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  • Bren*** 75 years

    I found the love of my life. He is real. I like that there is a way to get off the site and still communicate.The price is too high. I wish there wer... e some way to trade credits. «»

  • Pat**** 66 years

    I was able to find interesting people.It's not clear how member credits are charged, by the time or by the numbers of messages sent.

  • Im***** 45 years

    Gyönyörű és kedves külföldi nőkkel találkozhatsz, akikkel minden kedvességemet megoszthatom.Mivel szegény vagyok így nem tudok kreditet venni és nem ... beszélhetek álmaim nőjével sem. Engem ez frusztrál és idegesít. Bankkártyám nincs és pénzem se, hogy vegyek. «»

  • R****** 60 years

    The false promise to meet up with someone.It is way too expensive to be on I have spent over $500 CDN in the first month, mostly chatt... ing to one person.They should also have a tutorial/user page to help navigate the site.You cannot exchange any personal information on the site, it is monitored, blocked and censored. «»

  • Lin**** 43 years

    You meet many single men from many countries.Very expensive and customer service is very slow.

  • Ki***** 35 years

    Is really Is not easy pay

  • V****** 73 years

    I am not sure if I like much about dating sites in general.It is all about the money. It is too expensive for the average person to use. Even though... I put my age out there, I still get guys contacting me out of the age range. It would cost me a fortune to respond to all the messages I received. Many of the profiles looked suspicious, just too good-looking and so many doctors and businessmen, not sure if they are legit. «»

  • P****** 56 years

    A lot of popular members contact you.However, they are in other states or out of the country. Almost everyday it asks you to buy credits. Spent over ... $70 in a day last week. Popular members keep asking same questions to have you keep burning your credits. «»

  • Mars*** 68 years

    The young man can definitely satisfy a sweet tooth. They are some fine eye candy.Grew suspicious when several young males chatted to me. Then, I sta... rted to study their messages. Similarities were obvious. They didn't even try to change their script. I also started accessing the site at random hours and realized for successful businessman they were always online, day and night. Except for a few hours' downtime. When I asked one if he was clickbait, can we say righteous indignation? I felt stupid for wasting almost one thousand dollars on this site before I finally wised up, yet I count this cost towards my ongoing education.The world's a greedy place. Who can you trust. «»

  • R****** 52 years

    I like the matches; it looks like decent people on the site.The credits are extremely expensive, not affordable at all. Because of this, you can not ... have a decent conversation with a person; it's insanely expensive. If you can afford it, it is a nice site. «»

  • Mich*** 58 years

    It only takes a few minutes to join up. Layout is well presented.It's not good value for money, quite a rip-off! There are many fake profiles, and me... n's photos are filtered or retouched. Men are encouraged to keep women online to spend more money. «»

  • Kelv*** 55 years

    Really good-looking woman.But, they are not Real :-(You have to pay for every message.Also, they never answer your Questions really :-(Scam w... ebsite :-(I have been here for 1 month, starting to get good conversation.But you cannot get anyone to speak away for this platform?I have sent multiple requests to users to contact me on my personal email, but no one has actually done so :-(I think all the profiles are bots :-(Scam… Scam…. Stay away. :-( All they want is your money. «»

  • Orla*** 35 years

    EverythingJust like sometime and time you're sending messages

  • Ro***** 62 years

    You can meeting nice looking, intelligent men.Pay thru the nose to communicate with the connection, and if you know you've connected, those gift or p... resents are way to expensive, you need to sell your first born just to pay to communicate. You can't just send them your contact information, why, so this site can milk the life out of your bank account. Make you feel like once you've connected with someone, your credit run out and you've got to replenish,. I feel like a junkie. I tried many ways to send my contact information and they block it at every turn. It's like keep paying, but your never going to be able to contact each other. For instance say the person you meet may be wealthy and other not so much, if they send you a present and you can't match, your screwed. So,, why bother going any further, they should make it where the person your connected with float you credits that early to reassure a contact information will be given. It's a real sad joke because people really are looking for love. «»

