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Very Bad
  • unga*** 46 years

    Awful experience... I just wanted to try it and got charged immediately 6 months in one shot... then impossible to get my money back. Plus, interface ... is not fancy and most profiles are fake... forget about this app. «»

  • Chr**** 47 years

    Warning of fraudulent behaviorWarning, they are cheaters! On the advertisement it said 15 Euros per month. Yet, was charged 60 Euros (for three month... s 180 Euros). This is fraudulent behavior. «»

  • kevi*** 58 years

    my exprance report was great and wide

  • Roh**** 33 years

    Requested a refund the night I signed up. Had to wait a week to cancel. Now the they refuse to refund my money, but tell me I have 'access to the serv... ices until June 2019'. Why would I want access to their services if I requested a cancellation? They reference 'terms and conditions' but their obligation to their customers and to stand behind their service should supersede that. I should add that there is no option to cancel in the first week via the C-Date website as they 'need to wait for payment to process'. If you ever needed a reason to run a mile from a website it's that.Awful, awful experience. Intend to email and post to as may review boards as it takes to get my money back. «»

  • Hand*** 50 years

    C-date is nothing more than a scam. The only emails I received as a member were from scammers trying to con me out of money ("I'm on holiday and have ... lost my passport and all my money, please send me £700 now if you love me") or computer-generated "answer our survey" emails. When you try to cancel they ignore you and when you cancel your payments they send you threatening letters. They are horrible people and I would never recommend them to anyone. «»