man, you'll get lots of attention on DreamSingles. They have no matching algorithm, just if you both say you like each other. They do protect privacy by not allowing exchange of any contact information in the system. So this site can get very expensive quickly if you want to talk to the women that are writing to you. The more you'll want to talk to different women, the more credits you are going to use. The credits can be used very quickly. On the 3 day trial you can read messages and communicate, but to reply you have to purchase and use credits. I believe I used up 300 credits on my 3-day trial talking to a lady that had written to me for 3 months. If I had sent those messages after I’d joined they would have cost half as much. DreamSingles explains most of the site features in the FAQs section of the site. The credits cost twice as much if you are not a member and they'll be used up that much faster too. I believe I'm spending more in 6 months on this site than I ever did on the 6-month membership at I don't mean to totally be down on the site. The higher levels of membership do include more options for contact and some more credits too, I believe. Some women will ask a one-line question in each message. Those are hard to answer economically. Most of the women write English well, but I'm not sure how to compare the spoken language to their English rating yet. Haven't tried talking yet. «»

  • Mi***** 55 years

    Hard to say. I’ll leave it at that. Cost. You pay for every second. ‘Credits’ range up to an equivalent of .54 / credit and down, but not far down f... rom .54. An email is 10 credits, or 5.40$, to send. A photo within a text chat is 8 credits or 4.32$, a phone call: 8, 9 and 10 credits / minute (10, 15 and 20 min call options). While the lady can speak and understand English quite well, she and the interpreter converse in Russian. There is no direct conversation (1 call experience). After 3 months of conversation via email and text (text, estimated at about 30$ / hour), the person tells me that they have 0 intention to leave the Ukraine; while prior to, made comments about obtaining a fiancé visa and disliking Ukrainian men. 2, 000$ spent on the site (1 person and another, but only about 4 - 5 emails with ‘the other’) between mid December and mid March. «»

  • Za***** 50 years

    Completely a 'scammer' site. I've been connected with DreamSingles, for a few years. Without having a picture on my profile, and very little informati... on, I am bombarded with 'love letters'. In my 'occupation' I actually listed 'Batman'. In four years, I only had one person comment (jokingly) about that. I can't tell if it was actually the woman in the picture, but it was the only relevant comment about my profile.Being an 'older' guy, I'm not interested in teeny-boppers. My preferences are typically 40-50, but I did mention in my profile that give or take a few years was fine. But this didn't stop the 18-25 year old children, from offering their 'virginity' or 'twin sister', or 'best friend three-some'.I was skeptical when I first looked at the site. I was validated within minutes, when my mailbox began to fill, and the 'chat requests' wouldn't stop.Guys, here's some tricks for any potential dating site.If they look like they are out of your league, they probably are. Be real. Your shaggy beard and beer gut isn't going to land you a supermodel.Right click, and do a google search on the pics your are interested in. Odds are, this picture is also linked to another site. Compare the sites to each other, (or any other links). Are her eyes the same color, does she have children, is she somehow taller in one profile, does she have the same 'religion'?Studio pics are okay, don't shut down a profile that uses one. In many cases, women get dolled up, to have impressive pics. It's expensive, and might be the reason they don't change too often. But here's where you really need to scrutinize.Those 'selfie' pics, or casual pics. Can you see her hands? Meaning, did she take the selfie, or did someone else do it? If she is standing in front of the stove, in her underwear, someone took the picture. Could that someone be her husband or boyfriend?If she is scantily clad on the bed, do you really think a neighbor, child, or girlfriend took the pic? If she is in the bathroom, is there one or two toothbrushes (razors, combs, etc..)? Why is there a pair of men's boots next to the bed?It's those little details that could give away the fact that she is married, or with a man. Either that, or she doesn't mind getting half-naked in front of anyone who will snap a pic.I've seen wedding photos, or pics from a restaurant where there is clearly a man taking a picture of his date. Remember, most men are taller than women, look at the angle and perspectives. It's the things you don't see that can lead you into a bad situation.Look at the letters you get. Read them, and keep them in mind. I've found many times where I've received the exact same letter from multiple profiles, including the same misspelled words.If you use multiple 'dating sites' compare the letters between both sites.Does she sign off with, "Your's truly, Stacy" on one site, and "Waiting with anticipation, Anastasia' on the other? Look for the tells. Does she use proper English on one site, but broken, or confusing English on the other? Does she often like to use the same words, but fails to use it once on the other site?DreamSingles makes the claim that they ardently seek out 'scammers'. But when I presented them with evidence for them to review, they threatened to take me to court, for slander. I was being 'nice', trying to get to the bottom of a potential trust issue, and they slammed me, and shut down my account.Whether it is a 'super-model in the porn industry', or a high-paid call-girl. They claimed that their profiles were 'valid and verified', and that all other sites had 'stolen information' from Dream Singles.On a more reputable dating site, I found a profile with a single mother, and her child. I exchanged several letters with her, and she always presented pics of her daughter, and mentioned her daughter in the letters. A few months later, I found the same 'woman' on Dream Singles. There, she had NO children at all. I sent a letter to her (on DS), asking about her daughter, and she didn't even respond to it. It was so out of context, that it was clear that she wasn't responding to a single comment I sent to her.Not only did she not recall who I was from the other (reputable) site, but she denied being a mother.Be smart. Don't put your heart on your sleeve in your profile. If anything, put something silly in there, and see if they respond to it. Almost 4 years, and only one person found it funny that my occupation was 'Batman'.... It wasn't proof to me, it was only enough to say that 'someone' actually looked at my profile.I know there are a lot of pretty women, and they all seem 'hot and bothered' to meet you. Don't fall for it. Test them. Use the tricks I've shared. Expect that a real woman looks 'real', and doesn't come off of the page of a magazine.Dream Singles is a scam. Don't throw money at them. Not a dime. «»

  • Darr*** 48 years

    It will cost uou for everything on this site so it doesnt seem to be a dating site but a cash grab and charges for everything on the site there will b... e and every attempt at free comunication they will BLOCK this includes sending your email,phone# even pictures with such on a paper for her to be able to comunicate for free with you «»

  • Al***** 62 years

    The girls on the site may be real but they are not sincere. I paid through the site to get girls contact information but they always CLAIM to have pr... oblems communicating except through the site (email address got hacked so they cant use it, phone is broken (how can their phone be broken if they keep sending selfies)) I recently found an advertisement on a Russian language site that read (translated to English), "ACQUAINTANCE SITE WITH CHATS AND LETTERS ARE NEEDED - No Intimacy - Payment 50/50 - Do not write if you cannot work 8 hours a day. A great opportunity for moms on maternity or part-time student "This explains why I get identical emails (including misspellings and punctuation) from 2 different girls You also can not block girls on this site and I have complained to tech support who explained that the girls can continue to write but their emails will just not show up in your inbox. This is NOT true, because when they reply to old emails they still show up. Also blocking a girl does not prevent her from trying to chat. Many of the girls can be found on multiple sites and their "verified profiles" are different, including city, children and occupation. When I asked girl about this she replied that the agency writes that information for her. I recently saw an advertisement for dream-single where they featured 4 girls. 3 of the featured girls I have blocked because they clearly are not sincere about meeting, only sending endless emails.Based on my experience with this site I would believe that any positive review of the site is also fake. «»

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