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Very Bad
  • Will*** 64 years

    Website is good.A lot of people aren’t serious about it.

  • Alex*** 61 years

    I can choose who I think is interesting and meet some of ideal goals in lifeI have nothing g bad to say

  • C Ca*** 67 years

    Not good at all most people are scammers I don't recommend

  • Jenn*** 71 years

    Too many men are looking for sex. Nasty perverted sex. Some as you to meet them on Google Hangout. Then your taking to a whole new person. With diffe... rent profile pics and stuff. It's like a person is trying to get you set up for a scam. «»

  • Elle*** 35 years

    I have tasted this site to confirmed that this site well really help me to get my serious partner so am really appreciate to get involve to this site ... looking for a man who can make me pleasure day enjoyment thank you. «»

  • Shar*** 23 years

    The site continually locks me out and I have to reset my password. It allows limited searches. So far very disappointed

  • sal**** 59 years

    not good, I feel that the members messages are be withheld to keep the members a paying customer.

  • je***** 59 years

    i viewed the site and based on the martial status of several women in my area I became a paid member , but only to find out all the status had all cha... nged and now their were none in my state. bait and switch yep i got tricked. «»

  • R****** 42 years

    The quality of men is below average. Most of them don't post any information in their profiles. A lot of the pictures look like mugshots. When you do ... message someone, he immediately wants pictures. I don't like the "fave" feature. I do not like men that I haven't met making me a favorite. Also, the daily matches are people that I have passed on several times already. BPM recycles the same guys over and over. I am disappointed in the site. It was a waste of time and money. «»

  • Mick*** 60 years

    This site is FULL of men that are married and lying about it, convicted felons and not displaying that in their profiles or a lot of them have girlfri... ends! I wish there was a way you could screen then for criminal records and make them submit a divorce paper or “legally separated” paper! «»

  • BigB*** 52 years

    Here has been my experience with most of these dating sites while you're previewing many bots are thrown your way many hot looking women then after yo... u really do sign up you may get 2 or 3 hits a week not more even less and then when you notify them that you're no longer interested and cancel your subscription not only everything comes to a halt no replys and no hits at all and the hits you do get are quite unattractive women you wouldnt date if you were dead Run Run Run its all a scam «»

  • Prin*** 53 years

    Site is filled with fake profiles. Site administrators are constantly recycling profiles in addition to contacting paying members through old members... profiles - they will message you and once you suggest a more personable means of communicating - they disappear. The site has lost credibility and lacks integrity. «»

  • Spar*** 54 years

    The site lacks integrity - recycle profiles and the verbal content of profiles is less than desirable. Do not waste your time, money, and/or energy -... bad vibes. Majority of profiles are fake - very poor picture quality. Would not recommend site to an enemy! «»

  • Li***** 35 years

    Terrible. No connection. Most of the men are in prison or just coming out prison. Women be aware!!

  • Joe *** 48 years

    The photos posted by users are so doctored by their filter service that it's laughable at best. I have been on this site for four months, and when loo... king at a person's profile (they do have canned profiles that you can use if you don't feel like writing one yourself), the first picture for most profiles are heavily glossed with blended colors. If you are lucky enough to view a profile of someone who is not too lazy (quite a number of lazy profiles), by the time you get to pick three or beyond, you would have to ask yourself, "Did I click the correct profile?" I have viewed hundreds of these profiles many times, and it seems that the use of photo enhancement is heavily used 99% of the time. It's a big turn-off for me, and I'm on quite a few of these sites, but original, un-doctored photos are hard to come by on Black People Meet. The usual fantasy of designing a knight still exists on this site, as well as all the others and the no-reply rate is about the same. It's best that one sticks to meeting their potential in the grocery store. At least you can inspect the apples before purchasing them. «»