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Very Bad
  • All**** 71 years

    Plenty of women.They do not 'tag' fake profiles. I believe they have a very high number of fake profiles,

  • K****** 59 years

    nothingDefinitely fake site, with many fake profiles and automated messages sent to you hourly urging you to buy coin and reply.You could check easi... ly to reveal the messages are not from real person but software generated by writingyour text phone number in your profile and choosing a user name such as "textme" then see messages pouring in saying:Dear textme send me or let's exchange text number or just read your profile what is your text number?Also from experience I know when a dating site has Cypress address, it is very unwise to use credit card or else to buy coins or subscriptions as it will follow with assortments of other charges to credit card withvirtually no way to cancel as the listed phone numbers put you on everlasting holds if you select any optionother than buying more from them. «»

  • jo***** 65 years

    They are honest in that they don't even try to hide the robots. I got the exact same word for word message from a white girl in NY and a black girl i... n HI. If you talk insults to the girls, they just act like you were sweet. They push the answer button as soon as you send. No way can they read before replying. Big scamToo many ugly women «»

  • Davi*** 52 years

    Do not use this site to gind happiness. The girls work for the site. They will never call you. They will never meet you. You will never find love and ... romance here. You will find out the hard way. After you've maxed out your credit cards! I foud true love and romance after I left this site. «»

  • Seth*** 42 years

    I had the worst fckng experience of my life. I believe that I was taken for at least a few hundred dollars in one night 👎👎👎I can't believe that nobody... else has caught on to this problem yet!Isn't it odd that it doesn't matter HOW FRIENDLY, or HOW CLOSE you get with a mate, it always ends with, the last thing you said and I don't think this going anywhere or is going to work of (even to just be an acquaintance)! Why? Why was I speaking with a girl, and than all of a sudden she asks me what's up she hasn't been able to talk to to any guys all night and what I was up to? There is no such thing as a phone call, social media a text message or email. BECAUSE IT IS A H U G E S C A M!!!! «»

  • Arth*** 84 years

    Good-- there are a lot of ladies, many of them very pretty (although I have heard that there are many scammers, especially among the pretty ones; bad... --In my opinion, the site is expensive in that it not un usual to spend 1,000 in coins communicating at length with one member «»

  • Bi***** 58 years

    Every woman on this site is FAKE! All responses are from what appears to be employees of the site and they cannot keep track of their own Reponses.Ca... se in point:I called out one woman and told her I was married. The response was she did not like the fact I was cheating and wanted nothing to do with me.Hours later SHE sent me a message asking how I was and hoped I would not keep her waiting all year!!Cost of messaging is EXPENSIVE!!!! «»

  • V Ma*** 60 years

    I get lots of messages, but they all seem fake. When I ask a specific question, I get a vague answer.

  • Bru**** 70 years

    All lies and fake people and profiles

  • Ph***** 68 years

    Not good but I don't know where to place the blame. I spent mucho dollars feeling confident that I would meet the right person. Many ladies would suc... k me in only to want to stay in the site to chat. I gave what I thought good ladies my cell and not one out of many used it to text me. So after a few months and lots of money I have given up you win. «»

  • Kev**** 58 years

    Have gotten many Catfishing attempts and most say they got my number off Dateyou website !? Why ? And it can’t be just a coincidence so wonder if site... owners are behind or aware of this and are they also profiting from ripping horny old men off ? «»

  • Dona*** 52 years

    There is no question you'll find a woman to talk to fast, and really intimate. If you like hot texting, you'll find it here. You may even find love,... but you'l fid lots of resistance if you want to take it to the phone. I've spent lots of time, and money here, and not one meeting or phone call. The site sucks money likea drunk sailor with a bottle of Jack Daniels. I'd like to hear other experiences. By the way, I get what I want there, just not the girl. «»

  • Wayn*** 58 years

    I have spent massive amounts of money upwards of $600 $700 and Talked to 40 or so Ladies on this site,. I have been talking with 3 different Ladies fo... r 8 months and I have not found one lady who is willing to go on an actual date with me!! I am beginning to think that the site is a money trap and you get no return for your money unless your into frustration and rejection, the ladies allways say how much they like you and want a date then you offer to make a date to go to dinner or some other place and they always have an excuse why they can't go out that night, I am very disappointed with this site!! 😭😭💔💔😭😭 «»

  • ja***** 53 years

    I met a girl .She refused to meet an insisted that we go on and on talking on the site causing me to pay for alot of coins. She may be an employee of ... the site leading men on but never meet «»

