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Chemistry is the brainchild of, a premiere online dating site with users from all around the globe. Back when it was launched in October 2005, the online dating scene wasn't intrinsic as it is today. Most matches were casual hookups that were no better than blind dates. created this new website to show that chemistry is a vital factor when it comes to deep and long-lasting relationships. The website's personality assessment matches users according to chemistry potential. If you're tired of awkward first dates and want a dating site that emphasizes on developing chemistry between two people before they finally meet.

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Chemistry Member Structure

350,000 from USA
Members activity
350,000 active weekly
Gender Proportion
80 %
20 %
  • Visitors from the US: 75% of total visitor count (approx. 250,000+)
  • Men and women in their 30's and 40's who are looking for a serious relationship or marriage.
  • The website seems to favor older, more serious users over younger men and women who are looking for fun and casual dating.
  • Majority of members are looking for serious relationship and marriage, although a few are open to friendship and casual dating for starters.

Signing Up at Chemistry

chemistry signup
  • Requires only email address and zip code as personal information
  • Relatively lengthy personality test with over 20 questions
  • The site only requires minimal personal information. At the registration process, you only need to give out your birthday, zip code and email address. You don't even need to give out your full name, as other users can distinguish you by your username.
  • Users have to answer a lengthy personality test, which is the bread and butter of the entire website. This is what determines your personality type, as well as influences which users will be matched to you. Several users on the site don't have an entry under their personality type, so it may be possible to skip the assessment.

Image Visibility

  • Unlike other dating websites, you can see other users' pictures even as a free user.
  • It seems like the site puts a lot of emphasis on their user's pictures. Not only does the site allow you to upload a total of 30 pictures, they have strict guidelines in their T&C about what picture you use for your profile. To make sure your photos are accepted by the team, you need to follow these guidelines:
      • Solo photos are always better. If there's another person with you on the photo, you need to point out which one is you.
      • No nudity or see-through clothes
      • No copyrighted images
      • Photos must not divulge personal information, such as car licenses, street signs, business names and scans of company/school ID. Basically anything that can jeopardize the user's anonymity.
      • No photos of users engaging in illegal acts like drug use, violence, and obscenity.
      • No poses with offensive hand gestures, or anything that can be deemed offensive to one's religion, race, ethnicity, political affiliation, etc.

Information in the profile

  • With, what you see is what you get. There's a single profile visibility setting for both free and upgraded users. This means that even as a free user, you have access to the full profiles of all users, even premium ones.
  • the ability to add even more hobbies when you edit your profile under the Top Interests portion.

Users can upload a total of 30 photos; however, not all photos are good enough as your profile photo. You can upload any photo to your album as you wish; however, if you change your profile photo, your request will be put on hold while the team checks your photo for any T&C violations (see above). If you have a Facebook account, you can import photos from your Facebook to the website.

Overall, account creation at gets a 4 out of 5. It is fairly easy and non-invasive, which is good news for people who don't want to give out personal details when creating an account. Although you can't really control what people see and what they don't when it comes to your profile, it doesn't contain any compromising information in the first place. This is because your profile is more about who you are as a person - your hopes, your interests and what you look for in a person.

Although the site is lax in terms of personal information requirements, the personality test is another story. It takes around 5-10 minutes to get through the personality assessment test, depending on how serious you are in answering the question. Most questions on the assessment contain statements, where users choose whether they agree or disagree with the statement. Occasionally, a question with a different format will pop-up, but these are rare. Example of information that users need to fill up in their profile include their political view, their religion, how many children they have, as well as their ethnicity.

Making Contact on Chemistry

Chemistry search members
  • User pictures are visible, even for free users.
  • Instead of sending a message, players can also “flirt” with any user that piques their interest.
  • The site makes initiating a conversation easier with Message Ideas. Each user can set 4 questions that other users can answer as a way of breaking the ice.
  • Users are notified whenever someone favorites them, flirts with them, or sends them a message.
  • Sending messages to other users is free for everyone
  • There is a chatroom
  • The website displays 5 featured matches for free users, which refreshes every day.
  • If you don't like the website's featured matches, you can expand your horizons using the search function. You can choose to search all users, or limit your search to all users that are currently online. The search bar can be filtered according to the following fields:
    • age
    • location
    • height
    • ethnicity
    • smoking/non-smoking
    • body type
    • zodiac sign
    • status
    • number of children
  • Conditions of contact

  • The site has a chat function, although it is only available to paid users.
  • While the communication options are limited for free users, the site offers a workaround using the Flirt function. Since you can't express your interest using chat, you can do so using the flirt button if you wish to remain a free user. Upgraded accounts are given a lot of options when it comes to communication. Although the site only offers text chat (no video), this still means unlimited messages, both sent and received. If you feel like you have chemistry with somebody, you can add them to your favorite list. On the other hand, if another user is making you feel uncomfortable, you can block them to prevent them from messaging you.

