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Very Bad
  • M****** 29 years

    Free site.Majority of the girls there all ignore me when I message them.

  • He***** 60 years

    It is free and accessible.Dating in Asia does have a phone app. In your review, you said they don't have one, but they do have a good working app fo... r Android.I have met a lot of honest people, but the downside is that most of the women are single mothers and have 2 or more kids, and in some cases, are still married, which is a high risk since you could face a police report for bigamy if you are caught in this act.You have to be very careful when you hand out your personal details since scammers are also active on this website. Please be aware of this.A lot of scammers and gold diggers.When a user sends in the first message a phone number then you know it is only about obtaining "free money". «»

  • luoh*** 49 years

    Some honest profilesHowever, too many dishonest profiles. And another problem are profiles that were cancelled by mistake and cannot open again. So... , first, yes there are some nice women profiles. Second, there are so many dishonest in form or another that you become on edge (too worried about real or not?)3rd there are profiles wrongly cancelled because they supposedly cancelled someone else. And here is what happens, the false profile is very well prepared and ready for anyone that might want to cancel them that (in the end) don't get cancelled. Yet according to the rules they should have been cancelled. But they are clever enough, that they remain on the site (frustrating everyone).And the people that rightly notify of any kind of problem. In the end wrongly get cancelled for rightly trying to cancel the more clever people and in the end. The clever fakes remain on the site. And the honest people who thought they were a good deed for everyone, end up getting cancelled. Now, people are meeting fake profiles but are too scared to do anything about it. «»

  • tony*** 74 years

    good when it works but very often and for no apparent reason you can be deleted...all your contacts and effort gone for nothing....stay off this site... and save yourself the waste of time and effort and the disappointments «»

  • mary*** 34 years

    good and happy and exciting

  • Ga***** 73 years

    I have been a member for probably 10 years and have met several people through it. NOW THE NEGATIVE PART—My account was suddenly cancelled without ex... planation. I have sent multiple emails, but customer support is non-existent! Not poor or slow, but NONE!I would strongly suggest establishing an alternate form of contact as soon as possible.A month ago I probably would have rated it 5 stars, now it’s pushing it to give 3 stars. Come on DIA, let’s get your act together! «»

  • Este*** 51 years

    I have had experience with several scammers and on occasion I stupidly sent ‘fare money’ to ‘come visit me’. In every case, the girls disappeared (wit... h the money which was not much). The technique is pretty much the same. They ask you to transfer to WhatsApp. They start calling you ‘dear’ or ‘hun’ almost immediately. They ask if they can come visit you and stay as long as you want. If you say ‘sure’ they ask for travel money. If you ask them to borrow the ( usually minimal) fare and you will reimburse them when they arrive, the tell you it’s impossible to borrow and accuse you of not trusting them. Never, ever send money. Girls use this site as their job, I believe, to scam money. «»

  • An***** 42 years

    I just found someone.

  • Mi***** 56 years

    I have used this site and others .. like all sites you should be careful of scammers.. Asian girls are beautiful but most of them are very poor.. don'... t get offended if they ask for money.. 80% of them will .. some are very nice and don't ask for anything.. it depends on the person and her situation. I have met women on this site that were very kind and helpful I have helped some of them too.. I'm not a player or a scammer I just haven't found my lifetime partner yet.. but it has been fun searching for her «»

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