  • Geor*** 99 years

    SCAM SITE. Loaded with fake profiles. Photos are all of foreign places - not one single image that could be identified as being where the profile indi... cates the person lives. Language issues - use of colloquialisms are obviously foreign (or not local), and verb tenses are horrible. I seriously do not understand how you could give this site a good rating. So OBVIOUSLY a scam. «»

  • Rand*** 67 years

    This site is a complete scam !!!!! They pay woman inhere to keep men messaging them and spend a ton of money On here for nothing . They refuse to text... anywhere else!! Save your money and use another site. «»

  • A****** 59 years

    I’ve spent hundreds of dollars and all thee women want to do us chat. So I don’t know if they’re fake. Also O check and the profile is online 24/7 isn... ’t that strange? «»

  • acid*** 37 years

    MP Mobile Performance uses professional animators and operators for the entertainment of the Users, who are not identified separately in the system. T... his Service is provided in the highest quality. Real meetings are not possible with these operators. Users can only send them messages within the portal. «»

  • Ahet*** 40 years

    I found this site to be a complete and total waist of time. The "women" on the site appear to be online 24/7. And I found more than a few with faked o... r stolen photos. The one and only goal of these people is to get you to keep You spending money on coins/messages. You will also notice that their typing/texting style change (depending on what time you message). They don't seem to remember what was chatted about earlier in the conversation (like you've moved onto a new person). And you have zero chance of communication with these women outside of this site. I feel that this site is +90% click bait. Just trying to get your money. «»

  • J****** 49 years

    its horrible most of the profiles are fake and set up by the company to let continue buying coins. you get over 100 messages but will never get any da... tes. i read other experinces on this App its the same complaint. they get 2 stars only because some profiles are real. but your coins are done by the time you may get to real ones over $250 spent in 2 weeks «»

  • Dive*** 58 years

    I found the site to be a complete waste of time and pretty much FAKE women! I even communicated with one woman who was supposedly living nearby BUT sh... e didn't know the first thing about the little town, SHE SUPPOSEDLY LIVED IN, so I knew SHE WAS FAKE. I know the town VERY WELL. They just want to chat and have you use up your "COINS" as fast as possible so you will use more. «»

  • Je***** 59 years

    WARNING WARNING The women on this site are ALL fakes and frauds. Their sole purpose is to hold men on the site to chat by asking STUPID QUESTIONS and ... coming up with excuse after excuse why they can't call you on the phone or meet for drinks. THEY ARE PHONIES AND FRAUDS AND FAKES!!! DO NOT BUY COINS. When it comes time to talk on the phone or meet you ALWAYS have an excuse. YOU ARE PHONIES..... AND FAKE !!!!! «»

  • Rob *** 63 years

    This site is an exact replica of a scam site called They have exactly the same look, and same functionality. They both have lots of pretty... woman who sent endless text messages to me, urging me to text back, to keep texting, to text long into the night, despite the fact that they were supposedly employed, had 2 kids at home, and needed eight hours of sleep. Not even the ones I corresponded to most intimately would give me their phone numbers or email addresses. It turns out that at iFlirt and DateYou most of the profiles are fake, and you are actually texting with an operator of the parent company. Read reviews on scam report web sites to get a better idea of what is going on at DateYou before you waste a lot of your time and money. «»

  • KEN *** 75 years
    29.08.2020 is completely a scam. There are dozens of pictures of beautiful women from all over the country. Once in a while, you might find that one ... is real but most are not the least bit interested in you. What they have been instructed to do is keep you chatting with them. Sounds good except you have to pay for every single reply you make. You must buy coins to continue talking. Men being what we are, we like the thought that we are talking to a beautiful woman that is interested in us. It is all a fraud. Ninety percent of the woman on there are just following orders to get you to spend more and more on coins. It seems they work on shifts and reply immediately to any message you send. Many times, they will just ignore what you say. Rather than answering, most times they will keep asking you questions to keep you talking and spending more money, Don't fall for it. «»

  • eric*** 40 years

    after you get past all of the bullshit; it is $1.00 to leave ONE message. think about that for a second and then you will realize the entire thing is ... a scam. the girls i messaged all said: i dont give out my cell number; i dont give out my email; i dont give out my socials; etc. etc etc. in other words, if you want to continue interacting with them, it will cost you $1.00 for EVERY SINGLE message you send them. horseshit on top of rat shit, on top of bull shit, on top of...... well you get the point «»

  • stev*** 25 years

    Zero credibility. 100% bots. Their tricks to keep you sending/spending frivilous msgs is totally transparent and frustrating. I can’t believe I spe... nt money on that site. «»

  • Dann*** 47 years

    Is a total SCAM,womens seems to never rest,always online 24/7 yo can contac them at any time and they respond inmediately....As soon you are running ... out of coins is when you start getting more messages so they want you to keep buying coins and the ladies never want to meet in person....If chatting for ourse is your thing and waste money go ahead,My message to all..STAY AWAY FROM THIS SITE! «»

