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Very Bad
  • J****** 70 years

    Lots of ways to interact with others through forums and the like.If you're over 60 and female, good luck. I must have sent out 50 likes, several mess... ages, etc. Men can come on here who don't believe in the basics like the Eucharist, or "rarely" attend Mass--how are they Catholic again? «»

  • Nich*** 58 years

    Briana (CatholicMatch)Sep 3, 2021, 11:25 AM EDTHi Nicholas,We explained the rules. You are not allowed to send the same message to multiple wome... n. Even if your intentions are good, it is still spam.Sincerely,BrianaThat explains why Jesus had a problem with the Church ,, he had good intentions too help every one with the same Message over and over again and they CRUCIFIED Him... Sound like we had Not Learned anything in all these years .. «»

  • J****** 28 years

    The viewing of a profile is niceIt's sad that it's the "top" catholic dating site for Catholics... I liked around 100+ profiles. For not even 15% of... them coming back towards my profile to check me out. Sent around 50+ messages to just get 7 answers back. In total, I had 2 dates, that didn't amount to anything because they just ended up ghosting me.Overall Review: There's a lot of inactive profiles and girls that are "looking" for a relationship but yet not willing to put any effort into it. This is definitely not a site for someone that is looking for the real thing. Also, I've been on and off that website (deleting and recreating my account every time) 3 times to just found the same profiles over and over again «»

  • Jo***** 28 years

    It's a Catholic Dating website so it supposed to be "easier" for you to find a Catholic WomenProfile viewing is nicely made Lots of idle accounts. ... With all the profiles I liked (around 100), not even 25% of those profiles came back to check me out. Sent around 40+ messages for around 5 responses? Got 2 dates out of all of that... 1 I was talking for a while, flew out to see her, talked to her more after that, then she told me she's not looking for a relationship anymore. The other one we talked for a while, went on a date, talked a bit more after, then I got ghostedAlso seems like the people on there don't want to put the effort to be in a relationship. «»

  • Dan *** 66 years

    Very little.Jason LaFosse, Brian Barcaro appear to be money makers with a no-show job.

  • D****** 66 years

    They allegedly cater to Catholic people and bring them together; moreover, they are not overly expensive.They wish me a HAPPY BIRTHDAY and the same d... ay advise that my application didn't pass their security and my application was denied. Having been a sworn member of New York's Finest and a lawyer (retired now), I can easily see that their security system leaves much to be desired. They also won't tell anything about their security system because they are afraid of something about it. Moreover, they do not communicate with you. It appears that they are just a money making machine for Jason LaFosse, and Brian Barcaro who are incorporated the way a small business who feel the need to protect their personal wealth, filing as an LLP or Limited Liability Partnership. I cannot recommend them to anyone because it appears they do nothing other than collect your money. «»

  • Greg*** 67 years

    I contacted 40 ladiesI got 4 responses and one date They must keep deleted customers or old customersI’ve seen photos of ladies I saw years ago

  • Vala*** 65 years

    I am generally dissatisfied with the quality of the men I have met on this site. I do not plan to renew my membership. I don't think it's the site p... er sae, but the members. «»

  • Danu*** 61 years

    Very difficult to navigate

  • An***** 42 years

    I'm not blaming Catholic Match, but if you are a Catholic 40+ in Winnipeg looking at Catholic Match, don't bother. I've talked to other Catholic frien... ds (males included) and they say its the same small selection of people over and over again. I've had that experience. I've bee on 3 times and the same small group of men have popped up. None of them even have the courtesy to message and say they're not interested. If they've been there that long I guess no woman suits them. Again, not the website's fault, but if you're 40+ in Winnipeg, don't waste your time and money! «»

  • Jenn*** 29 years

    Too expensive. There is not really a free service. Frustrating, low value matches!

  • Clé*** 23 years

    My friends, escape from this site. Sad to see a "catholic" site so dishonest.My experience with the site was very bad, in my Catholic view this site ... has nothing.I signed this site for 6 months worth USD 74.94 which would amount to USD 12.49 per month.My experience was as follows. I entered the site after I paid, and I got to know him better, his functions etc ... But I did not really like the site, and I went to see his policies regarding the refund, to see if a refund was possible. And as I saw in the following link The site issued the refund, if in case the subscriber had not used the own resources of a subscriber, which was my case. Because I did not use any subscriber function. Two hours after I signed up for the site, I contacted support asking for a refund. The answer I got was the following."Sandy (CatholicMatch)Apr 24, 10:01 PM EDTHi Clerio,I'm sorry that you changed your mind about continuing to subscriber. Refunds normally are not offered, but I would love to see what we can do to assist you.First, let's customize a search for you; What age range do you have in mind for your match? Also, are you looking for someone in your country or would you be open to other countries as well? Is there anything else that you see as a priority in your search?I look forward to hearing from you!Sincerely,SandyCustomer Support "She said that refund was not offered, answer is contrary to the site's own policy, as you can see in the link left on top.Then I contacted contact explaining the situation again, said that they were contradicting themselves, and sent a print of the policy refund of the site itself.I received an answer, not the question I asked, but my request was being closed.How do I pay for something I will not use? This is dishonesty, lack of character., Are countering themselves. Flee from this site do not want to have problems. «»

  • John*** 26 years

    Absolutely littered with fake profiles. I reported them and the website will not pull them. I wonder if they are outsourcing people to make fake profi... les. What is worse... one of my female friends did not receive many messages.. The week after her subscription finished, she started to receive messages. Like many pay-for-messaging dating services, CatholicMatch preys on its members' emotions to increase profit. There are better free options. I highly do not recommend. «»

  • STEP*** 68 years

    so many disipointments

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