Chemistry Profile Quality

Chemistry profile setup
    • The profiles are quite detailed
    • Profile pictures are visible to everyone for free

    Member profiles have several customization fields that can help users find people they have similar interests with. However, the site doesn't really mark it as mandatory, meaning users can leave the fields blank if they want to. However, you can see when the user was last online, which is a nice touch.

    Chemistry App

      Currently, there is no app for iphone and android, but its website is responsive across all platforms. This means that if you access the site through your phone's browser, you will get the site's mobile version with a different layout that's more conducive to easy swiping and tapping.

      Chemistry Real Life Review

      Design and Functionality get a 3 out of 5. The site isn't too big on aesthetics, but the layout is simple and clutter-free. Site navigation is a breeze - you can access features easily using the menus on the top or the side. Screens load fairly fast, even the search page which contains several pictures that need to be loaded.

      Chemistry Costs and Prices

      Free Services
      • Profile creation
      • Personality assessment
      • Full profile views
      • Visible pictures
      • See who has viewed your profile
      Fee-Based Services
      • Send and receive messages from other users
      • Add people to your favorites list and get notifications when you get added on others'
      • See who flirted with you
      • ProfilePro - The site employes professional writers to create your profile for you
      • Nameplate highlights - Your nameplate has a different color, making your entry more visible than others (available on Best Value Plan only)
      Duration / Credits / CoinsCostsTotal
      plus tax
      1 Month34.99 USD / Month34.99 USD
      3 Months21.66 USD / Month64.99 USD
      6 Months12.49 USD / Month74.94 USD
      Chemistry Price US
      Payment Options
      • Credit Card
      Payment discretion
      • Payment cannot be done anonymously. Additionally, subscriptions renew automatically, so it's the user's prerogative to cancel their subscription if they want to opt out.

      Compared to other sites, the price structure is on the low end. Aside from the site's affordable rates, they also give more features to free users, making it the best middle ground between paid and free online dating sites. All new subscriptions on the website will be charged a one-time processing fee of USD3.99. Also, depending on what state you live, you may need to pay additional state taxes.

      An upgrade special pops up when you register, telling you that you only have a limited time to avail of a special upgrade offer. On the payment screen you'll see a timer counting down from 10 minutes. However, we visited the website several times and each time the counter would reset back to 10 minutes and would never go away. It is unknown if this is a bug or as a tactic to get newcomers to upgrade their membership immediately.

      Special Features

      • The site allows all users to see who viewed them
      • Special personality assessment gives you insight about your personality type and how well you bode with other personality types
      • One of the few dating sites that accept Mail-In Order as a payment option
      • The site encourages safety in online dating with their helpful articles and guides
      • Ability to see a user's full profile and clear pictures gives more leeway to free users compared to other sites
      • Have your profile available for all websites under the MarriageMinded Community
      • login security automatically signs you out after several minutes of idle time

      Overall, the site's Special Features get a 4 out of 5. The site already gives more features to free users just with the profile view and visible pictures alone. Although the site lacks gimmicky features that are rampant with other modern dating websites, it does the job well and allows free users more room for exploration.

      Our rating

      Signing Up: 3.5 / 5
      Making Contact: 4.0 / 5
      Profile Quality: 4.0 / 5
      Real Life Review: 3.0 / 5

      Editor's Conclusion Author Chris Pleines
      While at first glance, looks like your typical website, after you sign up and look around the site, you realize that there's more to it than meets the eye. The Chemistry test not only helps the site search for good matches, it also helps users know more about their own personality types. The general atmosphere of the site is more serious and solemn, maybe because it is a Christian dating site, or maybe it's because its members are mostly older, and favoring marriage over casual encounters. If you're looking for more than just casual dating - if you want to look for the person to spend the rest of your life with, then Chemistry is the perfect place to start.

