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Cobble is not a dating app that you might be expecting. It actually an app which claims to help its members after finding a date— thus, the tag-line "life after the swipe."

The app is maintained and developed by Jordan Scott, an entrepreneur and the person behind "idk tonight," a popular website for curated dates and plans. 

It adopts the swipe feature which is one of the most common formats of today's dating platforms. You can browse, suggest, refer, or ignore the dating ideas on the app. You can also access the applicable information about the places including a short introduction about the place, website, contact details, location and maps,  store hours, and even the price range.

Do you think Cobble is not just a waste of time? Read more of our in-depth review and decide if you'd want to give it a try!

New members at Cobble in October 2021 in comparison

Here you can see how membership figures at Cobble are developing compared to others

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Member activity Cobble in October 2021 in comparison

This is how active Cobble members are compared to others

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Cobble Member Structure

10,000 from USA
Members activity
5,000 daily logins
Gender Proportion
42 %
58 %
  • Members are couples looking for date ideas
  • Most users are young adults
  • Members from all sexual orientation are welcome to join
  • Find users from all over the world
  • Join even without a partner

The members of the app are mostly couples. They should have separate accounts to be able to use the matching feature. Since it is not compulsory to join with a partner, you can still browse date ideas from the app as a reference if your partner is not fond of using apps.

Cobble is available all over the world in the Apple Store, so you can download it as long as you have an iOS device regardless of where you are located. 

Also, the app welcomes all gender, and all kinds of relationships as well. You can find date ideas applicable for homosexual relationship, heterosexual relationships, or both.


Age Distribution

  • 18-24
  • 25-34
  • 35-44
  • 45-54
  • 55+

Signing Up at Cobble

Cobble SignUp
  • Register for free
  • Finish registration in a few minutes
  • Signing up requires a mobile number
  • Use alone or with your significant other
  • Email verification is required

Signing up with Cobble is fast and easy. After downloading the app from the app store, create your account by entering your mobile number. Then, you'll receive a code which you will enter on the app for verification purposes. Then, you'll be directed to the information page where you have to input your first name, last name, the appropriate pronoun for you, and your email address. You can also check the permission to receive emails from the app. 

Upon clicking next, you have to choose whether you are planning to use Cobble with a significant other. You can answer yes, or no, but can always be edited on your profile settings. Right after that, you will be able to explore the app already and check out some dating ideas that you and your partner might enjoy.

Make sure to turn on your location services for more appropriate date suggestions around your area.

Making Contact on Cobble

Cobble Contact
  • Messaging is free
  • Adjust search filters
  • Turn on location services to find nearby date ideas
  • Swipe and match date ideas

Messaging is free for members. However, you can only connect with another member who is supposed your partner. Add him/her the contact number that he/she used to register.

Using your individual devices, you can browse through the choice of dating ideas, locations, and activities. You can adjust the search settings by adjusting the parameter. You can do this anytime you want.

If you swipe to the left, the date idea will be dismissed. However, if you and your partner choose the same place, you will get matched. This record is available for viewing on your profile page.

You may also refer to your partner or a friend by sharing the link to them.

Cobble Profile Quality

Cobble Profile
  • You can only view your significant someone's profile
  • Date suggestions have detailed information
  • View your past plans, matches and places on your profile
  • Customize your profile with your partner
  • Edit your profile information anytime

    A member's profile information is not very significant on this site because for sure, no matter what you put there is your partner already knows it. However, you can focus more on the information that you can find about the date ideas because, in Cobble, you are browsing for dating venues or fun activities with your date. It is assumed that the members of this site already have a partner who they would bring to their date.

    Nonetheless, your profile page is not useless at all because there, you can track all the plans that you have, matches that you and your partner made, and places where you have checked in for the past month, three months, or even from the beginning of your membership.

    Cobble Real Life Review

    This app actually made everything better for me and my boyfriend. We save a lot of time, and maximize  every date. There are a lot of suggestions and  date ideas to choose from. We can go with the classics or try some new things together. This app is definitely for couples! -Mara, 29

    I initially thought that this app is for finding dates! So since I didn't have a boyfriend during that time, I thought that my registration is useless, but I realized that I can use it in the future and I loved browsing the date ideas there. I'm also into events planning so I was also able to get some ideas for the parties that I've organized. Now I have a partner, I continue using it. It's indeed very helpful. We save a lot of time and we never run out of ideas where to go now. -Cynthia, 28

    Design and Usability

    The app has a minimalist and sophisticated design. You won't see too much clutter around. It is straight to the point and you won't find annoying ads around.