  • Ursu*** 81 years

    it is nice right away you get a connection. I did but I wanted only to look and get off with my age I really did not want to stay. But as a person sta... rted a chat and when your lonely, with the pandemic on now. we had a good connection too good. for 2 months But then...........when the money gets in the way. I spend so much money on there about 2.000. oo Dollars, Canadian Dollars. I start a conversation the money just goes, the credits just flowing away. I did not realize chatting. and e-mailing does that. I am a senior 81 years young. Don't look my age and I bin told also not talk like an 81-year-old.Not right to charge people that kind of money. Where are the controllers over businesses like that. Its a scam «»

  • Sora*** 39 years

    NothingThis site is a farce !! Getting people to get money ... Outside of the platform, you can't contact them or meet them. As a rule, guys never wr... ite so much, another thing like pictures from fashion magazines - very retouched, hypocritical. Let's move on. It does not relate to what I write. They ask questions but don't listen to the answers. They avoid topics, tapu topics. One of the principles of online marketing and advertising. If you want to meet a partner here, all topics must be touched upon if any of the parties so wish. Too many messages at once. I had the impression that the messages were prepared in advance and sent from the machine by the bot. There are no monthly packages for them. Only payment for e-mail, short message, video, picture .... with everything you have to pay !!!!! Very distressed page, don't play fair !! greetings «»

  • Mart*** 36 years

    Sweet words and nice men For every single message there is payment to be made..and frankly the website says free messages and chat...really I dont wa... nt to pay to be able to speak to someone...very bad from this company «»

  • R****** 48 years

    Met someone here at page and we became close. We become emotionally attuned towards each other and looking forward to seeing each other ... when all is back to normal. «»

  • Ti***** 40 years


  • B****** 78 years

    To many hits out side of my interest and age preference. Some members seen to be working for the company with endless emails and requests. A few see... n like AI bots and radical shift in responses. «»

  • Jacq*** 55 years

    This site is not worth it. First of all, when searching I put in the ages I am looking for and it comes back with all ages. There is a constant barrag... e of automatic chat requests from every age. These are not real people who want to chat to you. I get emails from men of all ages which are not even personalised. Don't waste your time on this site. It is frustrating that I bought some credits to be able to read the chats, only to find out the men are much younger and most are scammers. The English is so poor and the photos so fake. Really there is nothing good about this site. «»

  • Lyb**** 41 years

    Made you to pay subscription plan fee and then continues to ask for credits in order to continue to chat. Most of the guys are professionals and good ... looking men. Not a single guy wants to talk offline, out of the dating site. Cant help to think that they are all working for the company and the dating site is a scam. In addition, no testimonial or success stories about this site. «»

  • Lori*** 47 years

    I found this site extremely expensive (I am in New Zealand). When chatting to the men sometimes not just one credit is being taken for the sentence, b... ut more than one! I have also been scammed before on a few other social media sites so was very careful jumping on here. I do find the men very attractive - almost too attractive, making me wonder why they are still single? «»

  • T****** 62 years

    The site is fake with women who send fake form messages to get you to subscribe..what a terrible thing to mess with peoples hearts!

  • Mau**** 56 years

    The initial messages received before I finish my profile is the proof that all of it is fake. I was suspicious about the veracity of the messages and ... decided not to subscribe. «»

  • Patr*** 45 years

    I've been single for more than 10 years, I decided to join the site because I'm looking for a real relationship and I thought by joining an app that c... laims you can date someone you age, a mature one was going to be different. I received so many emails and chats requests, at some point instead of feel flattered I felt overwhelmed, it's too much. I must say my experience so far is not a good one, I started talking with someone and it's clear like crystal he works for the app. He keeps sending emails and pictures I must pay to read and see. I know the main focus for all dating sites is to make money but also they should consider the members, in the end, we are the ones who keep the app running. It has been less than a month since I joined the site and I feel cheated already. «»

