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Very Bad
  • Ros**** 60 years

    Before getting scammed, I liked the idea of finding a Christian to interact with.Do not think that there is any level of safety or security on this a... pp. One of the first people I encountered was a complete fake who started asking for money. I don't think CM could have reviewed that profile, or they would have found out that the information was false. «»

  • Sabr*** 56 years

    Nothing!Do not waste your time or money on this site! Not only are they not Christian owned, but they are frauds! I recently contacted 3 men who's pr... ofiles were inactive (last log in time was 2 weeks-3mo out), but after I attached a small photo (Snipping Tool) all three of the messages showed as being "read". Yet, they still had not logged in on the site. I wrote messages to each of the profiles explaining how I believe the profile is either fake, or is being used by the site admin to lure in potential customers. That is exactly what the company who owns Match, Our Time and the rest. I'm pretty sure that is exactly what they are doing. Thankfully I only paid for a month. Though, I have used it other times. Never again!I will say this...I wish more Christians would use the Christian Dating For Free (CDFF) site, or Christian Cafe. Yes, they both have less Christians, but I believe that is because Most Christians only know about Christian Mingle and the rest of the horrible fraudulent dating sites. CDFF and Christian Cafe are Christian owned which makes all the difference. CDFF is completely free (or you can pay a dirt cheap price) and Christian Cafe is not very expensive compared to the rest. Not to mention they give you a 10-day free trial. They also will contact you again for additional time if you don't become a member right away. I highly recommend either of them over Christian Mingle! «»

  • D****** 54 years

    Nothing!Not a true Christian dating site. Filled with fake profiles and inactive members. Don't waste your money! In the 5yrs that I used it, I went ... on 2 dates. They boast about numbers? That would more than likely be from the catfish profiles that are created. I couldn't tell you how many I have blocked. Don't waste your time! «»

  • Huds*** 22 years

    Multiple pix.My paid membership really didn't afford me any additional benefits other than seeing more than one picture.CM sends you emails recommen... ding people as matches who haven't been on their site for a year or two.They clearly don't purge out expired profiles or people who just did a free trial. This is very misleading imo, false advertising.Lastly, they don't tell you when members joined so you have no real way of knowing if the person will be back or they're long gone.Theres a lot of information that seems intentionally withheld that wastes peoples time.If I'd seen how few people in my area were actually long gone I wouldn't have paid for a 6 month membership.CM is doing a disservice to their customers.Don't recommend joining. «»

  • Sabr*** 54 years

    Fake!Fake! Fake! Fake!Don't waste your money! Try Christian Cafe, Christian Connection or CDFF. I have yet to find a match on those either, but at l... east they are more affordable and Christian. Though, I wouldn't pay for CDFF. Why, when it's free. «»

  • jone*** 66 years

    Very disappointing. In two weeks you claim not one match. Im starting to think this is a ploy to keep people paying money to be strung along. Also tr... ying to get you to sign onto other sights. I dont think that fair.I committed for three months. When its time to re-up is that when youll find a match to keep me on your sight? One more thing you were sending pictures of women, Im not gay.. Christian means christian. Man and woman..... «»

