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Very Bad
  • John*** 37 years

    I love the easy login

  • Chun*** 28 years

    All of the above reviews are out of date. It is now, because oof Chinese Communist Party policy, almost impossible to register a Blued account in many... parts of the world. Its a god app for those in Asia generally, especially for those who dont worry that their every word and phrase is monitored by the CCP. Try it and see, anything remotely unpleasing to the CCP will be removed and you will be blocked. All in all, a spy app «»

  • Rob**** 41 years

    Used to be a great app. But, Blued has a new 'business model' and decided to (temporarily) suspend all services to those in the UK and EU starting Sep... tember 2020 (according to searching results on the web). Result: my account has been blocked. The Blued helpdesk is NOT responding to any emails. I have been trying to establish a dialogue for almost 3 weeks now and I keep getting ignored. «»

  • g****** 22 years

    Blued is a excellent app it was assowme i cant live with out blued

  • Abhi*** 19 years

    Good for casual meeting and Hook ups but not good for serious relationship , it's hard to find out your desired boy.

  • Bayu*** 19 years


  • kait*** 62 years

    It was all fake most of the messages I got were obviously chat bots.

  • Edmo*** 35 years

    Blued is a really great dating app and a great place for people to meet Asian men. The down-side is that the American Military predators are all over ... that stalking people unchecked. I would recommend Blued, but with this caution.On the positive side, this would be a great place for international hackers to take advantage of the stalkers' vulnerabilities. «»

  • Jeff*** 28 years

    I been use blued since 2014 they block my account 5 times I did not scam or threaten anyone

  • Deon*** 41 years

    To be honest I have mixed feelings about the app. I've used it for a while now and what I've noticed is that guys don't read the info on my profile - ... so when they make contact they ask my age or where I'm located. Today I was even contacted by a woman who was oblivious to the fact that the app is used by gay guys :-) There are too many young guys (age 18-25) and I've also encountered quite a few guys who are only interested in seeing my naked pictures. This is actually quite annoying and my blocked list is growing longer by the day. I am based in China and most of the guys on the app are from India and the Philippines. I seriously doubt whether I'll be able to find a partner on the app. «»

  • Ar***** 59 years

    I just got into BLued. It is at least 99.5 % Asians located in their homelands, and not a large number are online during US evening hours.You can pick... their live video shows by location or "popularity". Very few whites or blacks, a handful of latinos, are ever online. The interface is very good. It has the traditional pic grid, filterable by age, online status, height and weight (within reason). Your public pics go in the "Stream" section, and icons for up to 4 of them appear (along with your profile info) by swiping down from your profile pic . Also, up to 6 private pics (swiping left from profile pic). Only the profile pic requires cropping. There is a live private video show app (invite only) that allows explicit activity (the public video shows do not), but I haven't tried it yet, or know if they work two-way (a separate pop-up for each participant). The more popular dudes in the public live video shows get too many text messages, which scroll the screen, to respond to most of them it appears. There are also live video shows by group members, just for the group. You may have to ask permission to join an existing group. All of this has been for free, so far. My rating and recommendation are based ONLY on the interface. I'd try it, and invite [boy]friends to form a group (public or private). But if you like Asian dudes age 18 to 39, and can speak their language and deal with their hours, you *will* have fun. «»

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