  • dani*** 68 years

    two hours i look at profiles 70$.. Your money is welcome but your benefit is poor. i do not recommend. no stars from me. there is many people like m... e. go and check google. play.. their opinon of this site isnt good.. «»

  • bett*** 50 years

    The site is a scam to get you to pay for every single messages that you want to send out, or even to reply to messages sent to you. C$20 for each mes... sage...totally a scam and a lot of the profiles are meant to "scam" you and not real. Beaware! «»

  • An***** 50 years

    A lot of messages came from men from China. Not too many from other countries. And they charge extra each time you want to respond to messages, on... top of the monthly fees. What a rip off! «»

  • ....*** 55 years

    it seems really strange that so many people write to me, but when I sent my email or skype they do not contact me using them, but continue to write to... me in the chat on the site, I am forced to buy non-stop credits, to read the messages or reply without positive responseIn 30 min I spent 40 euros sending 8 messages and see 2 videos and 1 photo sent to me via chat.Either the site administration doesn’t show my email that I send to my contacts, in order to force me to continue chatting there and buy credits, or the profiles are fake , because the strange thing is that two different people answered me in a similar way in the chatI don't reccoment that dating site. «»

  • Joke*** 59 years

    I want to make a warning for all the people that are living in Europe and want to go on this datingsite. Membership cost € 59,99. Besides that you hav... e to buy credits. Other than announced on the site, for people from Europe credits cost € 0,70. For chatting you have to pay 4 credits, which means you have to pay € 2,80 for every text you make. Sending or receiving an email cost 10 credits: € 7,00. Opening a private photo (and they do send you a lot) cost 15 credits: € 10,50 for 1 picture!.For me this seems more than a scam than a proper dating site. Talking to some one for one evening cost easily € 130!!So be ware before you go on this dating site if you are from Europe. It cost you a lot of money «»

  • Bili*** 42 years

    My experience was awful. Most of the profiles are fake and communication is not genuine. they want just to keep you hooked in the correspondence becau... se it is very expensive to view /seed emails and messages. You pay for everything and it costs a fortune, without even being able to predict its amount of money as it depends on the amount of communication. It is a total scam . I would give them 5 NEGATIVE stars but there is no such rating so I am pressed to give one. «»

  • Joke*** 59 years

    it is a very expensive site. Every time you have contact you have to pay. If you want to see private pictures they send you, you have to pay. One mont... h of talking on this site cost me more than € 500. I think that is a lot of money to talk to man just to getting to know them a little bit better. I wouldn't recommend this site to my friends, just because of the high cost. «»

  • Mar**** 47 years

    Not good, very expensive. Lots of fake profiles. Just don't go for it.

  • Tam**** 54 years

    This site has the most amazingly good looking men in the world! And they bombard you with compliments and the sweetest words! But, if it’s to good to ... be true it is! Yes, for someone who hasn’t dated in many years it’s nice to get all this attention from younger men!! But you have to keep in mind that these men are models and I assume works to get members to spend money to read the words these sexy men write to you! But it is fun to fantasize!! «»

  • El***** 40 years

    This site is too good to be true. I got a lot of flattery messages from good-looking men who wanted to "find" love. When I tried to reply their messag... es, I had to buy credits which was very costly - average €15.99 for 10 minutes. You'll get tempted to buy (lots of) credits just to talk with the men/women from this site. They give attention and you pay. Good business. «»

  • Ire**** 50 years

    I have been in this site chatting for 1.5 years; I cannot tell whether I was scammed or not; but I am over it. Not worth to spend money on it!Met se... veral guys. I can't tell you they are fake or not. But surely it is a waste of time and money meeting people there. The person you chat seems looks real and will let you feel you are in relationship. But once you start question and/or asking to meet or talk in real life to continuous the relationship; the person will stop communicate with you but you can see he is still chatting online. Sure he is not into a real relationship or he is fake just engage you to spend more money on the site. I have two times experience of this already. They have a pattern; once you are hooked with a person, the person name will add with a last name (as they explain it is their last name or middle name or just want to make it special). I am over it already but just want to review my experience about this site. «»

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