  • Chri*** 68 years

    I've been on Christian since 2004 as both a paid member & a (unpaid) guest. Have not had one attractive guy who meets any of my criteria, ... contact me in all these yrs. CM removed a ton of it's really nice free features several yrs. ago, & the site is inferior now but even pricier w/ exclusively premium memberships avail. now instead of standard memberships w/ all the features you need but costs less. The place is filled w/ scammers, now, & also I agree w/ one reviewer on Consumer ____ Reviews of CM site, that CM itself generates / creates a ton of fake profiles itself, to "populate" it w/ what look like real profiles, in order to get you to think someone real is interested in you so you'll buy a membership & spend money here. They also, I've noticed, have their software system set to generate a ton of fake Mingler7a6, f/ ex. all "Mingler" named profiles w/out ever send you a smile when you are on CM f/ any length of time, whether editing your profile & bio or just browsing. As I'm editing my profile, a ton of " & so" has sent you a Smile! notifications are coming into my inbox while I'm typing. This isn't just happenstance, these fake profiles are computer software generated, to get the more naive users to think that someone is interested in them so they will spend money & buy the expensive memberships. They also generate a ton of fabricated profiles, both male & female, who write to you to (all w/ a near identical cookie cutter script), to solicit you, always "on behalf of my friend", or "my boss, who happened to be looking over my shoulder when I was on here about ready to shut down my own profile bc I've found my Mr. or Ms. Right". Some of these women when you check their profiles, are seeking: not men, but other women! This isn't Lesbian Mingle, is it? I used to spend a ton of time reporting these solicitors to CM by clicking Report, but then the category f/ reason: soliciting, is not included, so you have to painstaking write, "soliciting, which is a violation of CM's rules", f/ every fake profile who is, by the way, ALWAYS a full fledged PLUS member, (they can afford these high prices, but we honest real people can't!). But I think that is bc they are all not real profiles but fakes which CM writes & adds photos to & puts out there as Plus members. I stopped reporting them. There were so many, & it multiplied to many every day, when I did report them. So now I just Archive delete them w/out reporting, as I figure that's CM's job & responsibility w/ all of it's million dollar resources to edit their own solicitors & fakes @ the front door, & not rely on me to do their work f/ them. The majority of men who contact me are not the least bit attractive to me...even tho I've specified in my profile "very attractive & handsome only". I stopped pre-purchasing memberships when they stopped giving us the standard membership option a year or more ago. & All I've seen here are either fakes or no one who truly interests me worth springing f/ a membership to find out maybe that they are a fake too or not interested f/ whatever silly reason...distance from where they live, or a million possible reasons they could have. So I've been a member or guest on CM f/ 16 yrs. & have grown very tired of the fake games that CM plays & have not found my amazing Mr. Right in 16 yrs. Something is amiss if after 16 yrs., bc I am plenty attractive & appealing, & great marriage material & a genuine strong Christian myself. & As one reviewer on Consumer ___ wrote, Sparks Network & the owners of Christian Mingle also own major porn sites. So their morality is compromised & they're not true Christians themselves. Would not recommend unless they & my future Mr. Right hurry up & get busy here w/in the next month & find my future husband here real soon, bc I've run out of patience & time. I'm single, never married "yet!" so, I've waited f/ my right one far longer than most women who would be on their 3rd by now & not caring whether he's truly God's choice f/ them, or not..& more interested in the perks & conveniences of having a husband, any husband. My patience f/ waiting any longer is wearing real thin. «»

  • arle*** 63 years

    I can't seem to find any discounts for ChristianMingle. What sources would have discounts?

  • arle*** 63 years

    Have tried out the free portion and have gotten about 1/2 the people that were scammers. (People saying a friend was interested and here's their emai... l address.) Just be careful what information you put out there. I think because scammers may think we're more trusting or because it is free, there appears to be a very large number of scammers. I'm new to this, so I don't know the % with other sites. Just wanted people to know. It doesn't seem like they do much to vette people. Also have gotten many with no picture or profile, even though in my requirements I checked that off. «»

  • D****** 64 years

    It was horrible! The site is proliferated with scammers..

  • B****** 53 years

    So far I’ve had a horrible experience on this site and I’ve only had it for 2 days. It seems to be full of scammers with no name or picture, only go b... y mingler something. The ones I have messaged with immediately ask for a personal email or phone number. When tole I’d rather message on the site first, they blocked me. I receive emails from the site stating someone has sent a smile or messaged me and when I log onto the site to respond, I then cannot find the person who supposedly sent a message. It seems as if these are just sent to keep a person interested or hopefully in using the site. I will be requesting a full refund. «»

  • Mary*** 58 years

    Biggest waste of money. It took 48 hours for my profile to show up. Almost every single smile I have received has had no picture and is widowed. The o... nly man I did converse with was "widowed" & in "Afghanistan."Scam Scam Scam! There are few men in a reasonable distance. I was on this site many years ago. It has gone way downhill. «»

  • Tina*** 58 years

    Christian Mingle is absolutely TERRIBLE!!!! I put my password in it doesn't work...reset password....still doesn't work.....keep retrying....still doe... sn't work....I give them my still doesn't work. IF & WHEN you can get on the site.....there is nothing there to offer. Silver Singles or Farmers Only so much better and There are Christians on those sites. Not sure why I wasted my money on thi s ridiculous "dried up" site. «»

  • E****** 32 years

    I'm unable to read messages and even chat because I haven't got the money to subscribe and this is quite stressful.

  • semo*** 33 years

    terrible site, expensive, and last time I paid for this, there were no truly godly men on it. Just men looking for sex. Terribly unhappy with the serv... ice. «»

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