  • kev**** 48 years

    The site is way over priced a call girl is cheaper by a long shot a conversation on this site cost $300.00 . per day with no option to pick an unlimit... ed messaging for a fraction of the cost. «»

  • Stoc*** 62 years

    I’ve been over whelmed by the number of likes I’ve had. Every lady I’ve chatted with has been beautiful both on the inside as well as the outside plus... I like to give full body massages 💆 and I am looking for someone special that wants a commitment and is ready to trust in a long,and loving 🥰 life «»

  • Stoc*** 63 years

    I’ve been surprised at the shear volume of women liking my profile.

  • Dave*** 65 years

    This is a scam site!! None of the profiles list if they smoke AND NONE write ANYTHING in the section, "About me." Add to that, they NEVER give out the... ir phone numbers EVEN after spending ALL KINDS OF COINS!! There is NO UNLIMITED CHATTING!! I have had 7 t0 10 previews from the SAME CITY!! There is NO WAY that there are that many from the SAME TOWN LOOKING AT THE SAME TIME!! I think this site mines these profiles! Mine was mined from some other site AND the profile didn't even have my age right!! I found this out because I was getting emails saying someone sent me a message. «»

  • Ma***** 39 years

    Believe all the people I talk to are bots. When asked a question get the same answer from multiple people. Not worth your time or money.

  • Dav**** 65 years

    Date you is a scam the women that you talk to communicate in broken English and will answer you anytime immediately day or night. How do that do they... ever sleep. This is how.i was talking with one and all of a sudden the conversation demeanor and verbiage shifted when I questioned it they asked if I would like to talk to the other girl I was talking with. Must have been shift change. The profiles are there to get you to spend money on coins and nothing else. They will promise to meet you and when you try to talk about a safe public place to meet day and time they immediately change the conversation and try to keep you online. Stay away save your money. I have even caught them revamping my profile after I deleted it they forgot to change my email so I started receiving emails about ladies trying to contact me. «»

  • Bren*** 53 years

    Endless putting off meeting, non comittal chat for hours yet unwilling to meet in person. Complete fake and fraudulent website.

  • Mat**** 64 years

    They are a little prudish on the sign up. The first time I wrote my "About Me" they deleted it. I said I was a Heterosexual male who likes PDA, among... other things I wrote. PDA is popular of saying "public displays of Attention". I wrote a more detailed About me that nobody seems to read. On the plus side, there are A LOT more women. Ive been hit on by about 100 women so far and I haven't said a thing to any of them. But I know how this site works and most of the women want to talk dirty. There is probably a slim chance of actually meeting face to face. because too many men are "DOGS". Too many women have been assaulted by men they've met on dating sites. I think youspend 100 credits per comment. «»

  • Jer**** 67 years

    I don't mind paying for messaging when I'm trying to meet someone. But DateYou charges about $1 per message for all messages. However, I could never... get even one of the women to video-chat privately using Skype. And neither could I get a woman to merely chat with the Facebook Messenger app. The standard response of all the women - and I must've contacted at least 50 - was that they felt safe using DateYou. If you actually read DY's General Terms and Conditions, (section 11e) they admit to hiring "operators" to chat with male patrons, of course at $1 per message. I never found a single woman who I thought was a legitimate member, rather than one of the site's operators. IMO, the site is a major scam operation to take your money, $1 at a time. «»

  • Ed A*** 60 years

    I have had vary good luck with this site and so far all the women have been real. Matter o fact I'm leaving to do my laundry and meeting a woman I met... last night there. This is great «»

  • Fran*** 60 years

    It’s very very expensive to message the same person £50 for just 20mins of conversation

  • Hang*** 59 years

    All the profiles are 'entertainers'. They want to keep you texting at 50 coins a text. Tipoff: these profiles are always there (online) and do not lea... ve as long as you are there. «»

  • Hang*** 59 years

    All the profiles are 'entertainers'. They want to keep you texting at 50 coins a text. Tipoff: these profiles are always there (online) and do not lea... ve as long as you are there. «»

  • Migu*** 59 years

    This place is a total scam! You have to buy coins just to talk to someone and then they never want to meet you even when they say they are "HOT FOR YO... U". I have proof it's a scam because two different women from different areas sent me the exact same creative message. «»

  • Dona*** 54 years

    What a scam the woman is not real they work for the web site so you will spend all your coins fast and buy more you will never meet these woman

  • redp*** 60 years

    I have asked women for e-mail address's or phone #, everytime they give me the excuse not about 5 for 5 women come on

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