      Chemistry FAQ


      Who owns is owned and operated by niche dating service provider PeopleMedia. The website is one of several offerings launched by, a premiere online dating site. is also a member of the MarriageMinded Community, which is composed of dating sites that are geared towards individuals who are searching for a lifetime partner.

      Does Chemistry work?

      Biggest proof of's legitimacy lies in its parent website, is one of the major players in the online dating industry, and chemistry employs the same successful techniques, which is probably why the site is still going strong even after over a decade in the industry. Although the site doesn't have any definitive numbers regarding their success rates, the MarriageMinded Community as a whole have been successful at bringing marriage minded people together.

      How do I contact

      The website has a contact form, which can be found through their Help page. It may take around 24-48 hours for to reply via email. They can also be reached through their PO Box at People Media, P.O. Box 12627, Dallas, TX 75225, or through the phone number at tel:2145763272.

      Which is better or Match?

      People like to compare the two sites as they are similar to each other at first glance, although is more of a niche Christian dating site, while is a general online dating site. It's difficult to compare the two because's target market is limited to the US and caters to people looking for serious relationships or marriage. On the other hand,'s target market is larger, with several international website across the globe. It also caters to more tastes, from casual dating and flings, to long-term relationships and marriage.

      Are and the same? is one of the many niche dating sites that branched off from, so the latter is more like a parent site to Many people believe that these two sites are the same because their websites share the same layout, basic features and even Terms and Conditions.


      How does work?

      The site works around the mindset that to make relationships last, chemistry between two people is necessary. The site hopes to foster this chemistry even in an online dating setting by matching people with compatible personality types, interests and preferences. The personality assessment that users take at the beginning is used to determine a user's personality type. The site believes that there's no bad combination of two personality types; rather, all types affect each other in a unique way.

      Who can see my profile?

      All users on the website, regardless of whether they are a free or paid user, can see your profile. If you want to hide your profile, you can do so through the settings under Account Status Settings. Keep in mind, this feature is for people who want to stop using the site temporarily. By hiding your profile, you also lose the ability to use the website's other features. Users can unhide their profiles when they come back through the same manner.


      Is safe?

      Yes, using the website is completely safe. The website is certified by VeriSign, which means users connect to it using a secure connection. Unlike other websites, Chemistry doesn't require users to divulge a lot of sensitive information during registration. Users also choose what information to write in their biographies. As for the website itself, its uses the same cookies and web beacons that most websites use. Whatever personal information that the website gathers from everyone is used to improve marketing efforts for the site. If you're not comfortable with the website collecting your usage information, you can opt out. As for credit card and banking information, these are encrypted through VeriSign and the site does not share financial information with any third party company.

      Free Services

      When will have a free weekend?

      Because of the site's popular, people are always trying to find ways on how to get for free. The Free Weekend event is always a huge hit for users of the service. During this event, all premium features are unlocked for free users for the entire weekend. As of the writing of this review, there is no news about a free trial or free weekend. To find out firsthand about upcoming events, users can opt into promotional emails through their account settings.

      Is for free?

      Users can create a profile and explore the site free of charge. They also have several features at their disposal as free users, such as the ability to see user profiles and pictures, and see who visited their profiles. Other features other than that are exclusive for paid users only.


      Is there a guide on how to stop emails?

      The website sends notifications to their users whenever they edit important parts of their profile, receive messages, get profile favorites and a lot more. However, if your profile is pretty popular, this means getting several notifications throughout the day that can spam your inbox. You can opt out directly from your email provider by searching for the words “unsubscribe" at the bottom of the email and clicking on the link. If that doesn't work, you can go to your account settings and uncheck the boxes for events you don't want to receive notifications for.

      Can you tell me how to cancel temporarily?

      Maybe you found someone and you want to try dating that person exclusively. Because you won't be using your Chemistry account while this is happening, you may want to unsubscribe and make your profile private for the meantime. You can unsubscribe manually through your account settings. The best way on how to quit Chemistry temporarily is to hide your profile. This way, the site won't send you daily matches and your profile won't be visible on searches. If it doesn't work out, you can always come back to the site, unhide your profile, and re-subscribe.

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