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Very Bad
  • Fuck*** 50 years

    NothingI never signed up to this scam site, my details were passed to charm date by the scammers at I have requested to unsubscribe b... ut they refuse to do this because they obviously think me a fucking sap. «»

  • Bria*** 65 years

    Money pit never met anyone they keep u talking to sick more money out of you

  • hype*** 57 years

    You do an image search of the ladies and find the are models and actresses some even married with different names. Some even come up as known scammers... and these are ladies that have been verified by the charm family site. They don't really talk to you but say nothing while sucking your credits. Any positive feedback from this site would have to be from the site owners themselves bull$#*! you. But it is obvious really what 30-year-old model wants to be with a 60-year-old. I even did an 85-year-old profile and got the same $#*! lines. You want to feel good about what a male behind the screen says to you while pretending to be a female go ahead. «»

  • Rena*** 57 years

    Very hard to verify the ladies since CharmDate uses third party agencies to get the women so the site does not know for sure if they truly have been v... erified or a scam. All verification should be done at not by third party agencies. «»

  • ahm**** 28 years

    after spending a few months and a lot of money on charmdate i have no doubt in my mind that its fake, you dont have to believe me just go and look you... rself, first you sign up and they give you two minutes chat vouchers, but when trying to use them to chat you will find the ladies are very slow to respond in fact sometimes they wait a full minute to respond to something simple like "how are you?" another warning sign (and you can try this yourself) iis when you spend some time talking to a girl and log in the next day you will see that she is trying to chat with you but the problem is that she is repeating the same routine she did yesterday she is asking the same questions or using the same pick up lines, and you are left wondering is something wrong with her?, did she not remember our conversation yesterday ? i tried this even after an hour to make sure and after a 20 minutes conversation i logged out and logged in after an hour and she tried to contact me like we have never talked before, it is my belief that all girls younger than 30 on this site are paid to keep you chatting for a long time and considering you are paying more than 10 dollars for every 5 minutes of chat then thats a lot of money. even in paid chat when you ask a simple question like "how are you?" the girl spends almost a full minute until she replies with "fine".also the interaction is very scripted, i worked in a call center a long time ago and i feel that this is what it is , same business model, similar approach to probing questions.but you dont have to take my word for it try it and look for the signs i just described. «»

  • !!Er*** 60 years

    This dating site would not accept my credit card information....TWICE! Even though I'd like the womens' profiles!!

  • Paul*** 56 years

    It is difficult to make permanent contact without credits and difficult to make a permanent relationship.

  • Mark*** 49 years

    With Charm Date being one of the oldest sites (and one of the most expensive sites) I fairly certain my comments will not change their habits of Profi... t before successful Matching of people seeking possible marriage. However, it should be noted, there should be a path to personal contact information being traded between two people who wish to do so without interference. The site's popularity would explode with people telling friends from across the planet of their successful pairing via this site. Quality & Quantity together with successful relationships as the site's match making ability would increase participation of participants exponentially. It's the law of economics for Charmdate and the law of love for those seeking it! «»

  • Jim *** 55 years

    How can you get the home telephone number from a member and/or her email address so you can have the freedom to not use the service after you get to k... now each other? «»

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