    If you are not a technical person, you don't have to worry at all since Cobble is designed to be user-friendly. 

    Cobble Costs and Prices

    Is Cobble expensive or cheap?

    In comparison to other providers Cobble is average.

    Special Features

    Cobble is a relatively new app and the idea behind can be a special feature of a typical dating app. Check out some details about its features:

    Swipe through the date ideas

    Upon registration, this is the first feature that you will find. Swipe left to skip the date idea. Swipe right to save it on your list. To read more about it, swipe up and find a page about it. The summary shows the title of the date idea, place, and if it is cheap or expensive (using $ signs to show the range. The more $, the more expensive it is).

    My List

    This part shows all the dates that you have saved or added to your favorites. You can right away book for the place or activity using the calendar. There's also a share button if you're partner has not come across it yet and you want him/her to see it right away. You can also share it with your friends.

    Our rating

    Signing Up: 3.0 / 5
    Making Contact: 3.0 / 5
    Profile Quality: 2.5 / 5
    Real Life Review: 4.0 / 5

    Editor's Conclusion Author Chris Pleines
    Dubbed as a "decision-making app" for couples, Cobble is trying to make it easier for couples to decide on where they would like to go next. Either it's a simple dinner venue or even more adventurous kind of date, you will find some suggestions here. It is not actually a dating site or app, but it offers great help for people who are always having a hard time deciding where to eat or where to go for a date. Although some find the selection limited, there is a curate-your-own date which could also be a bonding moment for the couple to create. If you are currently single and still looking for a partner, you can check out other  Dating Apps that we have reviewed. Once your successful, then you can try out Cobble next!

    Cobble FAQ


    What is Cobble?

    Cobble is an app which helps couples decide about their dates. There are tons of date suggestions where couples can choose separately. If they both liked it, then it's a match. They can book for the place/activity. Contact details and locations are included in the description.

    Is Cobble free?

    Yes, you can use Cobble for free. From downloading to signing up, you don't have to pay a cent. Even when browsing through the app, everything is free.

    Is Cobble a dating app?

    Not exactly. Cobble is dubbed as a "decision-making app" for couples who are having a hard time deciding where to go on a date. Although it is connected to dating, it is not like the typical dating sites that people use where they try to find a date. It's more of "what happens after finding a date".

    Does Cobble have a website version?

    Cobble has a website, however, it is only for marketing and app downloading purposes. All the features can only be experienced through the app.

    Who created Cobble?

    Cobble was created by an entrepreneur named Jordan Scott. The idea was developed as she is was also managing the website which curates and gives dating ideas for people.

    Is Cobble available outside the United States?

    Yes, Apple users can download the app on their devices. Although some locations cannot access it now, the app is expanding its reach to all the countries around the world.


    Can I sign up for Cobble even without my partner?

    Yes, you can sign-up even without a partner. Also, the couple uses the app separately most of the time. The app aims for the couple to identify the date ideas by themselves and get matched without bias when the couple liked the same date suggestion. However, if you only want to use it as a reference, you may also do so.

    Can I browse other member's profile in Cobble?

    No, you can only browse date ideas on the app. Since you are considered to be in a relationship when you sign up for the app, you will not be matched with other members regardless if you both like the same date suggestions.

    Can I save a date suggestion in Cobble for later?

    Yes, saving a date suggestion is possible. You just have to click the heart icon to save it. If you want to go back to it again, just check out your list under the "Saved" tab.

    How can me and my partner get matched in Cobble?

    To get matched, you have to like the same date suggestions. Make sure that both of you are members. If only one of you is a member, matching is not possible. You can just prefer to save the suggestion on your list.

    How can I refer a friend in Cobble?

    On your settings, you'll find a "Refer a friend" options. Just click on it and choose how you would like to send the link/message. Some options are through AirDrop, Messenger, email, and other communications app that you have on your device.

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